Catalogue Nbr
103.80 B/w photograph "Town Hall Tower Looking South S. East". View of buildings from behind facing onto Lydiard Street North up to the gaol. Dana Street Visible. Label: "H.H. Smith Esq. School Of Mines 10 No. 2.  
104.80 Sepia tone group photo - Carte De Visite. Series of head portraits, 4 photos of fire - fighting equipment & picture of fire station. Label: "Ready Aye Ready" "Ballarat West Volunteer Fire Brigade".  
105.80 Sepia tone group photo features group of head portraits of men in uniform and 4 photos of fire fighting equipment. Motto: "We Strive To Save".  
106.80 B/w lithograph features large building with flags and people walking towards it. Building has a poster: "Industrial Exhibition". Typed Label "Ballarat Exhibition 1905".  
107.80 B/w photo from magazine. Group of men in two rows (18) Label: "The Exhibition Committee" in pen "1902". Names of men back row L - R.W. Robertson, J. Robinson, Jas. Lonie, A. James, J.P. Murray, H. Josephs, T. Clegg, J.R. Langsford (Secretary), Front Row L - R, W.H. Kest, J.B. Pearson, Hugh Reid, (Deceased Vice President), J.N. Dunn, (Pres.), Peter Matthews (Vice Pres.), W. Evans, W. Gale, Isa Pearce (Mayor Ball. East). 1902
108.80 B/w photo features piles of stone & earth. Label: "White Swan Reservoir". Taken during construction.  
109.80 B/w photograph features three men with shovels loading sand onto the back of truck. Label: "Preliminary Work At White Swan Reservoir".  
110.80 Typed list entitled "White Swan Reservoir The Following Quantities Were Obtained For The White Swan Reservoir". Followed by a list of mines & numbers in cubic yards presumably soil & rock for wall construction.  
111.80 B/w photo features a large machine in front a cleared area with work sheds & temporary huts. Label: "White Swan Reservoir".  
112.80 B/w photo features large pieces of machinery for clearing in a bush scene. Label: "White Swan Reservoir".  
113.80 B/w photo features large earth moving machines in a sandy depression. Label: "White Swan Reservoir".  
114.80 B/w photo features a large vertical pipe with water coming out of a valve into the reservoir. Arrows show difference B/N water level in 1953 and present = 33 ft. Label: "White Swan Reservoir Filling Up 1953". 1953
115.80 B/w photo features Sir Henry Bolte unveiling a plaque at White Swan Reservoir. Label: "The Premier ......?......E unveiling the brass plate at the White ......?......servoir 100th Anniversary Ballarat WA...... Commission Supply".  
116.80 B/w photo features semi - engine pulling a large metal pipe down the road.  
117.80 B/w photo features large pipe being laid and buried in bush scene. Two men on right with shovels and a man on left in suit watching. Reverse in pencil: "3rd Over Viaduct (Outfall) 3 Span".  
118.80 B/w photo features view of sewerage sprinkler system & water pool. Reverse: In pen "Greig" in childish writing.  
119.80 B/w photo features water settling tanks and four men in suits. Photo inscribed "Settling Tank, Ballarat 24.3.28". Typed captions: "Sewerage Construction" arrow & "Mr. Farrer, Engineer". 1928
120.80 B/w photo features man looking at sprinkle system of sewerage works. Reverse in pen: "A. Farrer Sewerage Disposal Works".  
121.80 Sepia - toned photograph features a young man in portrait wearing a bow tie & sprig (Wedding?) Inscribed in pencil on reverse: "Photo of a very young man! "The Glass Of Fashion And The Mould Of Forar". 3 Photos, 2 large mounted, 1 smaller. 1. Pleasant Street Primary School (No Date) Grade 1. 2. Tennis Party 29.20.05 (No other ref). 3. Chuck photo of young man. Letter dated 30th August 1980. The Secretary, Ballarat Historical Society, Ballarat. Vic. 3350. Dear Sir, The enclosed photographs may be of interest to you. They were some my late husband, Ronald John Kerr, had treasured over the years. Ron was born in Ballarat in 1906 and attended Pleasant Street School so this will probably enable you to place the date of Grade 1 photo fairly accurately. The date of the tennis gathering was in Ron's father's handwriting on the back of the photo - 29.10.05. What stunning hats on tops of those serious faces. The photo of the young man of fashion is delightful. I am not sure of his identity but he must be related to Ron's mother, Eliza Wills Kerr - maybe her brother Arthur Wills. With good wishes, Millie Kerr (Mrs. R.J. Kerr) Will tell Pleasant Street about it is case a copy os wanted.  
122.80 B/w photo group of children c.1910 Pleasant Street Primary School Grade 1. c.1910
123.80 B/w group photograph of men and women in a group setting with tennis racquets. Inscribed on picture "Mrs. Kerr" and indicating line "I.P. Kerr" & Line. Reverse: "Tennis Party, Ballarat. Vic. 29.10.05."  
125.80 B/w photograph features several horse drawn lorries, also railway trucks. Names on lorries: "Darling Smith Pty. Ltd". Typed Label: "Showing Horse Drawn Lorries At The Railway Good Sheds Yards. Now Replaced With Motor Transport 1953".  
126.80 B/w photograph features: Single horse drawn lorrie & driver. Typed Label: "The Last Horse Drawn Vehicle At The Railway Station Owned By Kennedy Murray & Coy. March 1962". Label incorrect.  
127.80 B/w photograph features large tin shed, possibly time keepers box for football matches. (Eastern Oval Ballarat)? Label removed.  
128.80 B/w magazine photo features building with group of men in front holding a certificate. Building sign: "Warrenheip Brewery Kenna". Typed label: "Kenna Arrived In Victoria In 1864, Was Employed By Magill And Coghlan. Then Geelong Brewery Returned To Ballarat And Established The Brewery At Warrenheip In 1887. "Photo 1901 in 1887 (Photo 1901)". Under picture "Warrenheip Brewery, Warrenheip (W. Kenna, Proprietor)".  
129.80 B/w photograph features two workmen on a slate roof with view across to railway embankment, Typed label: "Demolishing Buildings Bridge Street 1962". Reverse: "3009 Demolishing Dickens". 1962
130.80 Line drawing reproduction view of Bridge Street in artistic, clear style and elegant strollers (eg. photographs). Entitled: Bridge Street looking towards Sturt Street". Several shop signs visible: H. Powell, H. Rehfisch, L.L. Roberts & Son, J.M. Gray, Times Hotel.  
131.80 Sepia - tone photograph features a street scene with several drays in Bridge Street looking up to Sturt Street. Pen inscription: "Bridge Street Sbout 1880 Presented By Miss. Anderson". Shop signs visible: M.J. Robinson, Shilling Arcade 1880
132.80 Sepia - tone photograph features several men sitting in centre of Sturt Street at the intersection with Lydiard Street. 3 Labels: "Sturt Street Showing Bridge Street, Mechanics Institute, Burns Statue Since Erected Here". Ink inscription on reverse: "Loafers Tree 1878".  
133.80 B/w photo features the bluestone premises of J.J. Goller & Co. in Lydiard Street.  
134.80 B/w photo features a derelict wooden building. Typed label: "An Old Shop Next Masonic Hall Peel Street North Occupied In 1867 By Williams Coachbuilder". 1867
135.80 B/w magazine photo view of buildings in a rural setting. Two typed labels: "The Old White Swan Hotel 1904 Licensee Miss. Lottie Ritchie Daughter Of The First Owner Of The Hotel W. Ritchie. The White Swan Reservoir In At The Rear Of The Hotel. This Was On The Main Daylesford Road, And Was Closed". A newer typed label is on the lower righthand side: "The First Licence For This Hotel Was Granted To William Ritchie June 2? 1862, And Was Held In The ...... Family Until The Hotel Closed". Inscribed on photo: "White Swan, On The Dean Road".  
136.80 B/w photo view of derelict wooden building. Typed label: "The Last Of The White Swan Hotel".  
137.80 B/w magazine picture features view in Sturt Street. Picture Label: "Lester's Hotel (Seward), opposite Queen's Square, Sturt Street". Typed label: 1) "Note Gardens With Iron Railings Around. (in 2 parts) And Tram Going Up North Side Of Sturt Street". 2) "Photo 1901 Ground Floor Under This Part Craig Williamson Drapers". 1901
138.80 B/w 2 magazine pictures mounted together. a) View of building with standing carriage inscription "Lester's Hotel 1904". b) View of building with sign "Bellair's Rainbow Hotel" inscription "Lester's Hotel, 1860".  
139.80 B/w photo features Buck's Head Hotel with tram tracks evident at intersection of Bridge Street & Sturt. (Site now Clark Rubber Store). Typed label: "Tram Ran Off The Sturt Street Line Into The Buck's Head Hotel 1955". Line of dashes indicates trams accident route. 1955
140.80 Sepia - tone photograph Carte De Visite. Two men, one standing, the other seated. Ink inscription: "Brown Bros., Charles & Andrew".  
141.80 Sepia - tone photo view of shop fronts displaying furniture (particularly balloon back chairs & iron bedsteads). Ink inscription: "Steinfield & Leviston Bridge Street 1865". 1865
142.80 B/w photo features a derelict building (3 storeys) with street front boarded up signs of building "Harry Davies & Co." "McKay - Wreckers". Pen: "1961". 1961
143.80 142.80 Same building being demolished and top floor missing. Pen: 1961.62. Courier 5497
144.80 Features a small shop adjoining house with a group of people standing out front. Shop signs: "Quality Food Products Royal Oak Store Est. 100 Years H.J. Chenary Store". Typed on photo "Chenerys Store Clayton Street, Ballarat East Centenary Celebrations".  
145.80 2 Sepia - tone view of Sturt Street. (a) Typed label: "First Town Hall Sturt Street" ink on reverse: "Property Of Mr. A. Smith Bridge Street". Shop signs: Hotchin, Bookseller; Wills, Saddler; New Market Dining Rooms. (B) Similar but the same as (A) Typed label "City Hall 1861". 1861
146.80 Features view of a man standing in front of a shop labeled "Fishmonger & Poulterer". Inscription in print below reads:- "Footpath Of Wood: Victoria Street, Ballarat East, 64 Years Ago. Mr. G. Lewcock, North Fitzroy, who sent in the picture, says he was a "Little Old Man" in the photograph - just 9 years old, and complete with bowler hat, vest, long trousers, and all".  
147.80 Features Ballarat Railway Station with crowd around. Inscription below:- "Opening Of Railway Communication - The First Train From Geelong 1862". 1862
148.80 Features building with scaffolding around. Typed label: "Painting The Railway Station 1955".  
149.80 Features building with scaffold. Typed label:- "Painting The Western ...?.. Station 1954". 1954
150.80 Features several men on a roof. Typed label: "Re - roofing The Western Railway Station 1954". 1954
151.80 Features corner shop and several men standing in front; Shop has bolts of material. Typed label: "From Left W. Fraser, J. Roff, G. Le?, S. Jamieson. Left Side Porters Boot Shop Opened 1856 Closed 1936 Photo Taken ...?.." Pen inscription: "This Store Lasted From 1856 To ...?..". Reverse ink inscription "May 1887". 1900:1
153.80 B/w photograph features a building being demolished but facade remaining. Typed label: "Commercial Banking Coy Premises Being Demolished For New Building 1957". 1957
154.80 Features men standing around a house being moved & horses. Inscription printed: "House Being Lifted Across Narrow Gates On Buninyong Railway Line By J.M. Williams, House Remover And Cartage Contractor, Dana Street".  
155.80 Features horses pulling a house on a cart. Inscription printed: "View Of A House Removal By A. McGregor, Trevor Street Carrier, Contractor, And House Remover".  
156.80 Features men & carriages in front of A. Olney's stables. Inscription printed: "A. Olney's Livery Stables, 108 Peel Street North (few doors from Bridge Street, telephone No. 216). Typed label: "Next To The Methodist Church Now Masonic Temple (1953) also ran a number of cabs photo 1901. Now 1953 fruit market). 1901
157.80 Features Coach & eight horses in a Ballarat Street. Inscriptiion: "Cobb & Cos. Leviathan Coach Carrying 90 Passengers running between Ballarat & Geelong Australian Stage Company Proprietors". Ink "1870". 1870
158.80 B/w photograph features two men standing by a truck, truck door marked Darling Smith Pty. Ltd. Typed label: "Newly Erected Weighbridge In Doveton Street North Near Coltman's 1953". 1953
159.80 Magazine cutting features factory building and string of workers out front. Printed inscription: "G. Farmer's Ham And Bacon Factory Front View". Typed Label: "John Farmer established a business at Golden Point in 1859. He retired in 1879 and his sons George & James transferred the business to Eureka Street. 1892 James retired and the business was carried on by James Farmer till his death and then his son took over his business, which ceased operations during the Second World War. Is now (1953) still a business of another kind (photo 1901).  
160.80 Coloured picture & b/w picture. Two pictures glued onto cardboard. (A) Coloured drawing of hut of slabs. Label: "The First Harvestor Was Manufactured In 18.4, In This Smithy, At Orummartin, Victoria, By Hugh Victor McKay". (B) B/w picture from magazine of a large factory complex print: "The Sunshine Harvester Works, 1928 (Aerial Photo). 1928
161.80 B/w photo features man and two women in front of a cart in the street (c.1900's). Typed label: "Photo Of J. Benjamin Selling Rabbits 1/- Pair In Early Days Ballarat". Reverse pen inscription: "Mr. Benjamin Rabbit & Fish Salesman Rabbits at 1/- A Pair Delivered To The Door". c1900's
162.80 B/w photo features four gentlemen and two boys doing some repairs to the observatory. Typed label: "Re-opening The Observatory Mt. Pleasant 1958". People at base L - R: Robert Pyke, C.R. Roff. On Ladder: Keith Sharrock. On Roof L - R: Bruce Allan, ?, Dick Goodall. 1958
163.80 Sepia photo features two gentlemen, a boy and a girl at the Observatory. Written label: "Ballarat Observatory 1891. Captain H.E. Baker, (Sitting on steps) G.F. Baker (his son) E.G. Baker (his grand daughter) C. Quihampton (?) (Assistant Astonomer). 1891
164.80 B/w photo features a gentleman by a coach wheel. Typed label: "One Of The Few Remaining Farriers In Ballarat 1958". Reverse pencil inscription: "Possibly Charlie Armstrong". Not Armstrong, Maybe Myers. 1958
165.80 B/w photo features five boys in sailors outfits in a boat. Typed label: "Ballarat Sea Scouts". Printed inscription: "Ballarat Sea Scouts Lake Wendouree 1946". 1946
166.80 B/w photo features a woman feeding a swan. Printed label: "5537". Written inscription on reverse: "5537" in crayon.  
167.80 B/w photo features a young boy feeding the swans. Lake Wendouree? Written inscription on reverse: "4396" on crayon.  
168.80 B/w photo features a wrecking site with Craigs Hotel in background. Typed label 'A': "The Former Site Nevitt & Nevitt". Typed label 'B': "Wrecking Nevitt and Nevitts Office For the Erection Of the C.M.L. Buildings 1957". 1957
169.80 Sepia photo features lady in a black dress. Printed inscription: "Lola Montez And Black ......"......".  
170.80 Sepia photo features a Chinese woman holding a child. Typed label: "Wife Of Chinese Giant And Child". Written inscription on reverse: "Mrs. Chang And Child".  
171.80 (A) B/w photo. (B & C) S/T photos. (A) Features a large group of men in front of a mining works. Typed label: "Afternoon Shift At The Britannia Mine Going Down". (B) S/T view of a group of miners at pit head. Pen inscription on reverse: "Britania United, Barkly Street. (C) S/T view of wooden buildings with men standing our front. Typed label: "Brittania Battery And Mine Rear East Library 1882". Pen inscription on upper right - hand corner illegible & obscurred by label. 1882
172.80 Postcard features ferry passing through the Fairyland section of Lake Wendouree. Tinted blue. Inscription reads: "A Merry Xmas" "Through "Fairyland" Lake Wendouree Ballarat".  
173.80 B/w magazine poster. Series of small head portraits around the Ballarat Monument For South Africa 1900 - 1903 War. "Photos Of Ballarat & District Soldiers - Killed In South Africa". Head portraits show:- Left side, Capt. R.W. Salmon, Sgt. Foster, Surgeon Lt. H.A. Palmer, Sgt. J.S. Molloy, Lt. S.R. Coulter, Lt. A.G. Gilpin, Lt. Johnson. Right side: Mr. G.A. Eddy, Pte. J. Hurst, Sgt. A.T. Allen, Sgt. C. Vaughan, Pte. J. Exon, Sgt. Neil Grant, Pte. A.R. Burnley. 1903
174.80 Glass plate. Sepia - tone view with glass, backed with cardboard and held together with a brass edging. Picture on back of glass. c.1900 - 1910
176.80 Carte De Visite. Sepia tone view of large building with columns. Typed label: "Theatre Royal Sturt Street 1858 - 1871 Next Myers". 1871
177.80 Carte De Visite. Tinted black and white portrait study. Near full length of a middle - aged woman in c.1870 - 80 style clothing. Colour added to face. c.1870 - 80
178.80 Carte De Visite. B/w view of a large group of men, women & children in front of tents with forest behind the tents. Women in crinolines. c.1860's
179.80 Carte De Visite. Sepia tone view of a group of men & women dressed to enter a mine. Men in foreground have chains, picks etc... Label on card "His Excellency The Hon. BLE. Sir J.H.T. Manners Sutton, K.C.B., Lady Manners Sutton & Suite in mining costume after descending the Band & Albion consols gold mine Ballarat Australia. Nov. 3, 1868". 1868
180.80 Carte De Visite. B/w view of a leather bucket marked "B.W.F.B" & a helmet. Typed label: "Leather Bucket And Helmet As Used By The Ballarat West Firemen In 1888". 1888
181.80 Carte De Visite. Sepia tone view of horse & coach with many people aboard. Typed label: "Coach leaving Geelong For Ballarat 1858".  
182.80 Sepia tone small photograph showing Dana Street hill - possibly Lang's Nursery on right - hand side. Typed Label: "Dana Street 187?". 187?
183.80 Carte De Visite. B/w view of a man sitting in a chair. The man is late middle - aged and in clerical garb with a cross.  
184.80 Carte De Visite. B/w view of bluestone Church. Typed label: "St. Andrew's Kirk Without Tower" & "1864". Reverse series of names inscribed in ink "Henderson" and 2 others illegible. 1864
185.80 B/w photograph. Small portrait study of upper part of a man in a suit. Typed label: "Rev. J.J. Halley 1863 - 1871 Congregational Church. Mounted on rough cardboard. 1871
186.80 Carte De Visite. Sepia - tone view of large building with others on an unmade street. No label but faint inscription "...?.. Hotel". Craigs' Hotel, Lydiard Street.  
187.80 B/w small photo of large building, The Ballarat Orphanage Reverse in pencil: "Janet Livingston Miller". Updated information 16.04.2007 - this building we consider as the Benevolvent Asylum in Ascot Street, Ballarat. Part of the Asylum was moved to Victoria Street to accomodate the Orphanage.  
188.80 B/w small photo featuring part of Sturt Street from centre near Bandstand. Carts in street. Reverse: "Japanese Cherry Sturt Street".  
189.80 Carte De Visite (2). 2 Sepia tone portraits with typed label joining the two. "Mr. & Mrs. Boughen For Forty Years Master And Matron Ballarat Benevolent Home". (A) Man on chair. (B) Woman on chair.  
190.80 Series of b/w photos on card (20). 20 Small pictures of photos & drawings pasted onto a card. (A) Bridge Street 1874 (photo). (B) Gold Escort 1852 (Drawing). (C) Bell - ringer (Drawing). (D) The One - Hundredth Locomotive Engine, Phoenix (Photo). (E) Lydiard Street 1855 (Drawing). (F) View from Black Hill 1853 (Drawing). (G) Wesleyan Church 1858 (Drawing). (H) A Civic Occassion n.d. (Photo). (I) Mining Registrar Office (?). (J) Hospital 1859 (Drawing). (K) Lydiard Street (Drawing). (L) Rev. W. Henderson, St. Andrew's Kirk 1883 (Photo). (M) Lydiard Street (Same as K). (N) Business Licence (Copy photoed). (O) Celebratory Arch n.d. (Photo). (P) Cnr. Bridge & Victoria Streets 1866 (Photo). (Q) Notice re Eureka (Copy Photoed). (R) Gold Licence (Photo - copied). (S) Bridge Street Flood 1870 Cnr. Bridge Streets & Main Road (Photo). (T) Main Road 1859 (Drawing). 1852 - 1883
191.80 Series of 21 small pictures of drawings + 1 photo. (A) Site Craigs Hotel 1852. (B) Craigs Hotel 1859. (C) North Grant Hotel 1859. (D) U.S. Hotel, Victoria Theatre, Criterion House & Store, Main Road. (E) Ballarat in 1856. (F) Camp by Roadside 1850. (G) Dana Street hill 1870. (H) Cradling at Golden Point 1855. (I) Eureka Nov. 1853. (J) Ballarat 1857. (K) Main Road 1870. (L) Johnny Ah Loo's Restaurant Main Road 1852 rear Titheridge & Growcott Ballarat 1851. (M) Ballarat Scene 1851. (N) Ballarat 1853. (O) Scene in Ballarat 1852. (P) Sturt Street now Thorntons Photographers. (Q) After Eureka 1853. (R) First store in Golden Point 1851. (S) Proposed Monument Explorer's. (T) Arrival of Army 1854. (U) Camp Street 1870. 1850 - 1870