Catalogue Nbr
201.81 B/w newspaper photo of Cr. H.L. Coburn who died on 19.9.56 with the proposed model of the Ballarat Community Centre.  
202.81 B/w photo of the model of the proposed Civic Centre by Cr. H.L. Coburn, 1944. 1944
203.81 B/w photo of a large amount of bricks after a demolition of a building. The City baths are marked in the background. Caption reads: "Bricks etc... after the two weighbridges had been taken away to make room for the new Civic Hall 1953". 1953
204.81 B/w photo of a group of gentlemen at the site of the new Civic Hall. Caption reads: "The Mayor (Cr. A. Nicholson) at the scene of the new Civic Hall 1953 - H.R. Maddern, H.L. Coburn, L. Finch". 1953
205.81 B/w photo of builders in the process of erecting the Ballarat Civic Hall.  
207.81 B/w photo of the "Western Australia Youth League 1949". Possibly at the Eureka Stockade. Teacher is Mr. MacKenzie. 1949
208.81 B/w photo of a school assembly - possibly a reunion at the Golden Point School 1926. 1926
209.81 B/w photo of the ruins of a building. Caption reads: "Last Of The Grenville College In Holmes Street 1953". 1953
210.81 B/w photo of a group of children with musical instruments. Caption reads: "Macarthur Street Drum And Fife Band".  
211.81 B/w photo of building works in progress. Caption reads: "Renovating The Pleasant Street Methodist School Hall, Burnt Down 1953".  
212.81 Sepia toned photo of a class & teacher. Caption reads: "Half Of The 4th Class, Dana Street State School 1894. Teacher Mr. N.F. Spielvogel". (Circled). 1894
213.81 B/w photo of a two storey brick building. Caption reads: "Ballarat College Built On St. Andrews Kirk Grounds 1865. College Closed 1911 When New Premises Were Purchased In Sturt Street West. Building Sold 1949 For Removal".  
214.81 Sepia toned photo of a class & teacher. "Miss. Kings Private School, Stock Street, Ballarat East About 1902". 1902
215.81 B/w photo of a construction site. Caption reads: "Foundation For New High School Ballarat East 1957". 1957
216.81 B/w postcard of the "St. Barnabas College, N.A".  
217.81 Sepia toned photo of a group of boys playing in a school yard. Caption reads: "Lowthers School, Errard Street 1870". 1870
218.81 Sepia toned photo of a school assembled in front of a building. The caption reads: "Carey's School Redan 1866". 1866
219.81 Sepia toned photo of a school assembled in front of their building. Printing on building reads: "Errard Street Common School".  
220.81 Sepia toned photo of a school assembled in front of a building. Captions read: "Dana St. School 6th Class About 1877". "Notice long dresses of girls". "W, Spring & R.A. Armstrong" indicated by arrows. 1877
221.81 Sepia toned photo of a school assembled in front of a building. Reverse reads: "Golden Point S.S. No. 1934 About 1877". Names listed are: "Miss. Downing, Miss. Purves, Miss. Kildhal, Mrs. Brown, Mrs. McGowan, Mr. McGowan, Mrs. Mitchell & Headmaster Mr. H. Kent & Miss. Kent". 1877
222.81 B/w photographic print of an old brick building. Writing below window reads: "Ballarat Historical Museum".  
223.81 B/w postcard with a slight colour tint. Features St. Patrick's College, Ballarat. Paper pasted over writing on reverse.  
224.81 B/w print of a school titled: The Old School. Typed caption reads: "First State School In Ballarat, Mount Pleasant, Opened August 3rd 1874". 1874
225.81 B/w print of a large building titled: J.W. Malin and Sons, Holmes Street. Tomato Sauce Factory. Typed caption: "The Building Being Demolished After Being Vacant For Some Years. Now Property Of Martin Stoneware Company 1953". Formerly Grenville College.  
226.81 B/w print Of a group of gentlemen titled: The Teaching Staff, School Of Mines. Names listed: "S.B. Vial, W. Doepel, A.E.C. Kerr, A. Garrard, H.J. Hal?, H.R. Murphy, Chas. A. Deane, D. Walker, Thos. S. Hart, F.J. Martell, P.B. Osborne, Alf Mica - Smith, G.J. Dowbarn, Godfrey Hart, Dr. J. F. Usher". Few names missing.  
227.81 Series of 4 b/w photos showing different sporting activities by the Ballarat High School girls when school opened in 1917. 1917
228.81 B/w print of a sketch showing numerous buildings. Titled: "The School Of Mines, Ballarat 1882". Caption below: "Mining Plans & Sections Carefully Prepared & Printed In Colours By F.W. Niven, 34 Sturt Street, Ballarat".  
229.81 B/w print of a sketch titled: School children going to Ballarat Exhibition. The written caption reads: "School Children Leaving Melbourne In Excursion Train To See Ballarat Exhibition 1878 - From Australian Illustrated News". 1878
230.81 B/w print of Miss Marian Willis. Caption reads: "Played ? ? At Acadamy Of Music. Ballarat 180 Times June 1880 - Jan 1881. 1881
231.81 Series of 2 b/w advertisements for Grenville College, Ballarat. Lists staff, curriculum & prices. Bottom advertisement made in 1904. No date on top one but is older.  
232.81 B/w photo showing the interior of the Coliseum, taken from the stage area.  
233.81 Ink & Crayon sketch of the Criterion Hotel - garage & stables. "Presented by Max Coward - Criterion Hotel, Doveton Street". 1940
234.81 Ink sketch of the "Charlie Napier Hotel". Caption: Charlie Napier Theatre 1857. Typed caption: "Charlie Napier Theatre, Main Road, Opened November 1854, Burnt Down 1861, Rebuilt In Brick December 1861, And Finally Pulled Down 1880".  
235.81 Ink & crayon sketch of the John O'Groat Hotel.  
236.81 Ink & crayon sketch of the Duchess Of Kent Hotel - Cafe de L'Europe in Main Road in 1850. 1850
237.81 Ink & crayon sketch of William Irwin's Provincial Hotel, Lydiard Street 1868. 1868
238.81 Ink & crayon sketch of the Earl Of Zetland Hotel 1865. Ballarat Times and British Mart on either side. 1865
239.81 Ink sketch of the George Hotel, Lydiard Street 1864. Bank & T.P. Palmer Chemist on either side. 1864
240.81 Ink sketch of the Red Lion Hotel in Main Road.  
241.81 Ink sketch of Cohen's Grand Hotel Lydiard Street 1882. Half the sheet of paper is blank. 1882
242.81 Ink & crayon sketch of Baths Hotel 1861. Caption: "This is today Craig's Royal Hotel but it faced Bath Street (not Lydiard Street). 1861
243.81 Ink & crayon sketch of the White Hart Hotel near N.W. corner of Sturt & Errard Streets 1865. 1865
244.81 Ink sketch of the Golden City Hotel later Pheonix Hotel Doveton Street opposite school.  
245.81 Ink sketch of Mrs. Corkers Crown Hotel. (Possibly Creswick).  
246.81 Ink & pencil sketch of Crows Street Mungo Hotel Lydiard Street 1869 now Ballarat Trustees Buildings. 1869
247.81 Ink & pencil sketch of the Golden Gate Hotel - L. Burke. Caption: "Golden Gate Hotel, Victoria Street 1865 where Sunshine Biscuit Factory is today". 1865
248.81 Ink & pencil sketch of the Golden Fleece Hotel - Robert B. Dent. Mitchell & Bonneru - Ironmongers on the side. Typed caption: "A meeting was held here to form a Municipal Council 1855". 1855
249.81 Ink & pencil sketch of the Bull and Mouth Hotel - Benjamin Hall.  
250.81 Ink & pencil sketch of the Hope and Anchor Hotel - J. Wright 1857. 1857
251.81 Ink & pencil sketch of the North Grant Hotel - W. Diggens 18??. Caption partly ruined: Now Centen???".  
252.81 Ink & pencil sketch of the Montezuma Hotel and Theatre - Lynch, Seback & Levy. Caption: "This wooden theatre built 1854 corner Main Road and Eureka Street was destroyed in the Great Fire 11.1.1861". 1854
253.81 Ink & pencil sketch of the Nag's Head Hotel - Wm. Grey. Other buildings: E. Jones, Chemist, G. Heath, Bookseller, H.M. Bly, Boots, W. Walker, Barber, ? ? Caption: "1865, Nags Head Hotel, S. Side Main Road near Eureka St". 1865
254.81 Ink & pencil sketch of a Hotel. Caption illegible.  
255.81 B/w lithograph of the mining area titled: "Ballarat Flat from the Black Hill". 1855
256.81 B/w photo of a young boy with two lambs. No. 9643.  
257.81 B/w photo of a large group of Girl guides. No. 5434.  
258.81 B/w newspaper clipping titled: "Mining Days Relic". Features an old pepper pot pistol used in mining days. Has supposedly been given to B.H.S.  
259.81 Sepia toned photo of an elderly bearded gentleman.  
260.81 B/w postcard featuring a statue called "Modesty". Ballarat Botanical Gardens.  
261.81 B/t photographic print of "Clement May" Dickensen Artist as 'Nell's Grandfather' (Old Curiosity Shop).  
262.81 B/w photo of a tram. Mt. Pleasant route. Depicting the Gold Centenary 1851 - 1951. 1951
263.81 B/w lithograph titled: "Interior of John Allo's Restaurant, Ballarat" by S.T. Gill.  
264.81 B/w lithograph titled: "Deep Sinking Ballarat" by S.T. Gill.  
265.81 B/w printed sketch titled: "Soldiers entering Camp, November 28th 1854". 1854
267.81 B/w picture of Ballarat in 1851. Features the mining area around One Eyed Jacks Creek. A.H. Fullwood. 1851
269.81 B/w lithograph titled: "Ballarat Flat from the Black Hill" by S.T. Gill.  
270.81 B/w article titled: "Ballarat Post Office" Opened 9th September 1858, Demolished 12th January 1864.  
271.81 Tinted lithograph titled: "The Eureka Stockade Monument, Eureka Street, Ballarat East". "M. Brodie" on reverse.  
272.81 B/w photo of a monument at a cemetary.  
273.81 Series of two b/w prints titled: "Municipal Observatory - Visitors Welcome". Depicts two separate views of the Observatory.  
274.81 B/w print of a sketch titled: "City Hall, Ballarat".  
275.81 Sepia toned photo of a man, woman & young boy. Caption illegible. Reverse: "To W. Cotton, with ? ? best wishes John F. Sheridan, Ballarat July 21 1892". 1892
277.81 B/w print titled: "Eureka Stockade, Sunday Morning, Dec. 3rd 1858, Ballarat". 1858
278.81 B/w line engraving titled: "Acquittal of Ballarat Rioters 1855". 1855
279.81 Sepia toned photo of a large group of people in front of a tent. Wagon to right.  
280.81 B/w print of a group of ladies & gentlemen with umbrellas. Caption: " ? ? pleased when the ? ? ?".  
281.81 B/w print titled: "Off View Point". Caption: View Point Jetty repaired June 1956. 1956
282.81 B/w photo of fields, large buildings and roads. Horse & wagon in centre right.  
283.81 B/w photo of a large group mainly in coats watching a demonstration? No. 6090.  
284.81 B/w photo of the Town Hall tower, Sturt Street. Caption: "Placing copper sheeting on the tower of the City Hall and also new flagpole 1962". 1962
285.81 B/w photo of the Town Hall tower - close - up. Shows the construction work for the new copper sheeting 1962. 1962
286.81 B/w photo of the Town Hall tower from easterly side/end of Sturt Street. Shows the construction work for the new copper sheeting 1962. 1962
287.81 B/w photo of the top section of the Town Hall tower. Shows construction work for the copper sheeting 1962. Also shows the old & the new flagpole. 1962
288.81 B/w photo of the Town Hall, Sturt Street, Ballarat all lit up for the Gold Centenary 1951. 1951
289.81 B/w postcard featuring "City Hall Ballarat, Australia".  
290.81 B/w photo of an elderly gentleman. Caption reads: "Loyal Finch, City Engineer for many years, retired 1953". Died Nov. 1956.  
291.81 B/w photo of a gentleman unveiling a plaque covered with the flag. Plague reads: "The Ballarat Water Commissioners, Kirks Reservoir 1862 in service One Hundred Years 1962". 1962
292.81 B/w photo of four gentlemen - one with a pick, another with a plan. Caption reads: "Preliminary work in connection with sewerage. Standing - Mr. W. Saunders, Asst. Engineer. Arthur Farrar - Engineer and in front Col. W. Brazenaer Secretary".  
293.81 Sepia toned photo of a group of well dressed gentlemen. Caption: "Staff of Evening Post 1890. Our first evening & first 1d paper issued by T. Comb may 25th 1856. Later the Echo now (1950) The Mail. First Office - Mair Street, three doors from Lydiard Street. Present Office - Camp Street". 1890
294.81 B/w early photo of a scene in Sturt Street. Caption: "The Water Main pipe bursts in front of Explorers Monument, Sturt Street".  
295.81 B/w photo of a group of well dressed gentlemen. Caption: "Ballarat Water Commission official opening of Wilsons Dam 1890". Names listed: Lowe, Cr. I. Pearce, Cr. J.N. Dunn, Cr. W. Scott, Cr. J. Noble Wilson, T.D. Wanliss, J. Cathcart, Cr. C. Salter, D. Ham, Cr. Elsworth, Cr. McKee, Cr. E. Murphy, Cr. C.C. Shoppee, J. Mahoney, Cr. W. Gale 1896. 1890
296.81 B/w photo of a hotel. Features Mack's Hotel, Victoria Street prior to demolition 30.7.71. 1971
297.81 B/w photo of a hotel. Features Mack's Hotel, Victoria Street prior to demolition 30.7.71. 1971
298.81 B/w print of a photograph. Features a large building with four gentlemen & a girl - possibly a brewery.  
299.81 B/w photo of a stained glass window featuring a bird & space design. Inscription reads: "Presented by the proprietory, July The Courier Ballarat 1914". 1914
300.81 B/w photo of a construction area. Possibly additional buildings for the Ballarat Base Hospital.