Catalogue Nbr
204.80 B/w large photograph of Sturt Street with many people. Inscribed: "Sturt Street Looking West". Ink: "1910". Mounted on card. 1910
205.80 B/w photo of Sturt Street. Inscription & numbers in white: "Corner Sturt and Lydiard Streets". (1) Old Town Hall. (2) Port Phillip Hotel (now Patersons). (3) Theatre Royal. (4) Market in middle of Sturt Street. (5) St. Patricks. (6) Horse Bazaar Hotel in Armstrong Street. (7) Albert Cab. Typed label the same except. (2) Port Phillip Hotel now Myers. (6) Horse Bazaar Hotel now Myers. Label at top "Sturt Street 1866" over "Sturt & Lydiard Street taken from about the P.O. site". in pen "1860". 1860 - 1866
206.80 B/w photo view of Ballarat Town Hall taken from diagonally opposite across Sturt Street. No electric tram lines. Mounted on black card. c.1900
207.80 B/w photo features large group of young men posed in rows mounted on card. Reverse inscription: "From Miss. Alice Suggett, Windermere Street, Ballarat young men taken Freemantle Oval 1895". 1895
208.80 B/w photograph view of Ballarat East Public Library, Barkly Street mounted on white card. N.B. Brick building has curved fence on south side, lamps on entrance, no extensions, garden with four trees, two men stand at the front, 2 garden rollers are places beside the fence on the RHS, water hydrant at front on roadline.  
209.80 B/w photo features group of men & women sitting in rows in front of a brick doorway. Mounted on grey cardboard. c1910 - 20
210.80 B/w photo features group of people all posed in rows - names listed above & below photo but many illegible. Typed label: "Ballarat Choral Union Choir Champions Of Ballarat 1901 - 1902 Geelong 1901 Bendigo 1902. Mr. J.J. Bailey Conductor".  
211.80 B/w photo features large group of men in suits. Reverse inscription: "Mr. Crocker". Photo mounted on card.  
212.80 Montage of sepia - tone photos. Montage of a series of small sepia - tone head portraits: Names listed. "Inscribed: "Executive Committee & Officers Of The First Australian Juvenile Industrial Exhibition Alfred Hall 1878 Ballarat". Row L - R. 1. Campbell, J., Reid, H., Main, J.M., Whitehead, J., 2. Smith, J.C., Bodycomb, T., Curtis, E., Smith, H., 3. McDowall, J., Caselli, H.R. Chairman, Hunter, A., Hon. Treas., Flude, J., 4. Bradbury, H., Preshaw, G.O., Richardson, C.J. Corres. Sec., Evans, W., Smith, G., 5. Robinson, J., Keast, W.H., Benson, W., Proctor, W., 6. Serjeant, R.M., Matthews, P., McCartney, J., Buley, J. 1878
213.80 B/w photograph of a montage inscribed: "Presented To R.W. Baxter Esq. Managing Proprietor Of The Ballarat Star By the Members Of The Staff As A Memento Of The Completion Of The 50th Year Of Publication Of The 'Star' Sept. 22nd, 1905". Reverse pencil inscription: "Mr. E. Sandford 70 Gold Saturday 6/6". Row L - R. 1. Davidson, J.H., Assistant Reader, Budge, E., King, C.J., Hart, T.F., Baner, F., Murphy, W., Sandford, F., McAdam, S. 2. Reynolds, W., Utting,, E.H., Woods, R., Finlayson, J.A., Perrin, H., 3. Conway, R.J., Kennedy, M., Sandford, H., 4. Dorman, A., Smith, C.L., Bourke, T.S., Angwin, B., Coxon, W.W. 5. McPherson, A., Simmons, H.S., Thompson, A., Watson, J., Woods, W., 6. Watson, L., Sandford, E., McLean, D.N., Nicholls, P.L., Tournier, C., Ward, J., Williams, T.J., Ward, M. Main Photos: Baxter, R.W., Barnes, G. 1905
214.80 B/w photo features large group of men & women in rows posed outside in an asphalt area. Photo mounted on card. c.1910 - 20
215.80 B/w photo features an outdoor scene with men standing around a large sheet with fleeces on it and sheds in background & drays. Inscription: "206 Wool Drying Ground, Dunlop Station". Label: "Wool Drying Ground, Dunlop Station 1906". 1906
216.80 B/w photo view of blue stone building with brick additions & rose garden. Inscription: "Executive Office, Myer Woollen Mills, Ballarat".  
217.80 B/w photo features five small oval head portraits and larger photo of a locomotive on card. Label: "Model Locomotive and Tenders Made By The Apprentices Of The Phoenix Foundry, Ballarat For The Juvenile Industrial Exhibition, 1878". Apprentices in photos: Brown, J.C., David, F.H., Ballhausen, L.A., Morgan, S.J., Warlond, H.R. 1878
218.80 B/w large photo featuring a locomotive engine No. 207 with several men around. Label: "100th Engine Made By Phoenix Foundry Ballarat April 13th, 1883". 1883
219.80 Sepia Tone features a locomotive & tender on tracks. Inscription: "First Locomotive Manufactured For The Victorian Government By "The Phoenix Foundry Company Limited". March 1873. 1873
220.80 B/w photo features several men standing about a locomotive in the foundry yard. (Black Hill in background). Locomotive No. 25. Inscription: "The Terror Of The Road". 1861
221.80 B/w photos (5) Five photos displayed on one cardboard mount which has palm tree decoration. (a) View of a locomotive. (b) View of a locomotive. (c) View of a locomotive. (d) Ballarat Railway Station.  
223.80 B/w photo features 5 rows of machinery parts all identical & brand new. Inscription on card mount: "60 Of 150 Ronaldson Tippett Diesels purchased by Bulk Handling Ltd. Perth, Western Australia For Driving Wheat Elevators".  
224.80 Series of photographs mounted on a card. 14 B/w square pictures of carriages + 2 oval pictures of men. Men = (a) John McCartney + (b) Thomas Alfred. (c) Four wheeled gig (d) Four wheeled gig (e) Double - seated gig, jump seat (f) American buggy (g) Cabriolet (h) Phaeton (i) Landau (j) ? McCartney? (k) Four wheeled buggy (l) Phaeton (m) Four wheeled wagonette (n) Four wheeled gig (o) Double seated gig (p) four seated buggy. Label: (B.H.S. in ink) "These Vehicles Were Built At The Coach Building Factory Of Alfred & McCartney Corner Of Armstrong And Mair Streets About 1868. The Photographs Give An Idea Of The Pleasure Vehicles Of The Time". Label 2: Copperplate script. "McCartney And Alfred By Appointment Carriage Makers To His Royal Highness The Duke Of Edinburgh". 1868
225.80 B/w photographic portrait study of a girl in clothing of the early 1900's. Three - quarter length view. Photo mounted on brown card. Reverse: "1357 McHenry Miss 4m Press". Early 1900's
226.80 Lithograph. Several pictures joined to create a wide arc view mounted on card titled "Birds Eye View Of Ballarat". Labels (typed) mark 'Sturt St' & Tunbridges. NB. Horse - drawn trams but electricity poles.  
227.80 Magaxine picture large b/w view of a mine works surrounded by mullock heaps. Titled: "Quartz Gold Mining, Ballarat East" (present day) gives list of mines in picture & gold produced & dividends. NB: Picture torn & not all mines listed remain in picture. c.1910
228.80 Lithograph. Paper pasted onto canvas backing b/w lithograph. Titled: "Wesleyan Church Ballarat" 1858. Typed Label: "Wesleyan Church Lydiard Street From 1858 Till 1884. In 1884 Sold For 2000 Pound To The School Of Mines. Used As A Geological Museum Now A War Museum". 1858
229.80 Postcards (7) Series of postcards glued onto a board all b/w. (a) "Ballarat East Gardens" (b) "Sturt Street Snow Covered (c) "Snow Scene Shoppee Square" (d) No label (e) "Snow Balling Ballarat" (f) "Alexandra Square Ballarat" (g) Ballarat East Gardens". 1906?
232.80 Lithograph reproduced from a painting (4). 4 Reproductions of same view of Lydiard Street. (a) Mounted in thin wooden frame, sepia - tone print white inscription: "The Other Side Of The Street 1853". (b) Print pasted on card in yellowish hue. (c) Magazine print in b/w. (d) Magazine print in b/w. 1853