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Photograph of a sketch and article written and sketched by Peter Matthews, Sebastopol in 1906. Article makes reference to a shaft commenced at Ballarat (Gravel Pitt's Lead) on May 1853. Refers to a party of eight (8) men; T. Blight, John Ramsay (Photographic portrait given), -. Robinson, S. Clemence, H. Rogers, J. Rogers, -. Laurence, P. Matthews. A photographic cameo portrait of Peter Matthews in given.

Inscription: At bottom right hand corner of green mounting board - in gold lettering the word "Huck" probably Chuck.
Subject Date: 1906
Subject Location: Ballarat, Victoria, Australia
Object Type: Photograph
Object Location: 209 OS Mc36
Object Size: L 42.0cm x W 52.0cm
Object Condition: Fair. Faded. Silverfish damage.1999-Foxing