Catalogue Nbr
501.81 B/w photo showing two gentlemen looking at a plaque that reads: "Commemorating the century of continuous service by the Bank of New South Wales in Ballarat, 1953". 1953
502.81 B/w photo of the medallion awarded to the winner of the Diploma Course Awards. Shows Richard W. Richards on medal - lecturer 1913. Antarctic explorer 1914 - 17; Principal 1946 - 58. Issued by Ballarat School of Mines.  
503.81 B/w photo of Adam Lindsay Gordon's cottage at Botanical Gardens. Inset shows newspaper clipping of Adam L. Gordon.  
504.81 B/w photo of a hut built of wood and rock slabs.  
505.81 Sepia print of a sketch by William Strutt showing police officers and men at Ballarat in the Eureka Days.  
506.81 B/w photo of the caretakers residence at Kirk's Reservoir.  
507.81 B/w photo of a lady by a granite rock fence. Paddocks at the back. Identity or location unknown.  
508.81 B/w photo of a simple wooden cabin with door. Caption: "This building was the last of the original Chinese ? ? (illegible) ? ? William Lung".  
509.81 B/w photo of two ladies looking at a well decorated street of shops including Millers Clothiers & Tylers store. Caption above shops reads "Another Century Downs". Could possibly be celebrating the centenary.  
510.81 B/w photo of a bearded gentleman. Identity unknown. Inscription reads "already on wall".  
511.81 B/w photo of a case presented to H.R.H. the Duke of Gloucester from the citizens of Ballarat 1.11.34. Silver shield with inscription. 1934
512.81 Sepia toned photo of L. Phillips. Reverse unidentified.  
513.81 Sepia toned photo of M. Hoath. Reverse young unidentified child.  
514.81 Sepia toned photo of G. Moonie. Reverse unidentified woman.  
515.81 Sepia toned photo of a young woman. Inscription reads:- "Yours truly, Julia Mo ? ?"  
516.81 Sepia toned photo of a "Bullock Team bringing wood to the mines. Teams also brought wool from the Western Districts en route to Geelong".  
517.81 B/w photo of the inner factory of the Dairy of the Department of Agriculture. Presented from an old plate found in "Courier" office. Location unknown.  
518.81 Sepia toned photo of the George Inn, Lydiard Street now the George Hotel 1856. 1856
519.81 B/w photo of the property bought by the Queen Elizabeth Home to establish about 20 women folk in Ligar Street 1961 named "Eyre House". 1961
520.81 B/w photo of the home for aged and blind, Pleasant Street. Sold to Queen Elizabeth Home for aged couples. "Balmoral" Dec. 1957. 1957
521.81 B/w print of J.R. Harrison's Albert Foundry, Albert Street. This is at the rear of the School of Mines.  
522.81 B/w print of aerial view of the cottages in Gillies Street of the Old Colonists Association of Ballarat Est. Aug. 1883. Reverse is a section from the 84th Annual Report and Financial Statements of the Association.  
523.81 B/w article about Stansfield and Smiths Warehouse, Sturt Street, burnt May 3rd. 1949, rebuilt 1950. 1950
524.81 B/w postcard of the Gordon Bros., Flower and Seed Department, Ballarat.  
525.81 B/w postcard of the Australian Wool Teams.  
526.81 Sepia toned photo of J. Willis, Tailor shop. Caption: "Now Wardrop the Tailor, Sturt Street, 1954". 1954
527.81 B/w print advertisement for W. Gribble & Co., Tailors, Hatters & Hosiers, 1896. 1896
528.81 B/w print of a night scene in the Golden Days of Ballarat. Features John Alloo's Chinese Restaurant.  
529.81 B/w print of the Ballarat Exhibition 1905. 1905
530.81 B/w print of a lithograph of the Dana Street Hill - A typical puddler - the brothers Kneeshaw, Wesleyan Chapel on the rise. "3" on reverse.  
531.81 B/w lithograph by S.T. Gill titled "Township of Ballarat from Baths Hotel". Features Baths Hotel, Bank of 'Asia, New Cemetery, Sturt Street, Post Office & Commonwealth Bank.  
532.81 B/w lithograph by S.T. Gill titled "Site of Bentley's Hotel - Eureka Ballaarat". This shows the site of Bentley's Hotel 1855 near corner of Eureka and Otway Streets. 1855
534.81 Coloured print of Golden Point 1852. "Chewton - Gill" inscribed at top. 1852
535.81 B/w photo of the Boiler Room at Ballarat Power Station, Wendouree Parade showing the first automatic stokers (Bennis).  
536.81 B/w information sheet about aboriginal objects of magic. Shows 13 types and descriptions.  
538.81 Series of 3 sepia toned photos. A. View of Irving & Glovers Timber Mill. B. View of Irving & Glovers Timber Mill. Went from Raglan Street South to Errard Street. Demolished 1900. Frontage to Errard Street taken over by R. Sim & Co., 10, 12, 14 Raglan Street. C. First house built in Raglan Street South, No. 16. Built & owned by John Irving 1856 - 7. Mr. N. Spielvogel President Ballarat Hist. Society on reverse.  
539.81 B/w photo showing the large crowd at the unveiling of the Soldier's Statue by Lord Northcote November 1st 1906. 1906
540.81 B/w engraving of the Houses of Parliament, Melbourne by Calvert. Inscription reads:- "To J.B. Humffray Esquire MLA with the architect's compliments".  
541.81 Series of 3 b/w photos of making the preliminary arrangements for the floral clock 1953 in Sturt Street. This has now been moved to the Botanical Gardens. 1953
542.81 B/w photo of a section of the Begonia Festival Parade going east along Sturt & Bridge Streets. Features a float with a train engine No. 996A.  
543.81 B/w photo of a gentleman working on a building at the City Baths. No. 5339.  
544.81 B/w photo of L. Blackman and young lady 1962. No. 2641. 1962
545.81 B/w photo of the rear of the Civic Hall, Ballarat. Grading of the area still taking place. No. 6716.  
546.81 B/w photo of the arrival of the coach for the Gold Memorial Cairn. 20.8.1951. 1951
547.81 B/w photo of one of many huts of the Air Force at the camp Ballarat common, all of which were sold to various organisations 1962. No. 4666. 1962
548.81 B/w photo of an obelisk which reads:- "In this place was found on June 5th 1858 The Welcome Nugget. It weighed 2217 ozs. and was sold for ? ? pounds. Ball't Hist. Society". No. 7789. 1858
549.81 B/w photo of the old railway bridge. No. 4727. Dated 11.7.56. 1956
550.81 B/w photo of the Crematorium which opened May 1958. 1958
551.81 B/w print of the flood waters in front of the Alfred Hall in October 29th 1870. 1870
553.81 B/w photo of workmen replacing bluestone curbing around the garden plots with concrete opposite Harry Davies & Co. 1952. 1952
554.81 B/w photo of the reconstruction of the Eastern Baths 1956. 1956
555.81 B/w photo of the demolition of the building at the corner of Peel and Bridge Streets for a new bank 1957. 1957
556.81 B/w photo of some of the old offices demolished for the new hall (Civic). Building - S.G. Valentine Pty. Ltd. - Station agents.  
557.81 B/w photo of the Civic Hall (Mair Street) under construction.  
558.81 B/w photo of the Alfred Hall site looking north on Water Commission yard 1957. Indicates the railway line, Yarrowee Creek and Grenville Street. 1957
559.81 Series of 2 sepia toned photos showing children with a collection of tins, can etc... for the "Food for Britain" appeal.  
560.81 B/w photo of demolishing the Alfred Hall 1957. 1957
561.81 Sepia toned photo of a large project under construction. Features men, horses, barrows & excavation. Location unknown.  
562.81 B/w photo of the procession for Mr. W.B. Trahar who built the Civic Hall. Taken in Lydiard Street South - near Craigs Hotel. The typed caption is illegible.  
563.81 B/w photo of the beginning of building of the New Morgue at the City ? house June 1959. 1959
564.81 Sepia photo of elderly gent. Reverse reads:- "This was taken on May 12th - 02 my 76th birthday. Daniel L. Sneddon (Grandson) presents this photo of his Mothers Father. First postman at Ballarat. Daniel Lillinstone - Arrived in Tasmania, Soldier in charge of convicts - Parents later bought his discharge from the Army - Appointed in Melbourne to come to the diggings as first postman. Died at Ballarat 1916. Aged 90 Yrs".  
565.81 Blue, black & white print showing four different Coat of Arms for the Ballarat area.  
566.81 B/w line engraving of the Post Office showing stone steps prior to the building of the ramp.  
567.81 Coloured painting of Ballarat 1860 done on a large leaf and mounted on cardboard. notation reads:- "Happy Birthday" & "Mt. Warrenheip from Golden Point Ballarat 1850". 1860
569.81 Sepia photos No. 2934 Duke Of York Celebrations, Ballarat. Earl & Countess Of Hopetoun. Passing under Marble Arch, Bridge Street.  
570.81 Sepia stereo photos No. 2997 of the Duke Of York Celebrations, Ballarat. The Royal Procession in Sturt Street.  
572.81 B/w photo of the montage presented to Bro. W.G. Street P.G. for past services by members from Manchester Unity Friendly Society.  
573.81 Coloured print of an address that reads:- "Ballarat & District Branch Of The Red Cross Society. The President Mr. Lloyd Brind & members of the council request the pleasure of J. Keith esq company at the official opening of the convalescent home by Her Excellency Lady Helen Munro Ferguson on September 15th 1919 at 3.15pm".  
574.81 B/w print of a newspaper sketch  
575.81 B/w photo of a group of men in uniform. Trophies displayed in front. Caption reads "Champion Cadet Team - South Street Competitions October 1919" and "Ballarat High School".  
576.81 B/w print titled "Laying Foundation Stone Queen's Statue, Ballarat, Queens Diamond Jubilee, June 22nd, 1897". Reverse reads: "Miss. M. ??chelm, Armstrong Street North", and "P.51".  
577.81 Sepia toned print of Yalla Y Poora Station. Features a large home with trees, bushes & garden.  
578.81 Sepia print of a large group of people assembled in front of a Tobacconist, Mechanics Institute and Share Broker, Walsh, Were & Moore.  
580.81 B/w print of Naval Cadets in front of bluestone building. Caption: "In 1908 The Railway Dept. refused to give passes to the Ballarat Naval Cadets to proceed to Melbourne to see the American Fleet so the boys under Capt. Adeney marched to Melbourne but were granted passes by the Department to return to Ballarat".  
581.81 Series of seven photos featuring cooks from foreign Countries, all involved in various aspects of cookery. B/w - cardboard backing. Reverse reads:- "Winton Circus & Montgomerie Crescent Saltcoats".  
583.81 Sepia toned photo of an official gathering on the front garden section of the Ballarat East Town Hall. Mounted on cardboard, "Regd. Copyright" stamped on photo, two copies  
584.81 B/w photo of a koala mounted on the trunk of a tree, no date or location  
588.81 Series of ten b/w photographs mounted on cardboard showing the various nationalities competing in the Olympic Games - Ballarat 1956. Czechoslavakian, Dr. K. Popel holds a picture of Ballarat. Reverse shows a print of the Welcome Nugget and the working of The Red Hill Mining Co. Claim.  
589.81 B/w photo of a large group of Gentlemen seated in front of a small circular building. Some names mentioned - refer to accession sheet for list. Reverse gives the history of the Shoppee Tombstone & Sturt Street Floral Way.  
590.81 B/w photograph with cardboard frame features the Ballarat Courier Office and an adjoining Ironmonger - W. Dawson in Sturt Street, Ballarat. Erected above the entrance is a large plaque with results from a local political election.  
591.81 B/w photograph of the Gong Gong Reservoir features a man standing on a log bridge and a panoramic view of surrounding area.  
592.81 B/w photograph showing the general view of The Gong Gong Reservoir which has a capacity of 420,000,000 gallons.  
593.81 B/w photograph of a waterway/lake set amongst bushland. Possibly a section of The Kirks Reservoir.  
594.81 B/w photo of the front view of the homestead called "Ercildoune".  
595.81 B/w photo of the Lake that is on the property called "Ercildoune". Homestead can be seen between the trees.  
596.81 B/w photo of The Ballarat Soldiers Memorial Band. "Ph. 43. S.W". stuck on frame.  
597.81 B/w tinted photo of delegates at an official function in front of The Ballarat East Town Hall. Sections of newspaper pasted on reverse & "P.90". The Mayor is standing in robes. Refer 583.81.  
600.81 Large b/w photo of a big factory area and the machines with numerous rollers. Possibly at the Woollen Mills (2).