Catalogue Nbr
101.81 B/w photo of "The Town Hall, Barkly Street, Ballarat". Shows view of the building looking from roadway through gardens & fence and towards side view of the library. (Right hand corner).  
102.81 B/w photo (which appears to have been cut from a magazine) of "Town Hall Ballarat East". Typed label pasted to top left corner of photo reads "Built 1861, Demolished 1948 To Be A Site Of Girl's School". Shows view to Town Hall frontage, from roadway, looking up through gardens and fence. Building behind (L.H. corner) is B. East Library. Commemorative gates to gardens are shown - lower R.H. corner. Inscription below photo reads: "Ballarat East Town Hall And Gardens, Barkly Street. The Gardens contain a fine horticultural collection well worth seeing. They are much frequented by residents and ...... Trees planted by King George V., Queen Mary, and the late Duke Of Clarence flourish therin".  
103.81 B/w photo of "Part Of The Crowd Which Witnessed The Amalgamation Ceremony". Appears to be onlookers at the Ceremony Of Amalgamation Of Ballarat East & West 1921. Location appears to be S.W. corner of Sturt & Grenville Streets. Crowd watches Officials on Dais. *NB Date Of Amalgamation was 25th May 1921. 1921
104.81 B/w montage of one larger photo - centre and 12 smaller surrounding photos on dark background. Depicts :The First Elected Council Of The City Of Ballarat - Subsequent To The Union Of The City & Town Of Ballarat". Shown are (centre) Mayor - Cr. W. Elsworth and from L - R (top) - Cr. A. Levy JP, Cr.W.D. Hinn JP, G.F. Morton (City Clerk), Cr. A. Bell M.L.C., Cr. A.J. Pittard JP,/ Left side - Cr. R.J. Cooke JP, Cr. A.E. Nicholson,/ Right side - Cr. A.E. White, Cr. G. Deeble,/ Bottom - L - R. Cr. A. MacKenzie, Cr. W. Richards, Cr. J. Pryor.  
105.81 B/w photo (appears to have been cut from a book or newspaper) of "The First Meeting Of The United Councils Held Immediately After The Amalgamation May 25th 1921. The Councillors Sat In Pairs In The Trench Room". - From the typed label pasted to the top R.H. corner of photo. NB. Interesting writing which appears to be part of another item pasted to the same mounting below this photo. 1921
106.81 B/w photo of (according to label pasted to mounting below photo) - "Ballarat's First Council 1856. Cr. Dr. J. Stewart, Cr. P. Bolger, Cr. J. Oddie, Cr. A.B. Rankin, Cr. R. Muir, Cr. W. Tulloch, Cr. J.S. Carver. This is a Montage of one larger photo of Jas. Oddie - Chairman, surrounded by 6 smaller photos of the Councillors. 1856
107.81 B/w photo of (according to typed label at base of photo) "Dinner In The City Hall, December 18th 1906, To Celebrate 50th Anniversary Of The Municipality". Shows group of councillors and Officials seated and standing in the Dining Room. 1906
108.81 Sepia toned photograph of nine well - dressed gentlemen, unidentified. Photo pasted onto solid cardboard.  
109.81 B/w lithograph by Francois Cogne of The General (Old) Cemetery Ballarat 1859. 1859
110.81 B/w lithograph by Francis Cogne of The Ballarat Mechanics Institute. Pasted onto cardboard. Stamp in top left corner: - "? Stationer: Ballarat: ? Humffray".  
111.81 B/w lithograph of the "Ballarat Town Hall, Sturt Street". Additional caption pasted in top right corner:- "Original Design For Town Hall".  
112.81 B/w print of "The Old Corner - Sharebrokers Of The Early Days". Shows a large number of men grouped in front of a number of buildings. "8" Printed in ink on reverse.  
113.81 B/w print of "Lydiard Street - Looking North From Craigs Hotel". 1855 inked in bottom right corner. "4" on reverse.  
114.81 B/w lithograph of Sturt Street Ballarat. Town Hall Clock in view.  
115.81 B/w photo of Sturt Street Ballarat. "Sturt St 1956" etched on photo. 1956
116.81 B/w photo of a parade at the intersection of Lydiard & Sturt Street, Ballarat.  
117.81 B/w photo of the Town Hall Ballarat. Carriage in foreground.  
120.81 B/w tinted postcard showing Sturt Street, Ballarat. "Happy New Year" written in top left corner.  
121.81 B/w photograph of an overall view of a mine.  
122.81 B/w photograph of an engine room/battery. Place unknown.  
123.81 B/w photograph of a lower part of an engine room (Battery). Place unknown.  
124.81 B/w photograph of the ceremony at the early stages of construction of a building.  
125.81 B/w print of a group posed by a brick wall. Caption: "Ballarat C.C. v Ballarat Ladies At Eastern Oval". Names listed.  
126.81 B/w photo of eight gentlemen holding a plaque. Caption: "Ballarat Golf Club Team 1924 Winners CountryChampionships". 1924
127.81 B/w montage (2) showing the photo's of each member of the Ballarat Imperial Football Club - Premiers 1891. 1891
128.81 B/w photograph of a Women's Cricket Team - 13 people. Reverse reads: "Jean Nelson, 49 Imperial Av., Bond". Pasted on cardboard.  
129.81 B/w photograph of a Men's Cricket Team. Typed pasted caption illegible. Written in ink along lower edge: - "Ballarat V South Australia Dec 27th and 28th - 12".  
130.81 B/w photograph of a Mens Cricket Team. Pasted & typed caption reads:- "South Melbourne C.C. v. Ballarat December 26th 1903". 1903
131.81 B/w photograph of a Mens Cricket Club. No other information available. Caption illegible.  
133.81 B/w photograph of Cricket Clubs. Caption: "Melbourne C.C. v Ballarat 1908". 1908
134.81 B/w photograph of a Sporting Team. Names listed:- "Howell, McBeth, Noble, Hopkins, Callaway, Trumper, C. Gregory, Kelly, S.Gregory, Isedale, ??, Marsh, Ouff".  
135.81 Sepia toned photo of a combined Mens Cricket Team caption: "England v Country 15, Jan 26th 1902 At Melbourne Cricket Ground". Names Listed: "Thompson, Warrnambool, Sullivan, Bawanartha, McNeil, Castlemaine, DeRaven, Bendigo, Thurgood, Ararat, Harvey, Bendigo, Baxter, Frankston, Eiles, Bendigo, Bryant, Ballarat, Morgan, Ballarat". 1902
136.81 Sepia toned photo of a Cricket Team. Caption: "Ballarat Cricket Club 1911". 1911
137.81 B/w photo of a Cricket Team. Caption: "Ballarat Cricket Club B Team Premiers 1907 - 8". Names listed: "E. Cannon, S. Here, R. Brown, J. Fletcher, T. Davy, W. Palmer, A.J. Bailey, G. Ditchburn, Dr. N. Good, W.M. Morgan, W. Stubbs, A. Wilson, R.J. Horwood". Reverse: "Wishing You A Merry Christmas". 1907 - 8
138.81 B/w photo of a Sports Team. Caption: "Australia Versus Ballarat Played At Eastern Oval, March 7th & 8th 1902". "Australia 11". 1902
139.81 B/w photo of a Cricket Team. Caption: "Ballarat v England Dec. 19th & 20th 1912". Names listed: "Stubbs, Bray, Cannon, Morgan, Lilburne, Owen, Watson, Abercrombie, Kennedy, Hore, Baker, Dillon, Ramsay, Herring, Dr. Campbell, Kay, Harrison, Munro, Bailey". 1912
141.81 Sepia toned photo of a Cricket Team. Caption: "R. Chaffey's Team, Mt. Gambier, S.A." Dated 1898. Names listed - many illegible. 1898
142.81 Sepia toned photo of a group with bicycles. Caption: "Ballarat Bicycle Club At Botanical Gardens 1883". 1883
144.81 B/w photographic print of a Sports group. Caption: "A Few Members Of The Ballarat Rowing Club". Names of group listed. Plate 140. Reverse "143".  
145.81 B/w photo of a Sports Team. Reverse: "Premiers 1913 - 14, South City C Grade". Wooden frame. 1914
146.81 B/w photographic print of the East Ballarat Harriers. Winners of Junior Cross Country. Only half of photo here - other missing. Pasted on to wood.  
147.81 Sepia toned photo of a Sports Team. Caption: "Ballarat F.C. 1867". 1867
148.81 B/w series of three photos of Rowing Crews in action. Caption: "Eighteen Crews Race In The Maiden Eights Ballarat Regatta 1943. The Start Halfway The Finish". 1943
149.81 Sepia toned photo (2) of a Sports Group. Caption: "Ballarat v English Eleven 1894 - The Ballarat Team". Names of team listed. 1894
151.81 B/w photograph of a group of men and women in front of a mine. Caption: "Harry And Mrs. Lauder At The Llanberris No. 1 Mine Ballarat East 1911. Presented to BHS By Mrs. Hughes (Nee Splatt". Names listed:- "Mr. G. Tonner, Mr. J. Splatt, T.C. Miller, Mr. A.E.C. Kerr, Miss. Splatt, Mrs. Splatt, Harry Lauder, Mrs. Lauder". 1911
152.81 Sepia toned photograph of the boilers at the Brittania United Mine in 1897. 1897
154.81 Sepia toned photograph of two miners and a rock drill at the Brittania United Mine in 1897. Photo of a group of men on reverse. 1897
156.81 B/w photograph of "Party Of Tributors North Woah Hawp G.M. Co. Ballarat 1894". Reverse: "Mrs. J. Oddie, Misses Oddie, Barker)Mrs. Williams, Barker )Mrs. Hassell, Pinkerton About 1894 or 5". 1894
157.81 Sepia toned photograph of a group of miners. Caption: "Joe White's Party - Red Hill". Nugget Weighs 560 ozs.  
158.81 Sepia toned photograph of a group of miners. "Victoria United Miners - Ballarat East - About 1912". 1912
159.81 B/w photograph of the Victoria United Battery 1909. Reverse: "L. Doe". 1909
160.81 Sepia toned photograph of the miners going on shift at the Band And Albion Consols 1881. 1881
161.81 B/w photograph of the Black Hill Quartz Battery.  
162.81 Sepia toned photograph of the Queen Shaft which was 1st mine to strike "Indicator". Reverse: J. ?, John Hoskin.  
163.81 Sepia toned photograph of the old Post Office Hill Golden Point 1858. Indicates Peakes Battery. 1858
164.81 B/w photograph of a drawing "Black Hill 1868". 1868
165.81 B/w mounted postcard of miners panning off with dish tub and cradle - note tunnel at back where wash dirt comes from. Caption: "Gold Diggers, Victoria".  
166.81 B/w photograph of a group of miners. Written on trolley: "Phono Nelson Premiers".  
167.81 B/w section of a photograph of a group of miners. Names listed. Reverse: Two photographs showing the "Scene At The City Oval On Begonia Week, Childrens Day 1955". 1955
168.81 Sepia toned photograph of a mine & miners. Caption: "Great Extended Mine". Reverse: "Ballarat. The Bearded Man Near ? Of Group Was My Uncle; Wm. ? ? Who Died In 1868. Margaret J. Crebbin.  
169.81 Sepia toned photograph of a distant view of a mine and its workers.  
170.81 Colour tinted postcard of a group of miners by a mine. Caption: "Snow Scene, Last Chance Gold Mine, Ballarat". Reverse: "Last Chance Mine - At Bottom Of Barkly Street Uncle ?? (Wm. Smyth) Second From Left".  
171.81 B/w lithograph with light green tinting of Madame Berry G.M. No. 1 shaft Creswick near Ballarat.  
172.81 B/w mounted photograph of three well dressed gentlemen.  
173.81 B/w photograph of the procession to celebrate inauguration of Commonwealth of Australia Jan 1st 1901. Reverse: "March Of The Victorian Commonwealth Regiment Inauguration Of The Commonwealth Jan 1st 1901, Colonel R.E. Williams Commanding. 1901
174.81 B/w photograph of an elderly gent holding a replica of a gold nuggett. Attached caption: "The Nathan Speilvogel Display, Nathan F. Speilvolgel Originally Started The Museums Collection; He Was An Ardent Record Keeper, Writer, Diarist, Collector - A Historian - Par Excellence - His Work Lives Here".  
175.81 B/w print of an official ceremony. Caption: "Cr. W.D. Hill Of The City Council Shakes Hands With Cr. A.J. Pittard Mayor Of Ballarat East After The Amalgamation Ceremony, May 25th 1921. 1921
176.81 B/w print of a large dinner ceremony. Caption: "Plate 153 - The Pretoria Dinner At Craig's Royal Hotel Lydiard Street".  
177.81 Sepia toned photograph of a gentleman. Caption: "Cr. Roffs Father; Born 1855 Melbourne Arrived In Ballarat 1869 Died 1925." (Written on reverse also).  
178.81 B/w photograph of a Council gathering. Caption: "Mayor A. Levy And The Members Of The Town Council 1908". 1908
179.81 B/w photograph of a section of the Botanical Gardens. Caption: "Vandals Work At The Gardens. Prime Ministers Avenue 1958". 1958
180.81 B/w photograph of one Prime Ministers bust that was destroyed by vandals at the Botanic Gardens 1958. 1958
182.81 B/w newspaper cutting depicting the Silver Anniversary of the amalgamation of the East Ballarat and Ballarat City Councils.  
184.81 B/w photograph of Mr. William Rodier 1st Mayor of East Ballarat.  
185.81 B/w photographic print of a gentleman. Caption: "Ballarats Representative - Hon. Alfred Deakin - Prime Minister Of Australia".  
186.81 B/w print of a montage of "The Amalgamated Council Of The City Of Ballarat".  
187.81 B/w photographic print showing the workings of the Town Hall Clock. The Clock was erected by J.T. Sleep, June 1873. Councillors listed.  
188.81 Cartoon sketch showing the Chairman of Greater Ballarat - F.J. Williams - marrying the City & Town Mayors with A. Levy & F. Penhalurick in the background. Titled:- "To Amalgamage Or ......?"  
189.81 B/w print of the "Ballarat East Town Council". Names listed are:- Mr. W. Robertson (Clerk of Works), Cr. J.M. Kline, Cr. A. James, Cr. C. Johnston, Mayor Pearce, Town Clerk Fraser, Cr. J.N. Dunn, Cr. J. Ritchie. The photographic print has been touched up.  
190.81 B/w photograph of a group of gentlemen inspecting a local area. Surveyor is seen on the left.  
191.81 Sepia toned photograph of the Ballarat City Council Staff - 1910. Caption torn from photo. Reverse reads: G.F. Morton (rate collector), D. Cameron (works foreman), J.C. Williams (clerk), J.C. Brough (hall keeper), J.W. Nettle - ? , J. Dudley (asst. town clerk). ???? 1910
192.81 Sepia toned montage of the Ballarat City Council 1886 - 1887. Names listed: "W.C. Smith, J.G. McDonald, W. Little, F.M. Claxton, Mayor Thompson, J. Hickman, C.C. Shappee, D. Cooke, C. Salter, G. Perry (Town Clerk). 1886 - 7
193.81 B/w print titled: "The City Clerk reading the Proclamation". Caption reads: "Piece Of The Ribbon Cut By Lady Rouse To Unite The City Of Ballarat And The Town Of Ballarat East, May 25th 1921". Names listed: "R. McGregor, Cr. Pittard, The Governor - Earl Stradbroke and his Aide - de - Campe, Colonel Morton, Cr. Baker, W.D. Hill, R. Cooke". Hon. A. Bell. 1921
194.81 B/w print of a group of gentlemen, titled: "Enthusiastic Workers For Amalgamation". Names listed: "Mr. A.A. O'Dea, Mr. J.B. Paterson, Mr. F.J. Williams, Mr. F. Besemeres, Mr. W. Ramage".  
195.81 B/w print of Council of the City of Ballarat 1901 - 2. Names listed: "Barker, C.C. Shoppee, R. Pea??, J. Whykes, R.G. Middleton, J. Heinz, Murray, F. Williams, J.J. Brokenshire (Mayor)". 1901
196.81 Colour print of the City Hall Ballarat. Picture has been coated in some sort of lacquer.  
197.81 B/w print of a sophisticated lady. Caption has been destroyed. She possibly had something to do with the amalgamation of Ballarat and Ballarat East Councils.  
198.81 Sepia toned photo of the area next to the Ballarat Civic Hall in Mair Street. No. on reverse:- "2400".  
199.81 B/w photo of the Ballarat Civic Hall taken from the front. Mounted on thick cardboard.  
200.81 B/w photo of a large building at the rear of the Ballarat Civic Hall. Caption reads: "The Council Sheds In Market Street At The Rear Of The Civic Hall 1957". 1957