Catalogue Nbr
301.81 B/w montage featuring the various Heinz Brothers Wholesale & Family Butcher buildings situated in Sturt Street, Bridge Street, Main Road, and the Ice Works in Curtis Street.  
302.81 B/w montage featuring various aspects of H.J. Symons, Family Butcher, Cnr. Wendouree Parade & Macarthur Street, Ballarat.  
303.81 B/w montage featuring various aspects of E. Rowlands, Manufacturer of all kinds of Aerated Waters, Cordials & Bitters, Ballarat, Melbourne, Sydney & Newcastle 1894. 1894
304.81 Montage showing various features of R. Tunbridge & Sons, Furnishing Arcade, Lydiard Street South 1904. 1904
305.81 B/w magazine print of Cherry and Robins, Saddlers, 35 Armstrong Street North. Reverse shows a narrow room with furniture.  
306.81 B/w print showing the 'Sturt Street Ballarat: Eight Hours Procession' 1904. Looking west along Sturt Street. 1904
307.81 B/w print featuring the Cobb & Co. letting stables & motor garage. J. McDonald, Proprietor died 20.10.1958.  
309.81 B/w print featuring the Establishment of Allchin Bros. (late Allchin, Morrell & Co.) Doveton Street. Wholesale & retail saddlers & importers.  
310.81 Montage showing various features of the Star - the leading & most influential paper in Ballarat - Estd. 1855.  
311.81 Montage showing various features of the daily Ballarat Courier - the largest circulation of any daily paper in Australia outside Capital Cities. Estd. 1867.  
312.81 Montage showing the various views of Coles & Pullum, Stock & Station Agents. Shows the area that is now the Block Arcade, the Doveton Street entrance 1955, the Crawfords Saleyards 1955 and the Lucas Factory. The Target Store now stands in this position. 1955
313.81 Sepia toned photo titled "Mechanical and Literary Staff about 1900". Names listed: "W. Lumsden, J. Preston, J. Lees, J. Champion, E. Bowes, C. Taylor, W. Perkins, A. Stevens, P. Cockburn, T. Young, B. Flockhart, J. McMillan, B. Cannon, J. Buckland, R. Laing, E. Hayes, W. Letcher, T. Bury, (Tom Touchstone), ? Tapscott, J. Fisher, P. Bell, T. Cotton, C. Emery, R.E. Williams, S. Clark, R. Clark, D. Clark, G. Hogg, R. Steele, W. Stephens, A. Adair, V. Manuel, ? Burford, W. Barrell, J. Besemeres. 1900
314.81 Sepia toned print of the Gordon Bridge over the Gong Gong, Ballarat from a painting (reduced) by Mr. Short.  
315.81 B/w postcard showing the Melbourne Cup Finish 1908 with Lord Nolan the winner. Reverse addressed to Miss. J. Nolan, Tarrawinger, via Wangaratta. Stamp & franking intact. 1908
316.81 B/w photo of Thomas Hiscock, finder of gold, Buninyong 3.8.1851. 1851
317.81 Sepia toned photo of Mr. Norman Clark, many years Manager Ballarat Courier???  
319.81 B/w photo of Robert Crawford, Stock Agent and son of Adam Crawford, Draper. Where Myers is now situated.  
320.81 B/w print of the Boat Sheds from View Point, Lake Wendouree.  
321.81 Sepia toned montage of twelve gentlemen. Inscription reads: "Presented to the Old Colonists Association of Ballarat by the Officers and Committee of Management 1886". 1886
322.81 Sepia toned photo of Sturt Street in front of City Hall 1881. Points of interest: 1. Cab rank front City Hall. 2. Van rank now Shoppee Square. 3. Fenced garden opp. P.O. 4. Cobb's corner. 1881
324.81 B/w print of a sketch of the Ballarat Exhibition in 1905. 1905
325.81 B/w photo of the excavation site at white Swan Reservoir.  
326.81 B/w print of the fluming at Kirks Reservoir. Typed caption: "The original wooden construction of the fluming at Kirks Reservoir now replaced with pipes 1901". 1901
327.81 B/w print of Sturt Street without gardens looking into Bridge Street. Buildings on the left are Savings Bank and Chamber of Commerce.  
328.81 B/w newspaper clip which features an old etching of Peter Lalor, Peter Lalor Jr. & son Brett with an old watch that has been passed down.  
329.81 B/w print of a snow scene at Ballarat. Shows Black Hill 1905. Mounted on decorated cardboard. 1905
330.81 B/w print of the Ballarat Fire Brigade Brake. "We strive to save". Typed caption: "Sailor ? ? ? Brake horse Ballarat East Fire Brigade 1894". 1894
331.81 Sepia toned photo of a gentleman seated at a desk. Five drawers in the side of the desk.  
332.81 B/w newspaper article titled: "Bertie's back - but in miniature". The article related to altered Beer bottle labels. 1971
333.81 B/w lithograph titled: Arrival of Geelong Mail Main Road Ballarat. S.T. Gill picture. 1855
334.81 B/w print of Ballarat in 1853. The inscription has been covered by a pasted caption. Some places included are: Barkly Street West, Yarrowee & Jone's Circus. 1853
335.81 Sepia toned photo of an official party positioned at the bottom of a mountain. Water outlet and palm trees in the area.  
336.81 B/w print of Lal Lal Falls. Reverse shows part of Lake Wendouree.  
337.81 Painted colour sketch of the Ballarat Fire Brigade (East). Shows horse drawn vehicle in front of building. Another picture attached shows the Ballarat Prize Patent Steam Engine.  
338.81 A) B/w lithograph of a smoke ? ? It has been touched up with black texta colour or ink. B) B/w sketch titled: Paying a visit in the fifties. This is also touched up in black. Mounted on a book cover. 1950
339.81 B/w photo of Thomas Bodycomb, Esq. ? - ? of the Phoenix Foundry.  
340.81 B/w photo of the Club Hotel, J.J. Ryan Proprietor. Caption: Waiting while Prime Minister and Mrs. Bruce partake of afternoon tea". July 5th 1928. 1928
341.81 B/w photo of C Company 3rd Battalion. Names listed: Sgt. Boyce, Pt.A. Wright, Pt. Muller, Col. Sgt. Tucker, Pt. Holloack, Pt. Mole, Pt. McGregor, Pt. Madder, Pt. Madder. All at the Burrumbeet Camp, April 1st 1904. Surround has come apart from photo. 1904
342.81 Sepia toned photo of the Koh I. Noor Gold Mining Company.  
343.81 B/w reproduction of a photo of The Great Hall built in 1890. Also known as the Coliseum or Alfred Hall. Used for the South Street Competitions Debating Hall. 1890
344.81 B/w photo of further construction for Myers Store, Ballarat. S.J. Weir contractors. No. 2051.  
345.81 B/w print of Bridge Street, Ballarat East on Mafeking Day 1901. 1901
346.81 Sepia tones photo of the Last Drag to leave Cobbs Stables, Bath Lane, March 17th, 1913. 1913
347.81 Sepia toned photo of the Final Round up of Ballarat Horse Trams before electrification, July 5th 1903 - 18 trams. 1903
348.81 Sepia toned photo of a band seated in a horse drawn carriage in front of the Ballarat City Free Library, Sturt Street 1867. 1867
349.81 B/w photo showing a large crowd witnessing the arrival of the torch at the City Hall at 5 am showing the carrier and his supporters ready on their part journey to Melbourne 1956. 1956
350.81 B/w print showing the Warehouse of J. Miller & Co., Armstrong & Dana Streets - machinery & iron merchants. Smith & McKay, Tobacconists on reverse.  
351.81 B/w lithograph of A Famous Eating - House - Old - Time Cafe in Main Road - John Alloo's 1853. 1853
352.81 B/w lithograph titled: Quartz crushing, base of Black Hill, Ballarat 1855. S.T. Gill picture. 1855
353.81 B/w print of the Carlyons Club Hotel. Owners Cook & Co. who reconstructed the building with a new verandah on top story, 1901. The three shops are now Cooke & Co., Estate Agents, Wattle Tearooms 1953, Wattle Cake Shop. 1901
354.81 Sepia toned photo of the Sunnyside Woollen Mills.  
355.81 B/w photo of a bearded gentlemen. Three - quarter bust portrait. Unidentified.  
356.81 B/w photographs (2) showing the original Fernery at Ballarat Gardens. Replaced 1955. Lower photo shows where a dwelling was formerly.  
357.81 B/w photo of a Polish rowing crew. In Ballarat for Olympic Games 27 Nov. 1956. 1956
358.81 B/w photo of a rowing crew from Chili. In Ballarat for Olympic Games 27 Nov. 1956. 1956
359.81 B/w photo of a German Sporting Team. In Ballarat for Olympic Games 8th Nov. 1956. 1956
360.81 B/w photo of a Polish Sporting Team. In Ballarat for Olympic Games 16th Nov. 1956. 1956
361.81 B/w photo of a rowing crew. In Ballarat for the Olympic Games 1956. 1956
362.81 B/w photo of a rowing crew shaking hands. In Ballarat for the Olympic Games 1st Dec 1956. 1956
363.81 1) B/w photo of Mayor (Cr. K. Webb) receiving medal of honour. 2) B/w photo of J. Kelly from U.S.A. with two officials. 3) Sepia photo of representatives from France, Belguim (5 in total). 1956
365.81 A) B/w photo of Cabbage Tree Ned driving the Leviathan coach to Ballarat with about 100 passengers including the first English Eleven. The coach is in front of the Black Bull Hotel Geelong, 5th March 1862. B) B/w photo of the tombstone in the New Cemetery over the grave of Cabbage Tree Ned. Erected by the Cobb & Co. Coachdrivers Ass. C) B/w print with a brief description of Cabbage Tree Ned (Edwin Devine). 1862
366.81 Two b/w photos taken from the S.E.C. tower. Both photos join together, S.E.C. yards in foreground. City oval on right.  
369.81 Sepia toned photo taken outside St. Pauls east window. Pictured are: Archdeacon Allenby, Rev. T.A. Colebrook, Canon Forster, Archdeacon Tucker, The Very Reverend Dean N. Lindon Parklyn, The Right Rev. A.V. Green, Lord Bishop.  
370.81 B/w lithograph of the Capel Cymreic Ballarat 1860 1860
371.81 B/w print of the first Catholic Church in Ballarat - St. Alipius 1853. Reverse shows the Choir Gallery and Organ, Lydiard Street Wesleyan Church. 1853
372.81 Sepia toned photo of the inside of the Lydiard Street Methodist Church 1893. Interior decorated with greenery & banners. 1893
373.81 B/w print of the Catholic Cathedral. Shows original design of St. Patricks Cathedral with portraits of the Bishop (Most Rev. Dr. Moore) and Secretary (Rev. J.P. McManamny).  
374.81 B/w photo of Rev. W.J. & Mr. I. Wylie who resigned from Town Mission August 1959. 1959
375.81 B/w photo of Mr. William Boustead who was the organist of St. Andrews Kirk for over 5 years.  
376.81 B/w photo of the Very Reverend The Archdeacon of Ballarat, W.F. Tucker, acting Dean 1894 to 1921. Dean of Ballarat 1921 to 1931. Died October 15th 1935.  
377.81 Sepia toned photo of St. Patrick's Cathedral, Cnr. Dawson & Sturt Streets, Ballarat.  
378.81 Sepia toned photo of the Ebenezer Church in the 1960's. 1960's
379.81 Sepia toned photo of Samuel Thornton D.D. First Anglican Bishop of Ballarat.  
380.81 B/w photo of the Skipton Street Methodist Church, 1962 June Centenary. 1962
381.81 Sepia toned photo of the original Town Mission Hall in East Ballarat, off Main Road. A number of children stand and sit, surrounded by a number of men in hats, and a number of wmen. The hall is weatherboard with arched and rose shaped windows, shingleroof, buttresses and a bell suspended above two poles. The photograh is glued onto card, with a red border. c 1885 ?
382.81 B/w photo of the Seventh Day Adventist Church, demolished July 1957.  
383.81 B/w photo of St. Pauls Church. Also shows former business of Charles Morris, Undertaker, 1958. 1958
384.81 B/w photo of the foundation stone laid at the Tucker Anglican Memorial Church, Wendouree 1955. Plaque reads: "A.M.D.C. in memory of William Frederick Tucker, Priest of this diocese 1894 - 1931. Dean of Ballarat 1921 - 1931. This stone was laid by William Herbert, Lord Bishop of Ballarat on 13th February 1955". 1955
385.81 B/w photo of Temperance Hall. Caption: "Next to St. Paul's Church, Humffray Street. Here was held first meeting of Mechanics Institute 1858". 1858
386.81 B/w photo of the first 'Town Mission Hall, Eureka Street. Built by Martin Hoskin Missionary 1874'. Ink writing on reverse. 1874
387.81 B/w photo of the Baptist Church in Dawson Street. This has now been converted to a club/restaurant known as the 'White House'.  
388.81 Sepia toned photographic print of the late Rev. William Hill, Wesleyan Minister. Inscription reads: "Cruelly murdered whilst in the discharge of his ministerial duties in Pentridge Stockade, Victoria, Australia May 13th, 1869".  
389.81 B/w photo of the painting being done inside of St. Andrews Kirk.  
390.81 Sepia toned photo of St. Patrick's Church. Shows the view from the rear corner.  
391.81 B/w photo of St. Andrews Kirk Manse, sold June 2nd 1953 to Cr. A. Nicholson (Mayor) for 8600 pounds. Was built 1888 at a cost of 3600 pounds was occupied first by Rev. T.R. Cairns D.D. (2nd Minister at St. Andrews) Rev. John Walker D.D. (3rd Minister) Rev. C.N. Button M.A., B.D., Ph. D., (4th Minister) and at the time of sale Rev. S.A. Goddard M.A., B.D. 1953
392.81 Sepia toned postcard of the Reverend M.G. Hart, Peel Street Presbyterian Church 1906. 1906
393.81 Sepia toned postcard of St. Johns Church, Ballarat.  
394.81 Sepia toned postcard of Christ Church, Ballarat.  
395.81 Sepia toned postcard of Scot's Church, Ballarat.  
396.81 Sepia toned postcard of St. Andrews Church, Ballarat.  
397.81 Sepia toned postcard of the Ebenezer Church, Ballarat.  
398.81 B/w postcard mounted on cardboard of Bishop Court, Lake Wendouree, Ballarat. The original Anglican Bishop's Court, Wendouree Parade was demolished for a residential area.  
399.81 B/w photographic print of a sketch of the Wesleyan Church, Ballarat. Slightly tinted.  
400.81 B/w photographic print of a sketch of the Christ Church Pro - Cathedral, Ballarat. Slightly tinted.