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Meeting Dates and Events Calendar - 2021



Meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month at 7.00 pm

All meetings for 2021 will be held in the Victoria Theatre located on the Main Street of the Sovereign Hill Museum.

Enter through the front entrance to Sovereign Hill, Bradshaw Street, Ballarat.



11th May 2021 - Nathan Spielvogel Oration

Centenary of amalgamation of Ballarat East and Ballarat West

Guest speaker: Doug Bradby

"All the petty and foolish jealousies of East and West" 

7:00pm at Ballarat Mechanics Institute - Minerva Space

Admission: $5:00 for non-members


Date Speaker/s Subject/Activity
11 May 2021 Doug Bradby Nathan Spielvogel Oration
Centenary of amalgamation of Ballarat East and Ballarat West
At Ballarat Mechanics Institute
Past Meeting Dates and Events for 2021 
 Date  Speaker/s  Subject/Activity
 9 Feb 2021  

Walking tour of Golden Point

Meet in the carpark of the Gold Museum at 7:30pm
Be prepared for uneven ground

 9 Mar 2021 John Gibson

Ballarat During World War Two: 
The Gun Cotton Factory

13 Apr 2021 Marion McGill

Victorian Mourning Practices

Past Meeting Dates and Events for 2020
Date Speaker/s Subject/Activity
11 Feb 2020 Dianne Gow

Tour of "Art Deco Ballarat"
with the National Trust

Meeting at 6:30pm at the Church of the Little Flower on Wendouree Parade

10 Mar 2020 Rick Broadway Photographing the Ballarat CBD in 2016
Past Meeting Dates and Events for 2019
Date Speaker/s Subject/Activity
12 Feb 2019 Marion Littlejohn Twilight tour in th old Ballarat Cemetery
6:30pm at the corner of Drummond & Macarthur Streets
12 Mar 2019 Jennifer O'Donnell The Fascinating Narrapumelap Historic Homestead
 9 Apr 2019 Catriona Banks St Patrick's Collage - A Retrospective
15 May 2019 Geoffrey Blainey

The Nathan Spielvogel Oration

Australia (and Ballarat too) in World War 2

At Ballarat Mechanics Institute

11 Jun 2019 Peter Butters
Laurel Johnson
Past Presidents' Night
 9 Jul 2019 Snjez Cosic A presentation and tour of the Gold Museum's new exhibits
13 Aug 2019 Members' Night Tales and Treasures
10 Sep 2019 Glenice Wood Lake


"The Land They Learnt To Love"
The Scott family in Buninyong District 1839 to 1849

 8 Oct 2019 Peter Freund

Creswick of the Lindsays

12 Nov 2019 Charles Zhang

The Chinese on the Goldfields

10 Dec 2019 Doug Bradby Christmas Celebration 2019
Barkly's Restaurant
Past Meeting Dates and Events for 2018
Date Speaker/s Subject/Activity
13 Feb 2018  

Checking out Ballarat's famous Bailey's Mansion

7:00pm at the Mansion in Drummond St North

13 Mar 2018 Dr. Janice Newton

Mullawallah, King Billie of Ercildoune

10 Apr 2018 Neil Leckie Visit to the
Ballarat Ranger Military Museum
 8 May 2018 Prof. Janet McCalman Nathan Spielvogel Oration
Research & reflection on the life courses of Tasmanian convicts and World War 1 diggers.
12 Jun 2018 Bill Reid Gold Exploration Geologist
10 Jul 2018 Peter Freund Images of settlement in the Donald area
14 Aug 2018 Members' Night Tales and Treasures
11 Sep 2018 John Kerr


John's Treasures

 9 Oct 2018 Val D'Angri  
13 Nov 2018 Kevin Williams Accidental Beneficiaries
11 Dec 2018 Marion Littlejohn Christmas dinner at The Barkly Restaurant
Main Road, Ballarat
6:30pm for 7:00pm
Past Meeting Dates and Events for 2017
Date Speaker/s Subject/Activity
14 Feb 2017 Peter Waugh
(tour guide)
Prime Ministers' Walk
Botanical Gardens
14 Mar 2017 Peter Freund The History of Theatres in Ballarat
11 Apr 2017 Neil Huybregts The Life and
Times of Dr W B Otway
 9 May 2017 Weston Bate Special meeting as part of Heritage Month
Mechanics Institute
13 Jun 2017 Lucinda Horrocks Local film about attitudes to WWI
11 Jul 2017 Jenny Burrell
(Genealogical Society)
Insight into the World War 1 Project
 8 Aug 2017   Tales and Treasures
Members' Night
12 Sep 2017 Dianne Gow Our Year in Review (AGM)
The National Trust
10 Oct 2017 Nina Netherway Those Familiar Places
14 Nov 2017 Clare Gervasoni Visit to Federation University Historical Collection
7:30 pm FedUnit, Mt. Helen
E.J. Barker Library (Building L)
12 Dec 2017   Lake Wendouree paddle steamer with dinner or supper
Past Meeting Dates and Events for 2016
Date Speaker/s Subject/Activity
 9 Feb 2016   Visit to the Tramways Museum
 8 Mar 2016 Gary Snowden Ballarat's Military History
12 Apr 2016 Anne Doggett Crying in the Colonies
10 May 2016 Nina Netherway &
Zelda Martin
Closer settlement: agrarian ideal or economic reality
14 Jun 2016 Kevin Williams Capturing the Vision
12 Jul 2016 Peter Gilbert A Family Odyssey
 9 Aug 2016   Members' Night
13 Sep 2016 Snjez Cosic Annual General Meeting
11 Oct 2016 Brett Dunlop Developing Sovereign Hill
 8 Nov 2016 Barb Dunlop Royal South Street Society
13 Dec 2016  

Rowing in Ballarat

Lake View Hotel Dinner

Past Meeting Dates and Events for 2015
Date Speaker/s


10 Feb 2015 Dianne Gow

Member's Walk and Treasure Hunt
with the National Trust

10 Mar 2015 Members night “Memories from Wartime”
Members Night on wartime stories
from the Boer War to Afghanistan
29 Mar 2015
  Visit to Daylesford & District Historical Society
14 Apr 2015 Phil Roberts War commemoration in Ballarat
in WWI with emphasis on the
contribution of the Lucas girls
12 May 2015 Bill McGregor
Colin Prowse
Ewan Jones
Tailings to Tourism
The story of the beginings and

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of Sovereign Hill
 9 Jun 2015 Jenny O'Donnell The story of Bishops Palace
14 Jul 2015 Roger Trudgeon Lantern Slide Show -
rare images of Ballarat from the
Gold Museum and BHS collection
11 Aug 2015   “Tales and Treasures”
Members Night
 8 Sep 2015 Anne Beggs Sunter Friendly Societies
13 Oct 2015 Graham Bulluss The story of the Ballarat Courier and my part in it
10 Nov 2015   Visit to Ballarat Library Australiana Room
 8 Dec 2015   Tour of Loreto College buildings
and archives collection followed by dinner
Past Meeting Dates and Events for 2014
Date Speaker/s Subject/Activity
11 Feb 2014   National Trust Walk
Bakery Hill
11 Mar 2014 Lindsay Cox Ballarat's link with pioneering
in the Australian film industry
by the Salvation Army
 8 Apr 2014 Bruce Price

Arch of Victory & Avenue of Honour

13 May 2014 Peter Gilbert

Golden years of industry in Ballarat

10 Jun 2014 Zelda Martin

The Cost of Dressing the
Smart Woman at Walter Davis in Ballarat

 8 Jul 2014 Joan Hunt

Dunlop & Reagan; Discoverers of gold at Golden Point

12 Aug 2014  

Tales and Treasures
Member's night

 9 Sep 2014 Anna Kyi


The Chinese on the Ballarat Goldfields

14 Oct 2014 Roy Taylor

The history of television in Ballarat

11 Nov 2014  

Site visit to the Ballarat Fish Hatcheries,
Gillies Street

 9 Dec 2014  

Christmas function
Ballarat Yacht Club

Past Meeting Dates and Events for 2013
Date Speaker/s Subject/Activity

12 Feb 2013

National Trust Treasure Hunt No 2
12 Mar 2013 Nina Netherway
& Zelda Martin
Those Odd Places in Ballarat
 9 Apr 2013 Neil Leckie Gallipoli and the Anzacs
14 May 2013 Bob Pattie And The Band Played On
The history of brass bands in Ballarat
11 Jun 2013   Tour of the Gold Museum
 9 Jul 2013 John Kerr Signs and Wonders
13 Aug 2013 BHS Members' Night Tales & Treasures
24 Aug 2013 Lloyd Jenkins BHS Celebrations of 80 Golden Years
10 Sep 2013 Jane Smith (M.A.D.E) Annual General Meeting
 8 Oct 2013 Bruce Bartrop Bartrop's Ballarat
12 Nov 2013 Peter Berlyn Bridge Street Ballarat
A History
19 Dec 2013 Doug Bradby Society Christmas Dinner
Bunch of Grapes Hotel
Past Meeting Dates and Events for 2012
Date Speaker/s Subject/Activity
14 Feb 2012 National Trust Treasure Hunt Walk
13 Mar 2012 Val d'Angri Floral carpets of the Begonia Festival
17 Apr 2012 Frank Golding The Ballarat Orphanage
 8 May 2012 Lloyd Jenkins The History of Housing in Ballarat (part two)
12 Jun 2012   Visit to the Mechanics Institute
10 Jul 2012 Gordon Morrison Colonial topographical drawings and prints
14 Aug 2012   Member's night
11 Sep 2012 Dr Sebastian Gurciullo
Online initiatives and services
 9 Oct 2012   Ballarat Fire Brigade
13 Nov 2012 Neil Wright Ballarat Foundries
11 Dec 2012   Dinner night
at Portico on Sturt
Past Meeting Dates and Events for 2011
Date Speaker/s Subject/Activity
 8 Feb 2011 Tim Sullivan Re-development plans for the Gold Museum
 8 Mar 2011   Tour of the Ballarat Botanical Gardens
12 Apr 2011 Nina Netherway &
Zelda Martin
The Ballarat Skyline
10 May 2011 Bob Wuestewald Golden City Paddle Steamer
14 Jun 2011 Neva Dunstan Ballarat Cemeteries
12 Jul 2011 Bill Llewellyn Shorts with Bill Llewellyn
 9 Aug 2011   Members' night
13 Sep 2011 Lloyd Jenkins AGM
The History of Housing in Ballarat
11 Oct 2011 Michael Taffe The Avenues of Ballarat
 8 Nov 2011 Phil Parry Ballarat Historical Society Markers
13 Dec 2011 Various Christmas Dinner
The Vintage and Classic Car Club
Past Meeting Dates and Events for 2010
Date Speaker/s Subject/Activity
 9 Feb 2010 Dinah McCance Women's Refuge & Steam Laundry
183 Scott's Parade, Ballarat East
 9 Mar 2010 Phil Roberts Ballarat High School
13 Apr 2010 Tim Sullivan Creswick Mine Disaster
11 May 2010 Angela Carey The Courier
 8 Jun 2010 John Lunn Science Professor at Sovereign Hill
13 Jul 2010 Sam Everingham The Rise & Fall of Cobb & Co.
10 Aug 2010   Members' night
14 Sep 2010 Barbara Clark Joyce's Junkatique
12 Oct 2010 Jenny Bromley The Confucius Classroom
Old Golden Point Primary School
 9 Nov 2010 Dean McDonald Bottle Collection
14 Dec 2010 Vivian Worthington Pioneer Buses