Catalogue Nbr
001.80 B/w photograph of group of Army Officers with trees behind. Inscribed "Officers Of The Brigade In Camp At ....?.... 1917 ....?.... in Command". Ink written on photo. Mounted on grey cardboard.  
002.80 2 B/w photograph of Army Officers, 71st Brigade (exactly the same, different size cardboard mount). Group photo of Officers: Bach Row: Lts. Freeman, D. Barnes, A.H. Brudenall, W.I. Yates, H.M. Conran, W. Allen, Jordan, ......, L.S. Blackman, Centre Row: Capt. Desaile, M.O., Capt. G. Vickers, Maj. G. Sauer, Lt. Dol. G.F. Morton C.O., Capt. W. Brasanor Adj. Capt. D. Walton, Capt. J.J. Kerry, Capt. R. Weddell Q.M., Front Row: Lt. V. Pascoe, J. Blaikie, P. Chalmers. Inscribed: Officers of the 71st Br. City Of Ballarat Reg. T at Waubra Camp 1912. Mounted on White cardboard.  
003.80 B/w photograph of presentation & consecration of Kings & Regt, Colours - Ballarat Infantry Battallion. Shows Officers in full Military dress. Soldiers form a courtyard inside which the presentation is being made at the centre of photo. Two men are kneeling holding flags. Inscriptions of Photograph (Face) read: "First Colours To Be Presented To A Ballarat Bn". (Names along top) "Mayor Brokenshire. On R. Munro - Ferguson, Lady Munro-Ferguson, Capt. G. Vickers. Lt. Col. G.F. Mortin C.P". (Inscription at bottom). "Presentation & consecration of Kings & Regt. Colors To The 21st City Of Ballarat Regt. At City Oval On 17th Oct. 1914 By His Ex. The Gov. General On. Ronald Munro Ferguson, Lt. Col. G.F. Morton C.O".  
004.80 B/w photograph in postcard form group of 16 Soldiers. Reverse: "To The Editor Of The Sporting World With Best Wishes From Some Of Ballarats Soldiers".  
005.80 B/w postcard showing photograph of the Queen Street State School "Roll Of Honour" Board. Wooden Honour Roll with several names inscribed (easily read). This is titled: "Queen Street S.S. No. 1988. For God, King & Country. Roll Of Honour.  
009.80 Sepia toned photograph - Carte De Visite. Photo portrait - full length of chinese man in chinese trousers & over - dress, long pigtail & fan in hand. Reverse in pen: "Visited Ballarat about 1870". Pencil: "Chang, Chinese Giant", Chinese script.  
010.80 Sepia photograph of foundry workers with buildings at rear (photo mounted on cardboard). Showing workers with tools in hand. Inscription reads: "Dingle And Lonie's 1876 - ? - ".  
011.80 Sepia toned photograph. View of Ballarat Gardens featuring a house and a fernery. White statues. Mounted on cardboard.  
014.80 Sepia photograph. Mounted on cardboard showing a large group of men standing outside the Unicorn Hotel in Sturt Street, Ballarat (close to corner of Sturt & Lydiard Street South).  
015.80 Sepia photographs (two). 1. Showing street scene with buildings. From left to right: 2 - Storey buildings with verandah "Hotchin's Bookseller, - Ballarat's first Town Hall, solid brick. 2 - Storey two single storey buildings with verandah's" Wills Saddler single storey building "Stoney's New Market Dining Rooms & Restaurant". 2. Copy of S.T. Gill's Lithograph showing miner looking down from height onto city of tents. 1861
016.80 Sepia photograph mounted on photographic cardboard. Showing 2 storey blue - stone buildings (possibly in Sturt Street, Ballarat).  
017.80 Sepia tone photograph. View of Ballarat - St. Pauls Church of England and rough wooden houses. Looking west up Sturt Street.  
018.80 B/w photograph mounted on thick cardboard. Typed inscription pasted onto bottom of photograph reads: "Laying Concrete Base Around The Queen's Statue 1962". Shops in background: "Ludbrook's Shoes, Hardware Eyres Brothers". Photo shows men with shovels & wheelbarrow working around statue.  
019.80 Tinted lithographic print titled: "Mechanics Institute & Share Market". Showing scene of Sturt Street, Ballarat with Mt. Warrenheip in distance.  
020.80 Coloured postcard of "Lake Wendouree, Ballarat". Mounted on cardboard - shows boatsheds. Typed caption pasted onto postcard reads: "Showing The Steamer And Yacht Club Sheds 1912". Postcard has blue/green shadings.  
021.80 B/w magazine cutting pasted onto cardboard of Lake Wendouree. Cutting is titled: "Lake Wendouree In 185- Then Called The Swamp". *Back. Photo (incomplete) of a "Well Dressed Lady" with Joss House behind her.  
022.80 B/w photograph of man laying bricks & building a shop with large windows. Typed label: "Building The First Shop On The Ballarat West Wendouree 1955". Mounted on black cardboard.  
023.80 B/w photograph (possible of Lake Wendouree) shows two jettys and boat sheds. Photo has been mounted on cardboard.  
024.80 B/w photograph of building partly demolished. Typed label: "One Of The Old Buildings ....?.... Pulled Down ....?.... 1955". Pen: 'The Rat' & P.O. indicated. Mounted on brown cardboard.  
025.80 B/w cutting - 2 sides. Side A. School of Mines, Ballarat with short description printed underneath. Side B. View of Lake Wendouree & description.  
026.80 B/w photograph has gloss surface. No. on back "5164" shows a dried up water basin (either a lake or a swimming pool). c.1950.  
027.80 Cutting of line drawing shows two men seated in an early model car with three wheels dated 1896. 1896
028.80 B/w photograph mounted on over - sized cardboard of Prince Edward V111 outside the Melbourne Town Hall. Two vehicles with decorated signage read "Our Prince" and "Welcome". People in background include: Army Officer, Policeman & other suited gentlemen.  
032.80 Photographic montage (sepia). Montage made up of several cameo - shaped photographic portraits of both men and women. Handwritten in ink & pencil on reverse is the inscription: "Philharmonic Harmonic Picture Jean (?) 2". *Photo mounted on photographic cardboard.  
033.80 Sepia toned photograph. Photo of shop and mud street, men lined up outside. Typed labels: "Matthew Campbell's Machinery Depot Dana Street, Next To Chandler's Store 1862". Mounted on cardboard, possibly original mounting reverse in pen: "Miss Clara Campbell".  
034.80 B/w photograph taken from a height looking east over Ballarat. (Possibly looking along Mair Street). Featured in photo at bottom centre are a number of temporary covered wagons.  
035.80 Sepia photograph - Carte De Visite mounted on cardboard. A typed caption has been pasted over top left - hand corner of photo. This reads: "Dana Street Hill Showing Methodist Hall Before The Present Church Was Built. Foreground Nursery Rear Christ Church".  
036.80 Sepia toned photograph - Carte De Visite of Church with picket fence and mud road. Typed label: "Welsh Church Cr. Armstrong And Lydiard Sts. 1864". Reverse written: Welsh Church 1864. Mounted on white cardboard. 1864
037.80 B/w photograph mounted on cardboard showing two weatherboard dwellings, one having a picket fence. Both have verandahs and attached to one is a "For Sale" sign. A typed caption has been pasted onto centre - top of photo. It reads: "The Joss House Main Road For Sale By The City Council 1962 No Offers. 1962
038.80 Sepia tone photograph view of shop with several men standing in front. Shop board "Lakeland Bros". Typed notice: "The Welcome Nuggett Monument Is opposite this Shop".  
039.80 Photo showing a two - storey building on right and a church (bluestone) on its left.  
040.80 Sepia photograph mounted on cardboard. A typed inscription has been pasted over top - left hand corner of photo. This reads: "Skipton Street Methodist Church And Parsonage". 1864
041.80 Sepia toned photo view of an unidentified brick Church. Lady passing by in c.1860's crinoline dress. White picket fence. 1860
042.80 Collection of postcards (4). (A) Showing "Scenes In & Around Ballarat". (B) Showing photo's of Ballarat buildings - Congregational Church - Dawson St., Ballarat - St. Paul's C.E. Humffray St., Ballarat E. - R.C. Cathedral, Sturt St., Ballarat - Ballarat Baptist Church - Dawson St. (C) Showing photos of Ballarat Mines plus one of the Mining Exchange. (D) Featuring "Scenes Near Ballarat" ( - Falls & Water Reserves).  
043.80 Three b/w photographs on cardboard. (A) Ballarat East Library c1955 School under construction. (B) Ballarat Girls' School under construction 1954/55 aerial view. (C) Ballarat Girls' School completed 1955 + students visible. 1954/55
046.80 Sepia toned photograph (2 the same). Photo of Sturt St./Lydiard St. corner. Men lined up along shop fronts. Unicorn Hotel, Share Brokers, Michael Walsh, Shop Boards Label - illegible. Reverse: Piece of sepia tone photo - country view in pen "The Corner 1865". 1865
047.80 Photograph sepia featuring two men & two women outside a weatherboard building and a shop named "The Race Store". Handwritten inscription written at side and at top of photo reads: "Jas. Bennett, Barkly St., Mt. Pleasant". c1860 The people in the photograph are from the left: James Harris, his sister Eliza Harris, Mary-Anne Bennet (nee Harris) and her husband and the shop owner, James Bennett. The shop was on the corner of Barkly and Bradshaw Streets. These names provided by James Bennet's great great grand daughter Barbara Harris on 14 July, 2009 at BHS Meeting. 1860
048.80 Feature photographs of Ballarat on face. Photos are tinted slightly to add colour to the B/W. A: Titled; "Gardens And Lake, Ballarat" (possibly west side of lake), B: "Women's Ward, Ballarat Hospital". - 2 large storey building, C: "A Favourite Walk, Botanical Gardens, Ballarat", D: "Lake Wendouree, Ballarat" - features boats on water.  
049.80 B/w photograph. Shows two men in sports singlets holding a toy koala. Mounted on cardboard. 1956
050.80 B/w photograph. Group photo of staff in white aprons c.38. In front of office labelled "Commandant Director Director" & Olympic symbol. 1956
051.80 B/w photograph of Canadian Rowing Team with flag behind with oar, photograph and crest. (3 men & captain). Typed label "Canada". 1956
052.80 B/w of 2 young men and a boy with sport shirts and track suits on. Olympic emblem on shirts. Typed label: "Belgium". 1956
053.80 B/w photograph showing grader at edge of lake working under trees. A typed caption pasted onto bottom of photo reads: "Clearing The Weeds From The Lake For The Olympic Rowing 1956". 1956
054.80 B/w featuring workmen building a wooden platform at the edge of Lake Wendouree. Typed inscription pasted over bottom of photograph reads; "Preparing For The Rowing". 1956
055.80 B/w photo of several men building s wooden structure beside the Lake. Typed label: "Preparing For The Rowing". 1956
056.80 B/w photograph featuring a crane/dredge at work around Lake Wendouree. Typed caption pasted onto bottom of photo reads; "Preparing For The Rowing". 1956
057.80 B/w photo of two men repairing a wooden jetty in the Lake. Typed label: "Repairing The View Point Jetty Point". 1956
058.80 B/w photographs (two) mounted on cardboard. Both photos are identical (one is slightly enlarged). A. Features Olympic spectators crowding two jettys with Olympic rowers leaving jetty. B. Same as A. 1956
059.80 B/w photograph group of men on Lake in the Paddle Steamer "Golden City". Typed label; "Central Organisation Committee & Pressmen", 1956
060.80 B/w features Mayor Of Ballarat with International Olympic Games visitors. A typed caption pasted onto bottom of photo reads; "Mayoress; Gen Stoytcheff (Bulgaria), Mayor, Mr. A? Brundage (President), Prof. Gruss (Czecholslvakia)".  
061.80 B/w group standing around one of a row of Flag Poles, man pulling down Australian Flag. Typed label: "Flag Being Taken Down After The Rowing Finished".  
062.80 B/w mounted on cardboard featuring gentleman in raincoat lifting the flag from the as - yet unmounted foundation stone. Wooden structure or skeleton of building lies behind him. Stone reads; "This Stone Was Laid By His Worship The Mayor Cr. K.C. Webb 10.8.1952". (Prob. rowing sheds).  
063.80 B/w charred remains of building stumps on Lake shore. Typed label: "Floor of The City Rowing Sheds After Being Destroyed By Fire". (B) Photo unlabelled, probably view of burnt out shed base in water on Lake.  
064.80 B/w photographs. (A) Mounted on cardboard showing scaffolding of a two - storey building at Lake Wendouree. Typed caption at top right - hand cnr. is damaged - reads: "...... For New City Rowing Shed 19.6". (B) Photo show building scaffolding, typed caption pasted onto top left - hand corner reads; "City Rowing Club Rebuilding After Fire".  
065.80 B/w photo shows a jetty with people and a building behind. Several boats are visible. Typed Label: "City Rowing Shed ....?.... ....? morning a....?....October 28th 1950". Mounted on piece of a lithograph & cardboard between. 1950
066.80 B/w mounted on straw - board showing three men looking at a weed cutting machine. Typed caption pasted onto bottom of photo. Reads; "New Weed Cutter Clearing The Olympic Course At The Lake". The date "1961" has been added to the caption in biro.  
067.80 B/w photo of two men clearning a large amount of weeds from the water. Typed label: "Shifting The Weeds". Mounted on cardboard - some figures on reverse.  
069.80 B/w photo mounted on cardboard of men and boys. Most are wearing shorts and T - shirts. Those in back row are wearing suits. T - shirts bear the club monogram: "B.E.H." or "E.B.H". Caption at top of photo reads; "East Ballarat Harriers".  
070.80 B/w group of men dressed mainly in white flannels, blazers & club caps; several men in suits cricket team (35 men). Pen inscription: '1903'. Blazer monogram (SPC).  
071.80 B/w of four men wearing shorts and T - shirts (which bear the monogram "EBS". Two men are seated whilst other two stand behind. Typed caption pasted onto bottom of photo reads: "East Ballarat Harriers 1912". 1912
072.80 B/w group photo of 9 men in sporting outfits with two suited men, one on each side. Label removed, pen inscription "1904". Mounted on cardboard, inscription "1910 Learn".  
073.80 B/w photograph of elderly gentleman wearing a collarless striped shirt with a patterned cardigan overtop. Badly damaged caption at bottom reads; "Mr. "Waxy" Manar .... Imperial Football .... 1959". Date in pencil on back reads "4.4.59".  
075.80 B/W Photograph shows crowd of people in and around stand at an oval. Three flags flying from poles on large stand. Probably Ballarat City Oval. Mounted on cardboard.  
076.80 B/w shows three men cementing the side of an empty swimming pool. Typed label: "Repairing The Eastern Baths 1956". Mounted on cardboard.  
077.80 B/w magazine clipping mounted on cardboard of a highland band. Caption below reads; "Mary Keith (in Highland dress) who presented H.R.H. The Prince Of Wales With A Bunch Of Scotch Heather On Behalf Of The Ballarat And District Caledonian Society". The names of those in photo have been typed above; (left to right) 4th row "D. Barnes, D. McKenzie, A.E.C. Kerr, F.W. Barnes, D. Maxwell, J.C. McLean, C. Gordon, J. Keith. 3rd row I. ?, H. Brown, ?, D. McGregor, P.M. Hugh McLaughlin, J. Uren, W. MacDonald, D. Ross. 2nd row B. Cameron, A. Low, P.M.D. McGregor (President Of Band), A.S.M. Polson (President Caledonian Society), D. Cochrane, J. Robertson, D. McPherson (Asst. P.M.) 1st row N. Morris, Mary Keith, E. Crawley". Also on reverse a printed card with gold printing which reads; "To H.R.H. The Prince Of Wales With Affectionate And Loyal Greetings From Ballarat Scots" and the date "13/2/62". 1962
078.80 B/w photo of highland dancing competitions. Shows a large group of people dressed in scottish kilts. Competitions are taking place on a football oval. Group consists of bands and dancers. A table of trophies can be seen in front of dancers. Handwritten in ink on back: "Final For The Highland Day Ballarat Sent By J. Keith". Handwritten in biro on reverse: "Tableau For Official Party D.C. Captain".  
079.80 B/w photo of a gentleman standing at a doorway of a brick building. Badly damaged caption, pasted onto bottom of photo reads; "The New Building At The Western ...... Bowling Club 1955". Mounted on cardboard. 1955
080.80 B/w photo showing a group of workmen with shovels, wheelbarrow & concrete mixer. Typed pasted caption at bottom of photo reads; "Preparing The Foundation For The Yacht Club 1957". Mounted on cardboard. 1957
081.80 B/w photo of a gentleman in correct riding costume mounted on a horse. Around the horse are a number of hunting hounds. Badly damaged caption pasted onto bottom reads; "The Melbourne Hounds At Dowling Forest 1961". 1961
083.80 B/w framed photo of St. Andrews Presbyterian Church (in the snow) featuring the snow covered roof of Church & snow - covered surrounds. NOTE: St. Andrews Church is in Sturt Street, (cnr. of Sturt & Dawson Streets), Ballarat.  
084.80 Lithographic print titled; "St. Patricks Catholic Church, Sturt Street, Ballarat West". Written in pencil on bottom left - hand corner: "Original Plan".  
085.80 Sepia photo of a large group of men & women arranged upon a stage - male singers at top, female singers at centre and orchestra at bottom. Conductor is standing central in photograph. NOTE: Elaborate furniture on stage. Handwritten in pencil on reverse: "Mr. T. Stevenson, 308 Humffray Street, 62 Sand Sq. 3/6". Typed caption pasted onto top of photo reads; "Exhibition Choir In The Alfred Hall, Mr. D.J. Montague Conductor, Mr. G. Gilbert Asst. Conductor" (sic).  
090.80 B/w photograph of a line drawing & newspaper cutting shows group of men in workshop around a forge. Photograph of a line drawing mounted in cardboard frame & dust sheet. Drawing labelled: "The Ballarat School Of Mines". Reverse: Three columns of newsprint with a typed label: "Source: Supplement The Illustrated Australian News, 15th July 1873".  
091.80 B/w photograph of a line - drawing & newspaper cutting showing large library with men & women with books, either seated or standing. Photo is mounted and framed with cardboard. Drawing Labelled; "Reading Room, Ballarat Mechanic's Institute". Reverse: Provides history of library & a label; "Source: The Australasian Sketcher, 8th October, 1881".  
092.80 Two b/w photos of statues mounted together on a piece of cardboard, similar design of a man shielding a woman holding a child under a piece of cloth. Inscription: "Replica Statues Made By Benzoni (1) (2)". N.B. (1) Now in Ballarat Statuory "Flight From Pompeii".  
093.80 Thank you presentation from the Ballarat Mechanic's Institute to an unnamed lady for her charity work which raised 1000 pound for the Institute's Building Fund. Dated 1st May 1861. Signed by William Collard Smith, Chairman ...?... Buler, Hon. Sec. 1861