Catalogue Nbr
401.79 Large B/W photograph of "Royal Visit". Bottom part of cardboard has been torn away - only readable part of the caption remaining is "......?......His Excellency......?......" Reverse reads "Royal Visit" in pencil. Photo in front of Ballarat East Town Hall in 1901 with Duke & Duchess Of Cornwall & York. (Later George V).  
402.79 Large piece of cardboard with six B/W photographs pasted on. Caption from left to right:- A. The Governor General with Lady Slim arrives at the City Hall. B. The youth of Ballarat welcomes the Governor and Lady Slim at the City Oval. C. The Mayor Cr. Pittard. The Contractor Mr. Trahar. D. The Governor lays a wreath at the Cenotaph. E. The Governor lays the Foundation Stone. F. Missing Photo. G. At the City Oval. Caption at bottom reads: "First visit of the Governor General Field Marshall W. Slim to lay the Foundation Stone of the new Civic Hall March 3rd 1955. Inscribed on this caption is "Civic Hall officially opened by Mayor Callow August 20th 1956 at 3.20 pm. Reverse has B/W photograph of a group of Asian? children and 3 white,1 man,2 woman possibly missanarys ?. Caption below reads "Masampo Schoo l914" and "Mr. A. Cairns". Grey frame. Dress suggests the children are Korean.  
403.79 Coloured painting of an aboriginal on a piece of chipboard. Caption reads "Frank - last survivor of Ballarat tribe died 22-9-1896".  
404.79 Sepia toned photograph of a gentleman sitting in a large chair - robed and wearing medallions around his neck. Bottom left corner reads: "Melba Studios 65 Market Street, Sydney".  
405.79 Sepia toned photograph of an aborigine holding a boomerang. Photo has been touched up. Bottom seems to have been cut away. Tack (rusted) in bottom left corner. Signature in bottom right corner reads "? of ?"  
406.79 B/W photograph of an audience viewing a stage production. Pencil writing on reverse. Photographed by "Richards & Co. Ballarat".  
407.79 Sepia toned photograph - showing what appears to be a main street. Name of township is not given - poppet head at middle distance.  
409.79 B/W newspaper clipping which has been glued onto cardboard. Picture shows a group of men in the street outside "McVitty & Co. Produce Merchants and Timber Yards". A typed caption has been pasted onto top of photograph:- "Established in 1877 Mr. McVitty from 1860 till 1877 was engaged as a mining manager in the Smythesdale district. On April 26th 1896 a fire destroyed the engine house. The building was re - erected and at the death of Mr. McVitty the business was purchased by J. Brown and Sons which firm still is in business (1953) photo 1901".  
411.79 B/W photograph mounted on cardboard showing lights in the sky. Typed caption which has been pasted onto top of photograph reads "Fire Works City Oval Coronation Night 1953".  
413.79 B/W Lithographic Print of a 'Makeshift' battery (built with tent material). Printed caption at bottom of print reads "The first crushing mill - battery at Black Hill".  
414.79 Sketch of the Ballarat Post Office. Black n a blue/mauve background. Caption reads " Ballarat Post Office. S.W. corner Lydiard .... Street. Built ?. Demolished 1864.  
416.79 Black and white photograh of Premises of Gazzard Bros. The bottom lefts reads " plate 211. Bottom right reads" Chuck, photo"  
417.79 Black and whire lithograph of Horse puddling machine, Forest Creek. Bottom left corner reads "STG". bottom right corner reads " James J. Blundell & Co., Melbourne 1855. c1855
418.79 Series of two black and white photographs of Mrs M. Greville unveilling direction pillaar Golden Mount April 21 1940 21 April 1940
419.79 Black and white photograph of a tractor pushing earth into a dam. Cation reads "Filling in the Blue Dam."  
420.79 Black and white photograph of an elephant pulling a load along a street lined with old homes. Caption reads "Wirth's Circus cmes to Ballarat 1946." 1946
422.79 Black and white photograph of a gentleman and three ladies, two of whom may possibly belong to the Red Cross. Reverse in numbered 5801  
423.79 Sepia toned photograph of Mrs Dr Hobsen.  
424.79 Black and white photograph of a Digger's Hut. It shows a dilapidated building among the scrub.  
425.79 Sepia photograph of of joe the Bellman, 1880. Reverse reads "Joe the Bellman about 1880. Ballarat early days. c1880s`
426.79 Black and white photograph of of the fire station with the dates 1856, 1956 and the Olympic rings above the doors. Caption reads "Ballarat East Fire BRigade 100th anniversary. 1956
428.79 Sepia photograph with caption "Just below teh Courier Office Aturt Street 1885 1885
429.79 Black and white photograph of men and machine at work. Caption reads " Special road making in Sturt Stree to Drumond Streets 1962. Reverse numbered 5128 1962
430.79 Sepia photograph ofAunt Hobson. Reverse Reads " Aunt Hobson. Aunt Annie Bailey, ister of Ed Bailey of Mt Rowan married Dr Hobson - an Irishman 1880s ?
431.79 Black and white photographic postcard of various stalls titled "Gordon Bros Ballarat Exhibit"  
432.79 Sepia photograph of an Aboriginal Woman - Queen Rose of Ballarat. Queen Rose wears an engraved possom skin cloak over a western style dress, carries a spear and a woven bag. She stands outside a brick building with the child. The photograph is possibly taken at a mission station. According to Ian Clark in "Monash publications in Geography No 37" Queen Rose waas of the Watha Wurrung, and the photo was taken at Coranderrk between 1876/7. c 1876
433.79 Souveniir postcard pasted nto cardboard with typed label. Blue design with 4 viewws re tram electrciy supply stamped "6547" & copy Label reads " Souvenir tram ticket given onthe opening day of electric trams August 18th 1905 1905
434.79 Sepia photograph of Bridge St and Buck's Head hotel. Reverse reads " Bucks Head Hotel Bridge St"  
435.79 Sepia photograph of William Bailey. reverse reads "William Bailey 'Fernshaw' Ballarat"  
436.79 Sepia photograph of Golden Point Bakery and Golden Point Store Store. Inscribed on photo " ? Sparogol" Man on the left is allegedly Dr Young on the sitesaid to be that of the first pharmacy in Ballarat.  
437.79 Black and white photograph of a man seated inside a horse darwn cab. Photograph has been mounted on cardbard. Caption which has been pasted onto the top of the photograph reads " The last two wheeler called Albert Cabs ued in the seventies" Another caption has been written in ink nad bro under the photograph "The last Albert Cab in Ballarat owned by P.J. Pickard early ninties  
438.79 Black and white photograph mounted on cardboard features a group of men standing in the street listening to a speaker who is standing in the centre ona box. Onteh rightof tthe photogrpah can be seen a policeman. Caption which has been pasted onto the bottm cecntre of photograph reads "-ei-ing Footpath Pl---- Main Rd on the site. ----- Charles Napier Theatre December 12 19--"  
439.79 Sepia photograph of a main st with shops at both sides. Tehre are some people, horses and coaches in teh street. tw boats (rwing) have been added or drawn into the photograph. Inscription of back of photograph reads " Floods in Bridge St"  
440.79 Sepia photograph showing a grup of men laying a foundation stone. Photograph has been mounted on cardboard and a typed caption pasted onto the top of the photograph reads "Laying the foundation stone of the Ballarat Trades hall, October 15th 1887 by the President Mr G. Williams 15.10.1887
441.79 Sepia photograph of a large two storey building. typed caption which has been pasted nthe bottm of photograph reads "Post office (Ballarat Post Office) The date "1864" appears in top rght-hand corner of photo. 1864
442.79 Sepia photograph showing a view of Ballarat city. Streets shown are Alvert street and Sturt Street. These are pointed out by typed captions pasted onto teh face of the photograph. On reverse of photograph is written "Small view of Ballarat" "Albert St and Sturt St" in black ink.  
443.79 Black and white photograph showing a group of children looking at a model of a "whim." Photograph has been mounted on cardboard and typed caption has been pasted onto top of photo. This reads "Melbourne School visitthe _ Museum."  
444.79 Black and white photograph showing a large pipe-shaped object being moved through Sturt Street ballarat. Name on the side of the pipe reads "Steelweld Pty Ltd" A Mayne Nickless security van can be seen in the foreground. A sign reading "DANGER 135' long 16' wide load - under escort" haas been attached at the back of the object. On reverse in written " 5108"  
445.79 Black and white photograph mounted on a single piece of cardboard showing scenes of a building destroyed by fire. A typed caption pasted onto cardbaord reads "Fire at teh regent Theatre 1943" 1943
447.79 Black and white lithographic print titld "Ballarat in 1856 - View frm Black Hill" It shows a scene of the township at middle distance and cattle and goats inteh foreground. 1856
448.79 Magazine cutting of a watercolour painting. Scene shows men and women around a campfire. Tents in the dsitance. Cutting has been mounted on cardboard. A typed caption has also been pasted onto cuttng. This reads "Night Scene on the Goldfields 1855." A penciled number has been drawn on appropriate areas of the drawing as follows: 1. Police Tent 2. Butchers Shop 3. Aboriginals 4. Big Campfire  
449.79 Sepia toned photograph mounted on cardboard. Shows a street scene. Typed caption which has been pasted onto bottom of photograph reads "Bridge Street Flood."  
450.79 Sepia-toned photograph mounted on cardboard showing a large building. Pasted typed caption at top of photograph reads "Alfred Hall 1873."Teh same title has also been written ink onthe face of the photograph, this, however, is fading. 1873
451.79 Sepia -toned phottgraph mounted on plae blue cardbaord. Picture is titles "Craig's Royal Hotel - Ballarat" It shows horse-drawn vehicles outside a three-storey dwelling. A typed caption "Craig's Hotel" has been pasted at top of photograph.  
452.79 Black and white lithographic print showing a wide view of town and its buildings. Typed captions which have been pasted onto top of print read " From tower of Ballarat East Fire Brigade 1860, Barkly St." "St Paul's Church." Print has been mounted onto cardboard. 1860
454.79 Sepia toned photograph mounted on cardboard showing a view of the left side of Sturt St looking towards the beginning of Bridge St. Two typed captions have been pasted onto the face ofthe photograph. These read "Sturt Street Looking East" "Saving's Bank"  
455.79 Sepia toned photograph mounted on cardboard of a store. Name and business of store as shown on building is "T. Rogers, Brunsick HOuse, Boats and Soes, Oufitter, Importer, Drapery, Miliinery, &c. A typed caption has been pasted onto bottom and top of photo. It reads "Brunswick House Cr Sturt and Errard Streets 1883." 1883
456.79 Sepia toned photograph mounted on cardboard showing a very large group of neb standing in the street. A typed caption has been pasted onto top of photograph. It reads "Mining Exchange Cr Sturt and Lydiard Streets  
457.79 Black and white photograph mounted on cardboard of a swarm of bees. A tyoed caption, which has been pasted onto top of photograph is now illegible and on the date 1959 appears.  
458.79 Sepia toned photograph showing granstand and men playing cricket on a large oval. Photograph is mounted on cardboard. A typed caption has been pasted on top of photo. It reads "The Eastern Oval 1869 showing Hotel X. The only hotel in Victoria on a sports ground pavilion hotel. Closed local option 1892.  
459.79 Black and Photograph of a group of young school children gatered around the Albert Street Gold Memorial in Ballarat. A typed caption has been pasted at the bottom of the photo. This reads "Pupls of the Niddrie Hight School on a visit to Ballarat 1861." 1961
460.79 Black and white magazine prnit mounted on cardboard of a corner stone; R.J.Vale, Age Office, Bookseller, Stationer. A typed caption has been pasted at top of print, this reads "Vales Corner now Rockman's."  
461.79 Sepia toned Photograph of Electric Telegraph Office and Post Office. Features three horse-drawn cabs and a group of men outsidebuilding. (Presumably this is Ballarat Post Office  
462.79 Black and White Photograph mounted on cardboard of a group of men. A pasted caption at top of photo reads, "Members of Committeee Grand Back to Ballarat was the first Australian city to observe a home coming." 1917
463.79 Typed sheet mounted n cardboard mentioning the following: Ballarat Theatre; Her Majesty's Brittania; Regent; Plaza; Alfred Hall; Coliseum; Royal; Victoria; Montezuma; Napier; Star. Figures are given against each name, and possibl relate to number of available seats in each theatre. 1953
465.79 Black and White Photograph of a line drawing mounted on cardboard. This features men and women engaged in dancing festivities. c 1854
466.79 Black and white Photograph mounted n cardboard. A typed caption, pasted onto the top of photo reads "Alfred Hall from Mair Street 1953." 1953
467.79 Black and white Photograph of the lower end of Sturt St, 1857, showing the Congregational Church in the RH corner A typed caption has been pasted at the top of the print reading "Lower part of Sturt St 1857. 1)Right corner Congregational Church now Gas Company; 2) No buildings on north side but path to Bruns Hotel; 3) Scores of tents at Golden Point; 4) Humffray's Book shop Corner of Bridge Street. 1857
468.79 Sepia toned Photograph mounted on cardboard of Biggs and Shoppee, China and glass warehouse, baby linen and ladies underclothing." Caption written on cardboard reads "Bridge St Ballarat. Later McKee's shop near Peel St."  
469.79 Sepia toned Photograph of an elderly gentleman (Oddie?). A name writteen in biro n back of the photo reads "Oddie."The photo is mounted on cardboard.  
470.79 Black and White Photograph mounted on cardboard showing a large group of elderly gentlemen outside the Gardens Pavilion. some are holding banners. These bear the symbols of the Australian Flag (Union Jack and Southern Cross plus various wording. 1) Pioneers 1860 and upwards; 2) Pioneers 1856- 1859; 3) pioneers from 1840- 1849; 4) Pioneers 1850 to 1852; 5) Pioneers 1853 to 1855. A typed caption pasted onto bottom of photo reads "A reunion of Old Identities 1896" The photo was taken at the Botanical Gardens, Ballarat. c 1896
471.79 Black and white lithographic print showing a main street of a town. Different sites have been marked in ball point pen. They are 1) Craig's Hotel (Bath's), 2) Lydiard St, 3) Post Office Site c1855
472.79 Black and White magazine prnt of " ............ and M's Yard, Armstrong Stree and Dana Streets, machinery and iron merchants and at Pitfield. A typed caption, pasted on top of print reads: "Founded by Mathew Campbell about 1853 on his death takekn over by his soon, Hon Jas Campbell later by A.G. Corbett and Son. IN 1888 purchased by J. Miller and Coy after 1888
473.79 Black and white Photograph of an elderly man and a little girl. Typed caption which is pasted at bottom of photo reads "Mayor A.J. darling the dnor of he Obelisk with a reat grnd daughhter f William Cross Yuile. The photo is mounteed on cardboard.  
476.79 Sepia toned photograph monted on Cardboard. Shoes a bust of a woman. A typed caption pasted onto the bottom of photograph reads; "Mrs Williams asst to her husband Robert Williams. First School master in Ballarat." 1852
477.79 Black and White photograph moonted on cardboard of a group of six men. One is looking at a book. A typed caption pasted nto the bottom of the photograph reads; "visit of the members of the Victorian Historical Society October 1958." Mr Keith rash is 3rd frm teh rights 1958
479.79 Black and White photograph od teh Old Supreme Court, Lydiard St Sth.  
481.79 Sepia photograph of Andrew Martin, Mine manager, wearing gold watch and gold chain presented to him by the miners.  
482.79 Sepia photograph of J. Bereley who assisted Urquhart n laying out the first township of Ballarat. c 1869
483.79 Black and white photograph of a group of elderly ladies and gentlemen standing in frontof the Ballarat UFS office.  
484.79 Sepia photograph of the premises of a wine and spirit merchant. Caption reads "Armstrong St North just beyond Crockers, 1860. The Same caption is written along teh top fthe photo in pencil on reverse "Petty ...?... Wine and spirit merchants.  
485.79 Sepia photograph of Dr Hobson. reverse reads "Dr Hobson, Cnr Sturt and Doveton Sts. Harry Davis Corner."  
486.79 Sepia photograph of Duke of Edinburgh. 1867
487.79 Colour tinted postcard of Sturt St Ballarat.  
488.79 Ink and crayon colour picture of a large tree , log cabin, a guard and some prisoners chained at the tree. seems to be a childs drawing. Signature in lower left corner.  
490.79 Black and White photograph of a parade. Both sides of the street lined with people. Captions reads "Street scene Begonia Procession 1957."  
491.79 Black and White photograph of a newly designed intersection. Top centre is dated 1962 in ball point pen. 1962
492.79 Black and White photograph of a gentleman sweeping wha seems to be an empty swimmin pool.  
493.79 Black and White photograph taken looking upwards at teh Town Hall Clock. Monted on teh Town Hall is "Begonia" Dated 1961 on reverse in pencil. 1961
496.79 Black and White photograph of four gentlemen, possibly passing a cheque / donation, etc (?)  
498.79 Black and White photograph of a signpost reading "Britannia Reserve. This reserve is recreation ground of girls secondary school and is not available for use by unauthorised person." 1956
499.79 Black and White photograph of a bulldozer felling trees by Lake Wendouree  
500.79 Black and White photograph of 2 gentlemen extinuishing a fire with back packs.