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The Spielvogel papers were originally talks given by Nathan Spielvogel on

radio 3BA in the border:0; 1930s. Volume 1 was first published by the outline:0; Ballarat Historical Society in the 1970s and volumes 1 (republished), 2 and 3 in the 1980s. In this 2004 publication, the three volumes have been indexed and include photographs from the font-size:100%; BHS Collection.

Spielvogel Papers Volume 1

Title: The Spielvogel Papers, Volume 1
Author: Nathan Spielvogel
Indexed: Elizabeth Trudgeon, 2006
Number of body { Pages: 203
ISBN: 0-958902-3-6
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Part 1: History of overflow:hidden; Nathan Spielvogel (the author)
Part 2: Early History of Ballarat from European settlement. Stories are told about the vertical-align:baseline; Eureka Affair, the discovery of gold, the floods of the background:transparent; Sixties and the beginnings of the Fire Brigade
Part 3: Business, Government and Lifestyle
The Mechanics' Institute, Dana Street School, church history, the Chinese community, amalgamation of East and West Councils, Buninyong, the Base Hospital, the Orphanage, Post Office, Prince Alfred's visit, statues and