Catalogue Nbr
001.81 Sepia tone group photo. Group dressed in Jerseys & nickerbockers in three rows = 25 young men. Ink inscription: "Ballarat Football Club 1882". Reverse Label: Top Row: J. Lanyon, J. Graham, F. Clarke, W. Jackman, R. Foley, ? Taylor, L. Foley, R. Bodycomb, P. Lewis, J. Lawlor. Middle Row: P. Luplau, H. Cooper, P. Richardson, H. Downes, A. Bushby, A.B. Berry, W. Jamieson. Sitting: J. Davies, C. Mathews, J. Fraser, F. Gay, D. Webb. 1882
004.81 B/w group photo set in thin wooden frame. Flag behind group "B.F.C. Premiers 1898". 1898
005.81 B/w photograph in card frame features 5 men in a rowing boat entitled "Ballarat Rowing Club Winners Of Junior Four - Colac 1928". F. Suffren cox, O.J. Wood st., R. Jelbart 3, C. Poynton 2, T.W.L. Cotton bow. 1928
006.81 B/w photograph in card frame. View of several rowing boats on Lake. "Ballarat Regatta 1927 Finish Of The Maiden Eight. Ballarat 1st. Sandhurst 2nd. Wendouree 3rd. Won By A Canvas". 1927
007.81 B/w photograph in card frame. Features 8 men in a row boat. "Ballarat Rowing Club Winners Maiden Eight - Ballarat Regatta 1927". J.E. Tanner (cox), O. Wood (st), W. Bath (7), C. Poynton (6), G. Ershine (5), E. Panther (4), Geo. Pethybridge (3), A. Graham (2), T.W.L. Cotton (bow). 1927
008.81 B/w photo on card mount features group of young men in suits entitled: "Wendouree Rowing Club's Champion Eight Of Victoria 1893 - 94". Back row: J. Blaikie (4), A. Dawson (3), J. Rogers (5), C. Donald (6). Front row: F. Clennel (2), J. Donald (str), W. Dawson (7), J. Maher (bow), A. McKenzie (cox). 1893 - 94
009.81 B/w photograph features a group of men in uniform. Texta - color inscription: "Our first Defence Force". Mounted on card. Reverse: Label glued onto card. Officers and N.C. Officers of 1st & 3rd Ballarat volunteer rifle rangers 1863. Sgt. Ahern, Capt. Greenfield, Lt. Johnson, ? Nicholson, Capt. Sleep Armourer Sgt. Mumby, Lt. ?, Sgt. Grant, Sealed Col. Wallace. 1863
010.81 B/w photo features group of men and youths in sports uniforms. Label: "East Ballarat Harriers 1896". 1896
011.81 B/w photo features group of young men. Photo mounted on card with title & names 'Wendouree Rowing Club Winners Of The Maiden Eight, Ballarat And Geelong 1890 And Junior Eight, Ballarat, 1890". Names: A. Dawson, F. Hassell, J. Maher, F. Clennell, C. Donald, J. Donald, T. Lingham, H. Lingham. 1890
014.81 B/w photo features large group of people with tartan sashes, young girls at front in full kilt etc... Outside scene Label: "Caledonian Sports At The Eastern Oval 1895. People's names faded. Date suspect - pen inscription = 1892". Reverse inscription: "Ballarat Caledonian Sports 1898 At Ballarat Gardens". 1898
015.81 B/w photo features group of men exercising and others behind in suits looking on. In a hall or gymnasium. Mounted on card with label: "Ballarat Amateur Athletic Club - Season 1904". Ink "Sandow Instructing". 1904
016.81 B/w photo features group sitting in rows. Young men in white outfits. Posed in studio. Mounted on card.  
017.81 2 B/w photos pasted onto card. (a) Two men in cricket outfits flipping a coin "Conrad Hunte, R. Turner". (b) Men presenting a box to cricketers "R. Turner, Conrad Hunte, W.H. Heinz, E. Bartrop, R. King". "1961". 1961
018.81 B/w photo features three rows of young men in cricket gear. "Ballarat C.C. v N.S.W. at Ballarat December 19??. Players named. Mounted on card. 19??
019.81 B/w photo features group of young men in cricket gear, mounted on card. Inscription: "Ballarat v England 1921". Label: Woodfull's First Game". Player's names but mainly illegible. 1921
020.81 B/w photo features a group of men in cricket gear in front of stand. Label on card: "England v Ballarat Played At The Oval, Jan 10 - 11, 1902". Reverse inscription = Match score. Australia - 2nd Innings, Duff C Hirst B Rhodes 1 Darling C Braind B Barnes 0 Trumper C Lilley B Jackson 62 Gregory Run Out 29 Noble B Jackson 8 Hill C M? B Jackson 119 Noble B Jackson 8 Armstrong B Rhodes 26 Kelly C Hirst B Rhodes 0 Trumble B Rhodes 0 Saunders B Rhodes 0 Hopkins Not Out 40 Sundries 3, Total 289 (b) Much larger version. England 2nd Innings Abel C Hill B Noble 8 Jessup Not Out 53 Tyldesley Not Out 11, Total 1 for 73 Australia Won By 143 Runs. 1902
021.81 B/w photo features group of men in cricket gear sitting beside grand stand. Inscription: Australia v Ballarat Ballarat Team Mar 7th, 8th 1902". Mounted on card. 1902
022.81 B/w photo features group of men in cricket gear. Label on card mount "Victorian Team Intercolonial Cricket Match Victoria v South Australia Played At M.C.G. Jan 1891. Lost by an innings + 62 runs". 1891
023.81 B/w photograph of a railway engine. Reverse reads (in blue ink): "1st Railway Engine Built In Australia At Ballarat V. Now In Park Bussellton W.A. South Coast".  
024.81 B/w photograph of railway engine. Reverse reads (in blue ink) "1st Railway Engine Built In Australia At Ballarat V. Now In Park Busselltown W.A." "W.G. Matchett Nephew Of Geo. Rillstone, 301 Lyons St. Sth., Ballarat". Number stamped :C268.  
025.81 B/w photograph of building and street. Building labelled "Phoenix Foundry Company Limited Locomotive Works". Reverse: "Phoenix 1895". 1895
028.81 S/T photograph - Carte De Visite of model locomotive and tender. Inscription: "Model Locomotive And Tender. Made By The Apprentices Of The Phoenix Foundry, Ballarat, For The Juvenile Industrial Exhibition, 1878". Also five portraits of "F.H. Davis, J.C. Brown, L.A. Ballhausen, H.R. Warlond, & S.J. Morgan". 1878
029.81 S.T. photograph of eleven men. Handwritten label: "Last Group Taken At Phoenix Foundry, 1905". "Mr. Bodycombe, E.P. McElroy, Pattern Maker". Reverse: "Photos only. McElroy, GPO., Sydney. N.S.W." 1905
030.81 S.T. photograph of group of men outside building. Handwritten inscription: "Phoenix Foundry". Reverse: "1896". 1896
031.81 S.T. photograph of group of men outside building. Reverse: "Employes Phoenix Foundry, 1884". 1884
032.81 Magazine cutting showing Phoenix Foundry & Coles and Pullum Sale Market. Inscription: "Ballarat, Victoria. Phoenix Foundry Co., Ltd. Engineers And Manufacturers". Typewritten label: "This ShowsThe Doveton Street Entrance To The Phoenix Foundry Next Coles And Pallum Sale Market". (Now Crawford Dowling 1954). 1954
033.81 B/w photograph showing railway locomotive and two men. Handwritten inscription: "The First Engine Arriving In Ballarat, 1862". Typed label" "Hawthorn "B" Class". Reverse: Corner of S.T. photograph showing house and group of women and children". 1862
034.81 S/T photograph showing portrait of man. Typed label: "Mr. W.H. Shaw Manager Phoenix Foundry 1870 To 1896:. 1896
037.81 B/w photograph of tram labelled "Sturt St" and "Ballarat Tramways", Car Number "17", with three men. Illegible inscription on reverse with date: 30/10/43". 1943
038.81 S/T photograph of Ballarat Railway Station. Inscription: "Railway Station, Ballarat". Typed label: "1875". 1875
039.81 B/w photograph of train in station. Train labelled: "Australian Railway Historical Society, Ballarat Centenarian 1862 - 1962. A. 996". Typed label: "Special Train Arriving At The Railway Station 100th Anniversary Ballarat - Geelong Railway Line 700 Visitors". 1962
040.81 B/w photograph of two men and plaque. Typed label: "Placing Plaque On The Railway Station 100 Anniversary Ballarat - Geelong Railway".  
041.81 S/T photograph of "City" tram, decorated to celebrate Australia Week. Pencilled inscription: "18/?/1957". 1957
042.81 S/T photograph of locomotive and several men. Locomotive labelled: "Lady Barkly, Hunt & Opie Victoria Ironworks Ballarat". Typed label: "Lady Barkly - Built For J.R. Davis By June And Opie Victoria Ironworks (Later Phoenix F.")  
044.81 A mounted colour postcard entitled "Miners Hut Near Ballarat".  
046.81 A framed and mounted colour postcard showing a section of the gardens in Sturt Street in 1900. View taken from opposite Myers looking east towards the City Hall. 1900
047.81 A coloured postcard showing a view of lower Sturt Street and Bridge Street taken from Lydiard Street corner looking east along the southern carriageway of Sturt Street.  
048.81 A coloured postcard taken inside one of the fern sheds in the Ballarat Botanic Gardens.  
049.81 A black and white postcard showing the opening of the Arch Of Victory by H.R.H. Prince Of Wales, Ballarat June 2nd, 1920. 1920
050.81 A sepia tone photograph showing a group of young men (Presumably the Ballarat Naval Cadets).  
051.81 A colour postcard showing a galloping horseman fleeing from a bushfire and heading towards dwellings where some men are standing. Caption reads: "Bushfire Alarm".  
052.81 A colour postcard taken in Fairyland, Ballarat Botanic Gardens.  
053.81 A colour postcard showing a view of Sturt Street, Ballarat looking East from the Doveton Street corner.  
054.81 A mounted colour postcard of the Gong Reservoir, Ballarat.  
055.81 A mounted colour postcard showing a view of Black Hill with dam in the foreground and mine works in the background. Caption reads: "Black Hill 1905". 1905
056.81 Photograph/Postcard. A framed colour postcard showing the Ballarat Town Hall. Dated around 1905. 1905
057.81 B/w magazine picture features large building with tower. Title below picture: "Ballarat District Benevolent Asylum 1904". Mounted on card. 1904
058.81 B/w photograph features front view of building & main gates. Stamp across right - hand top side: "Historical Society". Reverse pencil inscription: "Ballarat Benevolent Asylum".  
059.81 B/w photograph features front of a building and main gates. Stamp on card at top: "Queen Elizabeth Home, Ballarat 1950". Pen inscription below: "Original Benevolent Asylum - New Building Named Queen Elizabeth Benevolent Home". 1950
060.81 B/w magazine photo features panoramic view of large buildings and gardens with a group of men standing in the garden. Inscribed: "Benevolent Asylum" + "1896". Mounted on card. 1896
061.81 B/w photo features girl putting labels on tins. BHS Typed label: "A School Girl Pasting Labels On Tins At The Queen Elizabeth Home For The October Appeal 1953. 10,000 Tins Were Distributed In Ballarat." 1953
062.81 B/w photo view of brick building overlooking a lawn. BHS typed label: "Men's Sunroom Adjoining The Bowling Green Queen Elizabeth Ben. Home".  
063.81 B/w photo features group on stage in Santa Claus outfits around a tree. BHS typed label: "Christmas Tree At The Queen Elizabeth Home 1957". 1957
064.81 Carte De Visite view of large double - storey building with white paling fence. BHS Typed label: "Orphanage" (First section possibly torn off).  
065.81 B/w photo features building with established garden & trees, cab out front. BHS typed label: "Ballarat Orphanage 1887". Pen inscription: " ? Ballarat Orphanage Presented By R. Adam Sydney 1928". 1928
066.81 B/w group photo features 3 rows of men in suits, possibly in a library. Typed label: "Committee Of The Ballarat Orphanage 1913 ---- 1914". 3rd Row. W.D. Hill (Dec), E. Chamberlain (Dec), J.N. Dunn President 1942 Died 1952. 2nd Row. J. Glasson (Dec), W.J. Hoard (Dec), A. Hager (Dec), W. White, E. Baker (Dec), A. Levy (Dec). 1st Row. J.M. Bickett (Dec), T.C. Miller (Dec), I. Pearce (Dec), Norman Clark (Pres 1913) & T.T. Holloway (Dec) and W.T. Glenn(Dec). 1914
067.81 B/w photo features front of building with Olympic Ring decorations and welcoming banner. BHS typed Label: "Orphanage Olympic Decorations". Mounted on card.  
068.81 B/w photo features formal garden & path and front gate. Reverse pencil inscription: "Orphanage Garden".  
069.81 Lithograph featuring double - storey building and people in front dressed in crinolines. Inscription: "Ballarat Hospital".  
070.81 B/w photo view of large double - storey building with fence & dirt roads. Pen inscription: "Hospital 1880". 1880
071.81 B/w group photo features group of women in early nursing uniforms and several men in suits. Men = 5. Women = 23. BHS typed label: "Ballarat Hospital 1896". 1896
072.81 (A) B/w photo. (B) B/w magazine photo. (A) Features large building with garden behind metal paling fence. On road out front = 1 cart = fishmongers, 1 buggy. BHS Typed label: :Ballarat Hospital 1897". (B) Same picture cut from magazine dated 1906". 1906
073.81 B/w magazine photo view of a building, obscured by trees. Inscribed: "The Ballarat District Hospital 1904". 1904
076.81 B/w photo view of large building of several storeys under construction. BHS typed labels: "Building The New Infectious Ward At The ...?... Hospital. Started 1952 finished 1954. Contractor Ludbrook & Sopn. 1954
078.81 B/w photo view of man standing beside a very large bush in a garden. Reverse inscription: "The John Ross Rhododendron At Ballarat Hospital Grounds John Ross In Foreground".  
079.81 B/w photo view of large house in garden, sign over front gate: "Alexandra Babies Home".  
080.81 B/w photo view of brick building partially destroyed. Reverse pencil inscription: " ? Mental Assylum 1st Section Rebuilding After Fire".  
081.81 B/w photo view of 2 - storey brick building with a group of men standing in front. Across the building top: "The Salvation Army Workmen's Home". BHS typed label: "1914 Salvation Army's Workmen's Home, Eyre Street Two Doors From Armstrong Street Now (1953) Tuckshop". 1953
082.81 B/w photo view of an edwardian - style house. BHS typed label: "Novar Hospital Formerly Residence Of Mr. John Heinz Butcher And Sold To The State Government For Hospital Purposes 1954". 1954
083.81 C/t Carte De Visite photo of man sitting in an armchair. Inscription underneath "William Bridges, Grandmother's Father From Mrs. Earl Pearson, Her Great Grandfather". 1856
084.81 B/w photo of the "Laying Of The Foundation Stone Of National Mutual Life Association Of Australia Ltd. New Buildings Ballarat". (Written in gold below photo). Features smartly dressed gentlemen around Foundation Stone which reads: "This Stone Was Laid By Cr. J.M. Barker, Mayor, City Of Ballarat, 17th Nov. 1904 "......" J.J. & J. Clark, Architects". Mounted on cardboard. Names at top of photo written in ink. ? Davey, Director, by Crocker. J.M. Barker, Mayor, H. Chandler. D. ?., E.J. Stock, ?? 1904
085.81 B/w photo of laying of Foundation Stone for National Mutual Life Association Of Australasia Ltd. New buildings Ballarat (printed in gold below photo). Features a large gathering at the beginning of the building. In the background is the Art Association Gallery Technical Art School. Also a sign reading "Dr. Thomas, American Dental Surgeon, 757 Swanston Street, Melbourne may be consulted at the George Hotel, Lydiard Street, until Tuesday 15th Inst. 1904
086.81 B/w photo - see 085.81. Same photo  
087.81 B/w photo very similar to 086.81 & 085.81. Slight differences:- Weather has become overcast and an umbrella has appeared. "Laying Of Foundation Stone For National Mutual Life Association Of Australasia Ltd. New Buildings Ballarat 1904". 1904
088.81 B/w photo of Laying of Foundation Stone for National Mutual Life Association Of Australasia Ltd. New buildings 1904. Same as "084.81" Some calculation on reverse in pencil. 1904
089.81 B/w photo of Laying of Foundation Stone for National Mutual Life Association Of Australasia Ltd., New Buildings 1904. Ballarat. Refer 085.81. 1904
090.81 Slightly more deteriorated copy of b/w photo of "Laying Foundation Stone National Mutual Life Association" building 1904. 1904
092.81 B/w reproduction photograph of an original dated (according to tape on mounting) c1874 - 1880 which shows the shop front of "Cornell & King" wholesale drugists. Included are two men posing for the photo and (as named by the donor) appear to be Walter Cornell (donor) centre and John King - right hand side. A passer - by enters from left. c1874 - 1880
093.81 B/w photo mounted of the National Mutual Life Association of Australasia Ltd., premises under construction - 2nd storey completed. 1904
094.81 B/w mounted photo of large assembly of people - mainly women - taken outside a factory. Note on back of photo "Lucas Employees?"  
095.81 B/w photo of local Justices, Police and Court Officials. These gentlemen are pictured standing and seated in a Court Room. Names of those included are inscribed around the mounting. Inscription on mounting reads: Top "Justices from left to right. W. White, R.J. Cooke, G.F. Punshon, J.M. Barker, W.W. Harris, P.M. ?, G. Crocker, Chas. Walker. W. Box. George, T.T. Holloway, F.J. Martell, J. Bray (overwritten A. McKenzie), A.W. Stark, J. Fraser. A. Glasson, Ass. Clerk, J. Hawser, Clerk of Courts". Bottom. "Legal Profession: Left to right. Mr. Cray, R. Mann, H.A. Nevitt, H. Troup, R.H. Ramsay, A.W. Long, H.G. Morrow, R. Coldham, F. Pinkerton, D. Clarke. Press: Newberry "Echo", A. Graham "Courier", C.F. King "Star". Presented by Col. G.F. Morton O.B.E. V.D. J.P. 28/4/1959". L. Side. "Unable to house (?) The Members of Police Force except 5th from left Nicholson, Later Commissioner". Pencil inscription below reads "7th from left ...... ......"  
096.81 B/w reproduction of B/w photograph - "Copy Spencer Shier Melbourne, 1934" - Portrait of "William Cross Yuille" donated by Mrs. H. Hume Turnbull - Mounted with glass & wooden frame 1914
097.81 B/w photograph featuring formal portrait sitting of Councillors & Mayor of what is thought to be the Ballarat City Council. c.1902. Mayor - John Whykes, Tailor c.1902
098.81 B/w photograph featuring formal portrait sitting of Councillors & Mayor of what is thought to be the Ballarat City Council. c.1902. Mayor - John Whykes, Tailor c.1902
099.81 B/w photo "Rt. Hon. James Henry Scullen, First Australian Born Prime Minister. Born 18th September, 1876 at Trawalla. M.H.R. for Corrangamite, 1910 - 13. Editor, "Evening Echo", Ballarat. M.H.R. for Yarra, 1922 - 49. Prime Minister, 1929 - 32. Died January 28 -". (Above from typed label below photo in mounting.  
100.81 Sepia photo of "The Ballarat East Public Library" dated on typed & pasted label at bottom of photo reads (as above &) "1898". Shows front of building onto Barkly Street with main entrance and one side of building. 1898