Catalogue Nbr
401.81 B/w photographic print of a sketch of the St. Patrick's Church, Ballarat. Slightly tinted.  
402.81 Colour postcard of Aschaffenburg, Scho"nbusch - Schlo"Bchen. Reverse: "This is Lola Montez little castle - over the river from the big castle".  
404.81 Sepia toned photo of Rotorua Lake, from Ohinomutu, Rotorua (11.3.98 Protected).  
405.81 B/w photo of Auckland Harbour from Mt. Eden.  
406.81 B/w photograph of Lyttleton.  
408.81 B/w photo of Milford Sound looking towards entrance. Mitre Peak, Milford.  
409.81 B/w photo of Wellington, N.Z.  
410.81 B/w photo of Haumarana River.  
411.81 B/w photo of a lady. "Bella, Whakarewarewa".  
412.81 B/w photo of Hinemoa's Bath, Mokdia Island.  
413.81 B/w photo of the Inferno, Tikitere.  
414.81 B/w photo of Haumarana Spring.  
415.81 B/w photo of Baths, Ohinemutu. (142).  
416.81 B/w photo of Zulu Intambies at Meallie ?? ?? ??  
417.81 B/w photo of a view of Napier. Shows city area and coastline.  
418.81 B/w photo of Te Aroha - Thames River.  
419.81 B/w photo of Dunedin from Heriot Row.  
420.81 B/w photo of a peaceful waterfall amongst scenic fernery.  
421.81 B/w photo of a small village by the sea. Elderly gentleman sitting on pier.  
422.81 B/w photo of what looks like a timber mill. Building, piping and waterfall in photo.  
423.81 B/w photo's in a postcard folder showing views of Mt. Gambier. 12 Views. Grey cardboard.  
424.81 Sepia & white postcard with young lady on front and words "Coo-ee". Names 'Adrienne Augarde'. Addressed to Mifs Llewelyn, "Silverton", Glendaruel. From Sadie. Dated 18.6.08, 11 Errard Street South, Ballarat.  
425.81 Photograph, partly tinted green, blue & red. "Greetings" written on frame. Looks like home made picture stand of cardboard. Signed H.H. Llewelyn.  
426.81 B/w photo, slightly tinted with green and blue. Features 5 kookaburra's sitting on a branch. Signed H.H. Llewelyn. Mounted on cardboard.  
427.81 B/w photo tinted with green and blue of a kookaburra. Dated 1926. May have been a home made wall plaque. Signed H.H. Llewelyn. Calendar at bottom. 1926
428.81 Pink & green photo of 'Lilly Villy' 1925. Signed H.H. Llewelyn. Ribbon for hanging at top. Wall plaque/calendar.  
429.81 B/w print showing a sketch and description of 26 Original Ceremonial Objects.  
430.81 B/w card advertising 'Brent's Bathgate House, Rotorua'. Front has pictures depicting N.Z. Reverse typed description of accomodation.  
431.81 B/w card advertising 'Brent's Bathgate House, Rotorua'. Front has pictures depicting N.Z. Reverse - typed description of accomodation.  
432.81 B/w clipping titled 'City's Coat Of Arms' shows Mr. Lyle Dale, hallkeeper pointing out the new Coat of Arms for Ballarat. Dated 1965 Nov. 4th. 1965
433.81 B/w photo of the grave of Peter Lalor. Large fenced monument.  
434.81 B/w print titled 'Early Ballarat'. Shows the first miner's tent in 1851. 1851
435.81 B/w print of the Miner's Monument. Dated Dec. 3rd 1854. "20" on reverse.  
436.81 B/w photographic print of the Eureka Stockade Reserve, 1936. 1936
437.81 Series of two b/w prints. One of the Soldier's Monument, the other the Miner's Monument. Lady with crowned head on reverse.  
438.81 Two b/w prints mounted on cardboard. A) Fig 5 - Primitive methods of alluvial mining; hauling wash - dirt with horse whip. B) Fig 5 - Primitive methods of alluvial mining: shaft sinking.  
439.81 B/w print of a sketch of the 'Gold Escort leaving for Melbourne'.  
440.81 B/w clipping of 'Administering The Oath, Eureka Stockade, 1854'. 1854
441.81 B/w print of a sketch of "Issuing the Gold Licenses (1854); Payment was mostly made with gold, as coin was very scarce". 1854
442.81 B/w clipping titled "The Eureka Stockade Revolt - was it an Irish shindy?" Written by "The Scribbler". 31 On reverse.  
443.81 B/w print of A) Walter M. Hitchcock 1852. B) Model of the 1st miners tent erected in Ballarat 1851 by Garrett, Odgers, Hall and Hithcock. C) Description of tent - typed. D) Describes the model by W.M. Hitchcock in England 1910.  
445.81 Coloured male figures cut from a magazine/paper and pasted onto cardboard. Added sketches of arms.  
446.81 B/w photo of Nathan Spielvogel. Caption: "Ballarat historian Nathan Spielvogel pointing out interesting names on the 'Honour Roll' at the base of the actual Eureka Stockade monument on the site of the 1854 stockade. His companion is radio reporter Ter Furling of 3.B.A. Ballarat.  
448.81 Coloured print of a sketch showing the corner of Armstrong Street & Mackenzie Street. Features a Cobb & Co. coach and J. Anderson & Co.  
449.81 Sepia toned photo of a mother and her two children.  
450.81 Series of two oval photos of gentlemen. A) Young gent with small moustache. B) Gent with brooch on lapel, heavily moustached.  
451.81 Postcard with coloured picture on front from Germany. "To Miss. L. Stevens from R.V. Nancarrow".  
452.81 Sepia with tinted colours postcard "Happy Birthday" greeting on front. "To Miss. Stevens, Ballarat from Lizzie".  
453.81 Small cardboard greeting card with spray of flowers on front and New Year greeting. "To L. Stevens from Wm. POW".  
454.81 Coloured, small greeting card with two young girls on front. Christmas greetings inside. "To Laura from Deeble, Examination 1896". 1896
455.81 Sepia toned photo of the statue of 'The Flight From Pompeii'. Taken in the Statue Pavilion at Botanical Gardens.  
456.81 B/w photo of a man feeding swans. Ink inscription reads: "Pat feeding swans at Wendouree 1929". 1929
457.81 B/w photo of Lake Wendouree near City Oval June 1930. 1930
458.81 B/w postcard of the statue of "The Flight From Pompeii" - Botanical Gardens. Souvenir from Ballarat.  
459.81 Green & white postcard depicting five different views of Ballarat.  
460.81 B/w photo of men raking the weeds from the lake. Tram in background No. 308. Dated 1960. 1960
461.81 B/w photo of the dried up dam/pool at Eureka Stockade. No. 2914.  
463.81 B/w photo of the foundation construction of what may be a boat shed at Lake Wendouree.  
464.81 Sepia toned photo of what looks like the old Fernery building at the Botanical Gardens, Ballarat.  
465.81 B/w prints from booklet/magazine. A) Yachting, Lake Wendouree. B) Fairy Land, Lake Wendouree, Ballarat.  
466.81 B/w photo features children among large bushes. Caption ? ? ? the former maze in Botanical Gardens, Taken out ? November 1957".  
467.81 Sepia toned photo of a large group of men, women & children standing on rocks. Caption mainly illegible but lists names and is related to the Gong Gong. Dated 1897. 1897
468.81 B/w photo of nine men posed in front of a carriage. Caption mainly illegible but is connected with a picnic at Wilsons Reservoir 1897. 1897
469.81 Blue hardcover booklet showing views of Ballarat (12). Titled: "Ballarat - registered". Inside cover inscription reads: "William Irving Hetherington Havelock".  
470.81 Black, white & sepia booklet that opens into a fan - shape. Titled: "Water Reserves near Ballarat". Shows 6 views of Ballarat.  
472.81 B/w postcard recording the finish of the Caulfield Cup - 1913. Written to 'Miss. J. Nolan, Tarrawinger, Ovens' From Wyn. 1913
474.81 B/w postcard recording the finish of Melbourne Cup - 1907. To 'Miss. J. Nolan, Tarrawinger, Vic.' from Beth. Dated 21.11.07. 1907
476.81 B/w postcard recording the finish of the VRC Derby - 1908. To "Miss. J. Nolan, Tarrawinger, via Wangaratta". 1908
477.81 Embroidered, coloured postcard of two horses & riders. To "Miss. J. Nolan, Tarrawinger, via Wangaratta, Victoria, Australia".  
478.81 Blue & white postcard with a print of the ticket issued by "The Electric Supply Co. of Victoria Ltd. - Ballarat Tramways". No. 3203.  
479.81 B/w photo of the laying of the foundation Ebenezer Harriers by T.W.L. Cotton, 1925. Names listed: "Cr. A.E. White, Perc. Taylor, Doug Barnes, Bert Stevens, Wally W. Willis, Rup. Oates, T. Cotton". 1925
480.81 Sepia toned photo of the Ebenezer Harriers. No date. Names listed: "T. Cotton, W. Willis, B. Stevens, H. Maddern, J. Thomas, B. Remington, H. Corbet, Quayle, A. Dixon, R. Oates, R. Taylor, B. Falla, F. Sparkman, L. Curnow, W. Allen, Coon, Collins, J. Bradley".  
481.81 B/w photo of the Floral Carpet, Alfred Hall, 9.3.38. 1938
482.81 B/w photograph of Lord Huntingdale, Governor of Victoria, officially opening the Centenary celebrations, 8.3.1938. 1938
483.81 Sepia toned photo of a bride in full bridal outfit. Possibly a professional photo framing/display. Identity unknown.  
484.81 B/w cariacature sketch of Nathan Spielvogel, President of the Ballarat Historical Society - died Sept. 10th 1956. Signed Alan Reeve, '37.  
486.81 B/w photo of Members of Ballarat & Bendigo Stock Exchanges (Brokers). Photographed at Bendigo at Easter 1899. Names listed; "McLeish, Murray, Hare, Sayers, Borwick, Bryant, Lambert, Fox, Bryant, Gooch, Holst, Major Anderson". Reverse: "William Gooch, Lydiard Street, Ballarat North". 1899
487.81 B/w photo of John Garbutt M.A., Principal of Ballarat College 1877 - 1909". 1909
488.81 B/w photo of Warwick's Curiosity Shop.  
490.81 B/w photo of a gentleman handling eggs, priced at 5/8. Dated 1955. 1955
491.81 B/w photo of a party of aboriginal children in Ballarat from Central Australia 1956. 1956
492.81 B/w photo of an F.J. Holden parked alongside the Ballarat Cemetery. Shows the intersection of Drummond and Macarthur Streets.  
493.81 B/w photo of the dinner given to James Oddie on his 80th birthday, March 31st 1904. 1904
494.81 B/w print of the Lady Members of the Sebastopol Cambrian Society in National costume. Dated 1887. "H. Harriers" indicated. 1887
495.81 B/w print of the Members of Mining Exchange at the Public Hall - 1906. "24" on reverse. 1906
496.81 B/w photo of the montage presented to T. Bodycomb Esq. by the foremen and employees of the Phoenix Foundry, as a mark of esteem on his retirement from active management. No date. A lot of the typed names illegible.  
497.81 Ochre coloured postcard showing the Railway accident at Sunshine, Easter Monday 1908 where 43 lives were lost. From "T. & J." 1908
498.81 B/w postcard of Lake Wendouree, Ballarat. To "Miss. M. Evans, C/o Hortons Club Hotel, Bairnsdale, Gippsland" from "Millie".  
499.81 B/w postcard of the Old Curiosity Shop, Ballarat.  
500.81 Sepia toned photo of a snow covered back yard. Location unknown.