Catalogue Nbr
301.79 B/W photograph of a bearded gentleman. Caption reads: "The Last Swaggie Seen In Ballarat 1962".  
302.79 Sepia toned photograph of a swimming pool. Caption reads: "Ballarat East Old Swimming Pool 1960". Reverse reads: "6225" and "22,12". Tape on reverse.  
303.79 B/W photograph of a man and a corner lamp post. Caption reads: "The Last Corner Lamp Post Originally A Gas Light At Craigs Hotel 1962". Yellow reverse. Photo cut on left side.  
304.79 Sepia toned photograph of a construction site. Caption reads: "Erecting Cremation Buildings New Cemetery 1957".  
305.79 B/W photograph of the "Blue Dam". Caption reads: "The Blue Dam opposite the Eureka Stockade. Many people drowned themselves in this lake. It is now (1953) being reclaimed as a building area (?) and filled up". Part of insignia on reverse.  
306.79 Newspaper cutting titled: "Napoleons School Centenary". Celebrating the Schools Centenary 1870 - 1970. Also lists the Headteachers through the years.  
307.79 Sepia toned photograph of a saleyard. Caption reads: "Haymarket Now Civic Hall". Posted on to pale blue cardboard.  
308.79 Sepia toned photograph of two men hauling canvas bags. Titled: "Mildura Floods". Posted on to a portion of book cover.  
309.79 Coloured lighographic print of two swagmen standing before the Pig & Whistle. Punch line reads: "Beautiful Scenery Ain't It Bill". Caption reads: "For many years this hung in the bar of the Sir William Don Hotel, Cr. Ascot And Dana Streets 1864 - 1921".  
310.79 Series of three B/W photographs. Caption reads: "Mr.angley Of The Ballarat 200 Handles An Alligator 1953".  
311.79 Coloured, painted sketch of "John Chinaman In Ballarat" about 1880. Cut out and pasted on to strawboard. Picture could possible be a childs impression.  
312.79 B/W line engraving of a township. Caption reads: "Chinamen (?) in Ballarat East 18-".  
313.79 B/W photograph of numerous tinned food cans. Caption reads: "Part of a collection of food collected by State School Children for the "Food For Britain" appeal during War 19- Second Great War". Macarthur Street Primary school Celebrating the Centuary 1940
314.79 Sepia toned photograph of: "Burns Statue". Caption reads: "Burns Statue 1884 shortly after erection. 1.) Quotations not inscribed. 2.) Heather growing inside fence". Pasted on to very thick cardboard with crayon writing on reverse, also in pencil "1-19-9".  
315.79 B/W photograph of "Grenville Street in Flood In The 60's". Photo possibly from a magazine. Reverse reads "30" in top right corner.  
316.79 B/W lithographic print. Caption reads: "Looking Down Barkly Street From Fire Brigade Tower 1863".  
317.79 B/W lighographic print titled: "An Interior View - The Diggers Dining". Inscribed on actual photo - "Interior of John Alloo's Restaurant Ballarat" and "James J. - " - Melbourne". Reverse numbered: "15".  
318.79 B/W lithographic print titled: "Sturt Street without gardens - looking into Bridge Street. Buildings on the left are Savings Bank and Chamber of Commerce".  
319.79 B/W lithograph of "Early Ballarat 1855". Caption reads: "Quartz crushing Base of Black Hill 1855". Inscribed on photograph: S.T.G." and James J. Blundell & Co., Melbourne 1855".  
320.79 B/W line engraving titled: "General View Of Ballarat" (looking south - west) 1882".  
321.79 Coloured line engraving titled: "Ballarat Post Office & Township From Government Enclosure". Caption reads: "Lydiard St. 1857 Police Camp in foreground. Right - men getting letters. Further along George Inn now George Hotel and Bath's Hotel". Inscribed on photo: "S.T. Gill 1857" and "J. Tingle se".  
322.79 B/W photograph of "Victoria Street". Inscribed on photo "Handsome Cab" and "19 ? 3" and "X" by the cab. Possibly magazine photo.  
323.79 Series of B/W photographs - both group and individual of Sunshine Harvester works. Caption reads: "Presented To Hugh Victor McKay Esq. By His Employees As A Token Of Appreciation & Esteem". Dated: "February 4th 1905".  
324.79 Sepia toned photograph of "Lady Peacock". Photographed by: Sarony, City Chambers, 114 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne". Inscribed on frame (white): "Yours sincerely -" - Peacock".  
326.79 B/W photograaph of a gentleman with a snake coiled around his neck. Caption reads: "At the 200 Mr.. Smith". Pasted on to fragment of book cover.  
327.79 B/W photograph of the Savings Bank at the corner of Sturt & Camp Streets. Caption reads: "Centenary Savings Bank 1956". Centenary sign reads: "15th November 1956". Reverse reads: "Life".  
328.79 Sepia toned photograph of "Mr. & Mrs. C.C. Shoppee". Pasted on to a green book cover.  
329.79 B/W photograph of a section of Bridge Street. Parking sign in the foreground lists various parking limits.  
330.79 Sepia toned photograph of "Henry Bell Esq. MLA". Reverse reads: "Henry Bell Esq. MLA (Ballarat West) Elected 1877 Feb. 28th 1880 July 14 1880 1883". Frame has been torn away.  
331.79 B/W photograaph of a theatre? Caption reads: "Stage From The Balcony". Marked at centre of photo is "Coliseum".  
332.79 B/W photograph of a decorated hall for a large dinner party. Framed in grey cardboard. Photographed by "Richards & Co. Ballarat". Reverse reads: "Assembly Hall Rear Alfred Hall".  
333.79 B/W original photograph of "Showing The Late Cr. W. Curnow Helping To Load Wood For Ballarat Pensioners". Reverse reads: "Late Cr. W. Curnow". and "2917".  
335.79 B/W lithographic print titled "Bound For The Diggings - A Halt Near Buninyong 1853".  
337.79 B/W photograph of a lithograph titled: "Ballarat Mechanics Institute 1870".  
338.79 Light sepia tones photograph of a large historical home. Caption reads: "One Of Ballarat's Historical Homes Cnr. Eureka & Otway Streets. Home of John Robson (Musician) and Robert McGregor M.L.A".  
339.79 B/W photograph of the premises of F.A. Berres, Tobacconist. Caption reads: "Under this building the basement has four living rooms and when pulled down such were all filled in, and a modern building erected by Paterson's Furniture Warehouse 1901 photo".  
340.79 B/W photograph of "Pearce's Park". Caption reads: "Pearce's Park Mount Pleasant shortly after the opening".  
341.79 B/W photograph of a cannon. Caption reads: "An old cannon which was fired on the occassion of the visit of the Queen".  
342.79 Sepia toned photograph titled: "Horse Tram Employees About 1903". Employees names listed below photo. Reverse reads: "Saying goodbye to 1 horse tram in Ballarat. A photograph taken in 1906". Other inscriptions also on reverse.  
344.79 B/W photograaph of a paddock site. Caption reads: "The site at the north western part of the New Cemetery upon which is to be erected a Crematorium 1956".  
345.79 B/W photograph of a group of gentlemen. Caption reads: "Conference delegates of the Victorian Scottish Union. Conference at the South Street Highland Day City Oval 1913".  
346.79 B/W photograph titled: "The Last Of The Bridge St. Markets 1867 - 1937". Captions read: "Dining Rooms Closed". "Boans Knitwear. Removing to 20 Sturt Street 1st May". "Notices in windows 1 Berlyn & Son removed opposite next to Faulls. 24 Bridge Street". "Now Woolworths chain store". "Brougham & White frocks and coats. Closing down May 3rd. No reasonable offer refused".  
347.79 B/W photograph witth caption reading: "This Building still (1954) in Main Road Nr. Post Office was known as "The Rat" here were held many matches to see which dog could kill in a given time the most rats let loose in an enclosed ring 1859".  
348.79 Glass - plate negative showing a view of Ballarat City. Tuped caption pasted at top of glass reads: "Sturt St. From City Hall Looking East". (Sepia - toned photograph).  
349.79 B/W photograph of a group of people surrounding a pregnant cow. Numbered on reverse: "5036".  
350.79 Coloured original oil painting depicting a country scene. Shows farm dwellings at middle distance. Painters name appears in right-hand corner (bottom) - "Chas Young". A typed caption has been pasted onto bottom of painting. This reads: "Reputed To Be The First House Built In Ballarat Somewhere Near The Creek Presented By H. Twaits, St. Kilda".  
351.79 B/W magazine photograph of "A. Rennie Livery And Letting Stables". Caption reads: "Cr. Grenville and Little Bridge St. Now (1953) South Street Office Photo 1901".  
352.79 Coloured crayon drawing showing two dwellings in the centre with a mountain in the distance. (Mount Buninyong). (This appears to have been done by a child), Inscription written onto bottom of drawing reads: "A Miner's House Buninyong - ? - Pictured". Drawing has been glued onto cardboard.  
353.79 B/W photograph of a gentleman reading a guage. Dated 1946.  
354.79 B/W photograph of a lorry moving a hut. Owner's name features on door of Truck: Browns Heavy Haulage On House Removers Ballarat 91281".  
355.79 Sepia toned photograph of "Mr. & Mrs. T. Bath". Caption reads: "Mr. & Mrs. T. Bath at their "ceres" home in Learmonth about 1890. Presented by their niece Miss. Vaughan, Mill St." Reverse reads: "Taken at Ceres Learmonth 1890". "From Miss B. Vaughan, Neil St. Mr. & Mrs. niece of T. Bath".  
356.79 B/W Photograph of: "Moorabool Reservoir 1957".  
357.79 Sepia toned photograph with caption reading: "Flood Water Going Under Grant Street Bridge July 1944".  
358.79 B/W photograph of a sign post erected at Gong gong Reservoir. Details on sign read as follows:- "Storage capacity 410 million gallons. Area of water 62 1/2 acres - depth 72ft. Full supply level 1689 ft. above sea level. Placed in service 1877.  
359.79 B/W photograph of a "Seal". "Ballarat East Town Council Seal". 'P.T.O. written above photograph.  
361.79 B/W photograph of the "Golden Mount Swimming Pool". Caption reads: Cracks showing in the Golden Mount swimming pool caused by underground mining 1956".  
363.79 Sepia toned photograph with caption reading: "Unloading Potatoes October 1956 Price 160 Pound Per Ton".  
364.79 Sepia toned photograph of an aboriginal woman. Reverse reads: "Queen Mary Ballarat". The Koori woman stands wearing a possum skin cloak over western dress. She holds a basket, boomerang, digging stick and spear, aat her feet are another 2 baskets and a boomerang. She stands inside a picket fence. Material:Paper, cardboard and silver gelatin According to Ian Clark in "Monash Publications in Geography No 37" Queen Mary was of theWatha Wurrung, and the photo was taken at Corenderrk. c1870?
365.79 Sepia toned photograph of a small house. Caption reads: "The Caretakers House At The Rear Of Alfred Hall Demolished 1955".  
366.79 B/W line engraving titled: "Ballarat Mining Exchange Sturt Street 1867".  
367.79 Sepia toned photograph of an aboriginal titled: "Frank, The Last Of The Ballarat Tribe Of Aboriginals Died September 23 1896 Buried At The New Cemetery Ballarat".  
368.79 B/W photograph of a crane lifting a Christmas tree wuth Town Hall clock in background. Caption reads: "Erecting The Xmas Tree In Shoppee Square 1954".  
369.79 B/W photograph if a group of gentlemen on a tram. Caption reads: "Mayor J.M. Barker Starts The First Electric Tram August 18th 1905".  
370.79 Sepia toned photograph with caption reading: "Cobb's Corner Now Marks Jeweller".  
372.79 Sepia toned photograph of four dwarfs. Caption reads: "Tom Thumb & Mrs.Thumb. Admiral Nult & Mrs. Nult (?) Dwarfs In Ballarat 1870:. Reverse reads: "Ballarat 1870".  
373.79 B/W lithographic print of numerous people with the Hall of commerce in the background. Caption reads: "Laying Of The Foundation Stone Ballarat Town Hall, Sturt St., August 16th 1860".  
374.79 Possibly sepia toned photograph of Bailey & Son Butchers. Caption reads: "This business was carried on in this building in Main Road from 1856 till 1937".  
375.79 B/W photograph of a construction site. Caption reads: "A Photo Of The Early Start Of The Sewerage System Taken at Senastopol X Showing The Engineer - In - Chief Mr. A. Farrar". Pasted on to a mustard coloured cardboard.  
376.79 B/W magazine photographic print of a group of aboriginals. Reverse is numbered "23". Men are standing, woman are sitting, 2 men hold boomerangs, men are in western dress, woman are wrapped in blankets, and one holds a hat  
377.79 B/W photograph of a building with no roof and a telephone pole in the foreground. Reverse numberes "5463". Inscribed along top of photo: "Porteous".  
378.79 B/W photograph of gentlemen loading sacks on to a couch. Reverse is numbered: "6093" also stamped: "F.L. Harvey Photo Service, AMP Chambers, Lydiard St., Ballarat".  
379.79 Sepia toned photograph of thee premises of J. Cairns - Hay & Corn Store. Caption reads: "Wills Street near Arch 1885". Reverse reads: "Wills St. near Arch 1885".  
381.79 Sepia toned photograph of "Trucks Coming From No. 9 Band & Albion Battery". Inscribed alongside photo "About 1885". Reverse reads: "Leith St" and stamped "W.H. Nankervis, Photographer, Scotts Parade, Ballarat".  
382.79 B/W photograph with caption reading: "The Alfred Hall On The Occasion Of The Finish " - " A Motor Cycle Race September 12th - " - ". Inscribed on photo: "199o" and "Officially Closed Aug. 20th 1956 at 2.20pm". Reverse reads: "12/9/25".  
384.79 B/W lithographic print of "Berlie corsets" Numbered "35".  
385.79 B/W photograph of an aerial view of a section of what may possible be Ballarat. Reverse is mustard cardboard with "shirt" written across the centre.  
386.79 Sepia toned photograph of "Float In Ballarat Fire Brigade's Procession 1872". Right edge reads: "-?- Flagship 'Britannia'". Left edge reads: "B.F.B. Demonstration 18 - ".  
387.79 B/W photograph of "Lal Lal Falls". Caption reads: "Lal Lal Falls 14 miles from Ballarat". Places in the centre of a cardboard frame.  
388.79 B/W photograph of five gentlemen. Names along top: "H. Smith & S.C. Turner". Names along bottom: "J. Turner, R. Morrell (Cpt) & C. Clymp". Framed in cardboard.  
389.79 B/W photograph of eight gentlemen. Names along top read: "H. Tozar, H. Smith, R. Morrell, D. Rosenhern, & ? Brudnell". Names along bottom read: "J. Turner, J. Turner (Sen) & S.C. Turner". Inscribed below photo - "Fraser Ballarat".  
390.79 Large B/W photograph of "Women In Early Ballarat - Historical Pageant". Reverse reads: "Ballarat Historical Pageant 13/3/38" and stamped "Herald Feature Service Melbourne".The photo is of 13 boys/men standing some arms are linked,they are dressed as women,they look like they are having fun,smiling and laughing.  
391.79 Large B/W photograph of "Lord Huntingfield Opens Centenary Flower Show March 8th 1938". Inscribed on left of photo: "J.E. Morton & Henry Shun". Reverse reads: Copyright Herald Feature Service Melbourne". And "Lord Huntingfield opening the flower show 9/3/38". In the photo on the LHS is a stage with Lord Huntingfield at the microphone,their are others on stage,looks like their in a hall,lots of people,some looking at the camera,others looking at the others on stage.  
392.79 Series of four photographs pasted onto cardboard. A. Titled "Sturt St. Gardens Ballarat - Under The Snow Mantle". B/W. B. Titled "Every Leaf & Twig Snow Laden 1906" - Ballarat Gardens. B/W. C. Titled "Ballarat Gardens 1906" Coloured (blue/pink). D. Titled "Snow Scene Ballarat Gardens 1905". Coloured (blue/pink).  
393.79 B/W large photograph of "The Blacks". Caption reads "Ballarat Centenary Historical Pageant Shopground 13/3/1938. "Blacks at play before the white men arrived". Reverse reads "Copyright Herald Feature Service Melbourne" and "The blacks before coming of white men Historical Pageant 13/3/38.  
394.79 Large B/W photograph of "Up The Flag Pole". Caption reads: "Ballarat Centenary Historical Pageant". Reverse reads: "Copyright - Herald Feature Service Melbourne" and "Ballarat Historical Pageant".The photo shows a man up a flag pole with aprox 13 men around the pole and 1 shaking it,it looks like they are trying to get him with the pointed sticks and spears that they are holding.  
395.79 Large B/W photograph of "Arrival Of White Men". Caption reads: "Arrival of white men Historical Museum". Reverse reads: "Copyright Herald Feature Service Melbourne" and "Historical Pageant Ballarat 13/3/38. Blacks and first white men.The photo shows 2 horse drawn carriages with a full load,they are getting attacked by dirty white men posing to be Aboriginal ?,some are on the carriage ripping into the load.  
396.79 Large B/W photograph of an official gathering. Reverse reads "Copyright Herald Feature Service Melbourne" and "At the City Hall steps 8/3/38".  
397.79 Large B/W photograph of eleven smaller photographs titled: "Lake Wendouree During Drought". Caption reads: "In the drought summer of 1914 Lake Wendouree was almost dry. This photo shows the dry path from Macarthur Street to the Gardens 1914 - 1915". Below photo: "Ballarat Historical Museum. Presented by Mr.James". Reverse reads: "Please return to Mr.aul James C/- Haymes".  
398.79 B/W photograph of a section of the Ballarat Gardens. Inscribed on photo "Lily & Fish Ponds".  
399.79 Hand drawn map of Ballarat showing streets and gold mines in 1856. 1. Baths Hotel 2. Golden Fleece Hotel 3. Georg Inn 4. Police Camp 5. Post Office 6. Union Hotel 7. Municipal Chambers 8. Unicorn Hotel 9. Buck's Head Hotel 10.Ancient Britons Hotel 11.Charlie Napier Theatre 12.The Logs 13.Poverty Point 14.Survey Office  
400.79 Probably B/W photograph titled: "South Shore Lake Wendouree 1900". Picture shows section of the lake and boatsheds.