Catalogue Nbr
601.81 B/w photo of a Cricket Team - South City, A Grade, Premiers 1913-14. Brown chipboard frame, wallpaper print on reverse.  
602.81 Large b/w print of Her Majesty Queen Mary posed alongside a chair and holding a fan. "129" In chalk on reverse.  
603.81 Large b/w print of His Majesty King George V in full uniform. "128" In chalk on reverse.  
604.81 Sepia toned Montage presented to John S. Trethovan Esq., Mine Manager, as a token of esteem from the Employees of The North Woah Hawp Goldmining Co.  
605.81 Series of 9 b/w photos showing the flood flow of the Leigh River, Ballarat December 1, 1933. Taken at times between 11.45am and 12.40pm. "132" In chalk on reverse.  
606.81 Large b/w photo of numerous gentlemen and young boys dressed in suits. Many wearing a posy on their lapels. Reverse "Mr. A. Haymes, 37 Maple ??"  
607.81 Sepia toned Montage presented to Mr. G. McCartney by the Officers of The Wendouree Private Quadrille Club For Services Rendered as Secretary, Seasons 1893 - 94 - 95. Refer to accession sheet for list of names.  
608.81 B/w photographic print (touched up) of H.R.H. Duke Of Clarence & Avondale taken on his only visit to Australia & presented to the Ballarat City Council by Mr. Chuck. H.R.H. died 14 January 1892.  
609.81 Large b/w photo of The Ballarat Imperial Football Club, Premiers 1900. Final Score 7 - 6 Imperials 3 - 9. Ballarat Gate (record) 48 Pounds. Refer to accession sheet for list of names.  
610.81 Large b/w photo of Ballarat City Band 1923. A shield & trophy in front. "135" On reverse.  
611.81 Large b/w photo of Lamb's Ballarat Knitting Co. Pty. exhibit at Ballarat Show C-1920.  
612.81 Sepia toned Montage of The Australian Exhibition Committee - Ballarat 1895 - 1896. "GPH - 16 - SW". Refer to accession sheet for list of names.  
613.81 Large coloured print of The Coronation Of Edward V11.  
614.81 Large b/w photo of the aerial view of Mt. Tom Price - Western Australia.  
616.81 Three prints b/w taken from a painting by Eugene Von Guerard. Presented with the Christmas Supplement of Ballarat Courier December 14, 1904.  
617.81 B/w print of John Alloo's Restaurant  
618.81 B/w photo features the horse drawn carriages & trams taken at the corner of Sturt Street & Grenville Street looking west towards Town Hall.  
619.81 B/w photo dated 1903, Corner Sturt & Armstrong Streets  
623.81 B/w photos No. 294 & 292 joined together to make one large photo. Shows large Sports Ground with some sort of major event taking place. Reverse reads: "A.W. Steane Present At Germany, Physical Culture???"  
624.81 Series of 9 b/w photos shows 9 different Streets in Ballarat that were tree-lined.  
625.81 Series of 4 b/w photos showing dams of the Ballarat Water Works in 1919 - Wilsons Dam, Kirks Dam, Pincots Dam. "PH - 23.SW"  
626.81 Large b/w photo of an Official Function related to Queen Victoria. Flags, Banners and Statuette featured in Reception Room. All - male gathering except for waitresses.  
628.81 Cardboard advertisement, black printing on red background. Lion & Shield emblem "Lion Brand, Knicker Suits, Superior To All Others".  
631.81 Coloured painting, portrait of a Gentleman - unknown. Reverse has section of line engraving.  
632.81 Coloured painting, portrait of a bearded Gentleman - unknown. Reverse has section of line engraving.  
633.81 Large b/w photo of Captain Baker at the Observatory, Ballarat in 1890.  
634.81 Coloured lithograph featuring Alfred Hall. Originally section of a larger poster related to The Australian Juvenile Industrial Exhibition. Reverse has line engravings of cats & advertisement for Pears Soap. Also Lady with umbrella - (Summer).  
636.81 Green & Yellow poster for Arbor Day at Victoria Park. Fifty Oak Trees to be planted by The Committee & Officers of the Ballarat Benevolent Society in Commemoration Of Queen Victoria's 71st Birthday 1890.  
637.81 Coloured Lithograph advertising Edward's Pyrites Smelting & Ore Reduction Comp. Sebastopol, Ballarat.  
639.81 Twelve photographs of three-quarter view portraits of men in uniform, lyre - shaped badge on cross - sash. Most photographs have other people on reverse.  
640.81 Sepia toned photo of a koala perched on the side of a tree trunk. Photo has been tinted with green on the tree & leaves. Signed "A.H. Llewellyn". Mounted on a larger piece of cardboard.  
641.81 Sepia toned photo of a group of people in front of a building (wood & brick), ladder in background. Lady in black & Gentleman on a small dias. Two young girls in white holding umbrellas in foreground.  
642.81 Sepia toned photo of four sheep in wooden enclosure.  
643.81 Sepia toned photo of a dam wall, bridge & surrounding Countryside. Reverse has caption "Weir & Sluicing - Kirk's Dam - Nr Ballarat".  
644.81 Sepia toned photo of a ram on a bricked floor.  
645.81 Sepia toned photo of a long distance View of a Township.  
646.81 Sepia toned photo of a waterfall & surrounding Countryside.  
648.81 B/w print of a line engraving showing a Street & people in a boat.  
649.81 Sepia toned photo of the Canadian L.B.C. W. Walsh was Captain - holding ball with print. Frame has been torn away. Two Photo's joined together as per cutting line on left side of photo.  
650.81 Sepia toned photo of a large building with horses & carriages in front. Reverse: "PH.29.SW".  
651.81 B/w newspaper advertisement for Carlton Beer. Two pictures show the contrast between the 1890's & 1960's - Both enjoying the same beer. Dated: Wednesday April 17th 1968. The Sun page 20. Mounted on the reverse of calendar for 1967. Includes image of Ballarat Bertie.  
652.81 Sepia toned photo of The Imperial Football Club - 1921. Refer to accession sheet for list of Members names.  
653.81 Sepia toned photo of a quartz gold specimen. Photo touched up with gold paint. Two insets at the top of photo show The Founders Specimen. Caption reads:- "This Quartz Specimen was obtained by the workmen engaged at The Queen Company Black Hill Flat, Weighing 305 ozs 13 Dwts. Ascertained weight of gold 225 ozs 8 duts 21 grs 25th November 1880. Robt. Arkinson, Manager. Reverse:- "P92".  
654.81 B/w print from the painting by J. Lafayette. The print was presented with "The Quiver" on Christmas 1906. Religious Theme. Reverse has attached label "Harry Peake, Picture Framer, "Altona" 10 Sturt Street Ballarat, Phone 310".  
655.81 Coloured print of His Majesty King Edward V111 in Garter Robes from the painting by Albert H. Collings R.I. R.B.A. This is a water colour replica of the artists oil painting in the Guildhall, Portsmouth.  
657.81 B/w photo of the Mt. Pleasant Football Club in approx. 1900. Members as named - refer to accession sheet for more information.  
658.81 Sepia toned photo of the carriage presented by the Two Ballarat Councils to the Duke Of Edinburgh on his visit to Ballarat - December 1867. H.R.H. took the carriage home to England. McCartney & Aldred were the builders. B.H.S. label reads:- "Mrs. Shipway, 56 Albion Street, Sydney".  
659.81 Series of 24 sepia toned photos of various areas around Ballarat in the Late 1800's. Mounted on cardboard.  
660.81 Sepia toned photo of The Footscray Football Team 1894. Refer to accession sheet for list of names.  
661.81 Sepia toned photo montage presented to The Honorable Philip Russell "Carngham" by the Members & Committee of the Ballarat Agricultural and Pastoral Society as a momento of the many valuable services rendered to this Society for the period of eight years viz from 1880 to 1888 during which he acted as President.  
662.81 Sepia toned montage from The North Woah Hawp Gold Mining Co. Name at the top damaged - John ?? G.PH.21.SW.  
666.81 B/w photo of large group of boys in uniform. Military Style with "71" badge on hat.  
667.81 Whole magazine page mounted on card, 9 photos of Cadets including team from Ballarat High School.  
671.81 B/w photos of panoramic view of Ballarat. Seven photos joined to make one overall view. Above. B/w photo showing Sturt Street looking West. B/w photo showing Sturt Street looking East. B/w photo showing Cnr. Lydiard Street with Fountain.  
673.81 B/w photo mounted on brown cardboard showing large group of Soldiers.  
674.81 B/w photo mounted on brown cardboard, group of men at Opening of Girls School, Hopetoun Street, Ballarat East on August 15th 1902. Visit of Hon. John Murray to Ballarat. Refer to information sheet for list of names. C1902 August 15th
675.81 B/w group photo of Ballarat East Harriers. Mounted on cardboard with newspaper backing, thirty four competitors and Manager.  
676.81 Sepia photo of Ballarat Football Team who defeated a combined Victorian League Team at Eastern Oval in 1898. Mounted on cardboard with typed caption on top. Refer to accession sheet for more information. C1898
677.81 Sepia photo of horsedrawn cab with four wheels, driver and two boys in photo. Curtains at windows. Cab 1897 written on photo C1897
678.81 B/w photo of drilling machine for a fresh water bore on The Ballarat Common, 22,000 gallons an hour, December 1959 for gardening purposes. Photo mounted on card. C1959
679.81 B/w photo of Mrs. M.A. Fowler Daughter of John Dunlop, Died in 1953 Aged 93 year. On reverse is written "Mother" taken in 1951 Aged 91 years. 1951
680.81 B/w photo of School Children looking at a model of a cart in a glass case with Teacher in Ballarat East Museum, photo mounted on card C1961
681.81 B/w photo of section of Ballarat East Museum showing photographic display.  
682.81 Sepia photo of The Unveiling of the Burns Monument in Sturt Street on Eight Hours Day in 1889, showing a large crowd of people. Mounted on piece of exercise book under glass which is cracked. C1889
684.81 Admission ticket for Rowing - Lake Wendouree, Ballarat for XV1th 1956 Olympiad, Melbourne November 22 - December 8 1956, November 23 1956. Two pounds three shillings inc. tax. Stand B, Row B, Seat 62. Printed in purple showing Sculler in Map Of Australia, also Olympic Torch, mounted on cardboard. 1956
685.81 Sepia photo on one side showing Gentleman with moustache wearing bow tie and flowers in lapel. Reverse side has photo of young boy and girl with book. Both wearing button up shoes, lace collars, boy seated on cane chair, girl standing.  
686.81 Two sided photograph in sepia. Side one shows young man in uniform with strap across shoulder with badge. Side two shows three children, baby girl sitting on rug on cane chair, small girl standing on left and young boy standing on right.  
687.81 Two sided photo in sepia. Side one shows older Gentleman with beard in uniform. Braid around collar and double row of buttons, scroll on arm. Side two shows photo of young Lady standing on balcony next to a potted palm, wearing dress with leg - o - mutton sleeves with lace collar extending over chest & shoulders.  
690.81 Card, distintegrated and all photos loose, head portraits of men, 1 album photo. 56 C/v photos  
691.81 Hand - coloured view shows Woman on donkey with man and woman standing, people in mid - 18th Century costume. Label "Sujets Louis XV No. 12".  
692.81 Hand coloured view cherubs (?) eating around table, party.  
693.81 Hand coloured view of four men dining at table drinking wine getting drunk. Scene about 1860's
694.81 Hand coloured view of people sitting down on ground outside having a drink. Scene about 1860's
695.81 Little red riding hood with basket knocking on door of the house, hand coloured.