Catalogue Nbr
201.79 Black & white photograph of a group of shops. Caption reads "Corner Mair And Lydiard Streets 1869. Hotel is today Trustees Coy".  
202.79 Coloured sketch of a gold discovery. Titled: "Sketches Of Australian Life & Scenery - Complete In 12 Plates". Sub-titled: "Prospecting For Gold Or Rewarded At Last". This is followed by an informative paragraph on gold discovery. Drawing pins have been retained in three of the four corners.  
203.79 Black & white photograph of a wide view of Sturt Street. titled: "Sturt & Lydiard Streets".  
204.79 Sepia toned photograph of a large corner building. Caption reads: "Corner store Lydiard Street now Marks shop 1863. Cr. is office of Cobb and Co. Smith and Wynne last office - then Union".  
205.79 Sepia toned photograph titled: "Craigs Royal Hotel - Ballarat". Pasted on caption reads "Craig's Hotel".  
206.79 Sepia toned photograph of a large corner building. Caption reads "Hall Of Commerce Now Crockers 1860". Inscription on Photo and cardboard reads - "Hall Of Commerce - Crockers in 1860" and "From Mrs. Rea...... ...... diard......".  
207.79 Sepia toned photograph titled: "Ballarat From Fire Brigade Looking W.S. West". Benevolent Home, Errard Street and Sturt Street marked on photograph. N.B. Sturt St. just planted with small trees in protective fences.  
210.79 Large sepia toned photograph featuring the Town Hall and a view of Sturt Street down into Bridge Street. (Possibly taken from Bardwell's shop opposite Myers - 1875?) Inscribed in lower right corner of cardboard "Bardwell Ballarat". Markings on photograph possibly caused by photography itself or processing etc...  
211.79 Fragments of a black & white photograph pasted together on white cardboard. Features a poppet head, shed and horse - drawn carriage with people. North Normanby Mine.  
215.79 Sepia toned photograph titled: "The Corner Ballarat 1864". Photograph framed in brown plywood.  
219.79 Black & white photograph of various sketches relating to the "Phoenix Foundry". Front is covered by a piece of wax paper. Reverse has an informative paragraph titled: "Phoenix Company's Foundry, Ballarat". The source being - "The Australasian Sketcher, 8th April, 1882". White cardboard frame.  
220.79 Sepia toned photograph with caption reading: "Sturt Street Opposite The Savings Bank Looking East Before Burns Monument Was Erected".  
221.79 Sepia toned photograph with caption reading: "Carlyon's Hotel Sturt St. Now Delicensed". Inscription along right side reads "A.V. Smith Ballarat". Reverse has insignia of "A.V. Smith, Photographic Artist, Ballarat". Carte De Visite.  
222.79 Black & white photograph of a shop (?) with some people standing in front. Engraved on photograph - "1864(?)"  
223.79 Sepia toned photograph of a street view and a poppet head. The caption reads: "Wishing You The Compliments Of The Season".  
224.79 Sepia toned photograph of a group of gentlemen standing by a sawmill. Reverse has written in biro - "Mr.Henry McGie Pioneer Sawmiller Of Bolwarrah, Blakeville, Barkstead" and "1867(?).  
226.79 Coloured sketch titled: "Sunday At The Diggings". Informative paragraph below sketch.  
230.79 Coloured sketch titled:- "The Lost Bushman Or The Unfortunate Digger That Never Returned". Informative paragraph and poem below sketch.  
233.79 Coloured sketch titled: "A Corrobory Or Native Dance". Shows a number of Aborigines dancing and playing music. Spears and clap stick are evident. Informative paragraph below sketch. Four areas of concentrated moulding (Green/White).  
234.79 Sepia toned photograph of the "Dowling Forest V.R. Post Office". View of the building and railway line. Framed in textured grey cardboard. Date printed on photograph in ink - "1896".  
236.79 Sepia toned photograph of the Union foundry. Mould (green/white) along centre top edge. Reverse has inscription in pencil reading:- "Walker (?) Hickman & Co., Union foundry 1880 Drummond Street Now Christian Brothers School.  
238.79 Sepia toned photograph of a view of Ballarat. Captions marked on photograph are:- "Hospital" "Frys Mill" and "The Lake". Caption: "This is now (1953) The Eastern Oval" has been crossed out.  
239.79 Sepia toned photograph of the premises of John P. Marshall. Family Grocer. Caption reads:- "Corner Sturt And Raglan Street now Medical Profession corner Sturt and Raglan Streets, now (1953) Medical Profession Consulting Rooms". Inscribed on photo lower left corner "Sturt St." Dated "1887".  
240.79 Sepia toned photograph of cameo portraits of various gentlemen. Titled:- "W.H. Hicks Esq" and "Sir Henry Loch Quartz Mining Co".  
241.79 Sepia toned photograph of the premises of Reid Bros. Letting Stables. Caption reads:- "To the left was the Town Hall Hotel - Rig Hawkin's Crockery Shop". Pasted label on centre of photograph reads: "Now Provincial Motors".  
242.79 B/W photograph titled "Kelly - Preston Creswick Road - 1899 - ". Reverse has a complete list of all the employee's names in the photograph titled:- "Kelly & Prestons Employees 1899".  
243.79 B/W photograph of "T.W. Cotton, Courier 1902 - 1935". Written on reverse in biro & pencil :- "Thomas W. Cotton Ed. Courier" and "Joined Courier Staff 1892. Editor 32 years 1902 - 1925 (retired) Died 1948".  
244.79 B/W photograph of "Crouch, Colonel The Hon. Richard Armstrong V.D. - ". Caption reads:- "Colonel Richard A. Crouch V.D? M.P. represented Barwon electorate. Donor Crouch annual prize Art Gallery? and was the prime - " - in getting the Adam Lindsay Gordon Cottage shifted from the rear of Craig - " - to the Botanical Gardens".  
245.79 Sepia toned photograph of "Dr. Whitcome".  
246.79 B/W group photograph of "The Yuille Clan 1935". Below photo caption reads:- "Yuille Clan 14 (?)/8/34".  
247.79 Sepia toned photograph of the head and shoulders of "Joseph Roof" wearing a suit. He has a beard except for on the chin and upper lip, and a receding hairline. Glued on caption reads:- "Joseph Roff Prominent Citizen Ballarat East". Pen caption above Roff's head reads "Joseph Roff."  
248.79 Sepia toned photograph of "Mrs. Hastie Wife Of Thomas Hastie". (NB Thomas Hastie Photo in GM. Acc 80.327).  
249.79 B/W photograph of "Jennings Carmichael". Caption reads:- "Jennings Carmichael Poetess born in Ballarat 1868".  
251.79 B/W photograph of "Mr. H. Bunce (Sec. Rowing Assn.) Lord Huntingfield, Mayor M. Martin At The Lake 1937".  
252.79 B/W photograph of "Richard Harvey". Caption reads:- "Richard Harvey. On 14/9/1868 when 14 years old he burst open the door of his father's house, and at the risk of his life saved his two infant sisters from being burnt to death. Died 7/8/1941 aged 82. Local preacher for 50 years". Reverse reads:- With compliments from Richard Harvey L.P."  
253.79 B/W photograph of "W. Jackson An Early Mining Manager". Reverse reads:- "Will Jackson 1828 - 1894".  
254.79 B/W photograph of a meeting in Alfred Hall. Lower right corner reads:- "Richards & Co. Ballarat". Reverse reads:- "T.T. Holloway Mayor Alfred Hall".  
255.79 B/W photograph of "Adam Lindsay Gordon's Cottage, taken at Centenary Celebrations at Ballarat 1933". Underneath title are the names of the group in the forefront of the cottage. Framed in grey cardboard.  
256.79 B/W photograph of "Adam Lindsay Gordons Cottage. Adjoining Craigs Hotel Lydiard St. Prior to removal to Botanic Gardens (Cr. Alex McKenzie in doorway)".  
257.79 B/W photograph of the bust of a bearded gentleman. Inscription reads:- "1 On Wall". Portrait Of James Oddie.  
258.79 Sepia toned photograph of "Mr. W.E. Ballhausen Member Of J.J. Gollier Pty.Ltd". Reverse reads:- "Myra Morris Ballarat 1911".  
259.79 B/W photograph of a monument at the shore of a lake. Plaque reads:- "Near this spot was the camp of the first resident of Ballarat - William Cross Yuille - in March 1838. Presented by Cr. A.J. Darling Mayor Ballarat 1934. Ball't. Historical Society".  
260.79 B/W photograph of "John Murray A Ballarat Philanthropist".  
261.79 Set of three B/W photographs of soldiers. First photo has no caption. Second reads:- "Group of Ballarat men at Langwarren prior to leaving for overseas 1915". Third reads:- "A number of Ballarat men in Swanston St. leaving for overseas 1915".  
263.79 B/W photograph of "Cr. W.D. Hill Mayor Of Ball't. City".  
264.79 B/W photograph of:- :Sidney Devine (Clement May)". Caption reads:- "Sidney Devine (Clement May) Ballarat entertainer Died in New Zealand". Caption printed on photo:- "Clement May Dickensian. Artist as Charles Dickens".  
265.79 B/W photograph of a monument unveiling. Caption reads:- "Mrs. N.F. Spielvogel Unveils The Monument November 29th 1941". Reverse has the head section of a portrait photograph of a young woman.  
266.79 B/W photograph of "Major - General Robert Ernest Williams". Caption reads:- "Born 13.8.1855 (son of above). Died 3.7.1943". Reverse has the full details of his career.  
267.79 B/W photograph of "Clement May Dickensian Artist".  
268.79 B/W photograph of the torso of an aborigine wearing possum skin cloak,and with evidence of scarification. Inscription below photo reads:- "Copyright. Registered. Washbourne, Photo". c 1870
269.79 Pale sepia toned photograph of:- "John J. Smith". Reverse reads:- "John J. Smith, Nephew of Lt. Col. W.C. Smith".  
270.79 Sepia toned photograph of :- "W.S. Urquhart". Caption reads:- "W.S. Urquhart who surveyed (?) and laid out the township of Ballarat 1852". Reverse has inscription:- "J. Wilder, Photographer, Rockhampton".  
272.79 Sepia toned photograph of:- "J. Noble Wilson". Caption reads:- "J. Noble Wilson Mayor 1881 Chairman Water Commission 1880 to 1903. Worked to secure splendid water supply of today". Below photo inscription:- "Chuck. Photographer Ballarat Gold Medalist London". Gold edging.  
273.79 B/W photograph of an elderly gentleman. Caption torn away. Pasted on a fragment of a book cover.  
274.79 B/W photograph of an aborigine standing in a studio, wearing a possum skin cloak, and holding spears and boomerang. Lower left corner reads:- "Copyright". c 1870
276.79 Sepia toned photograph of:- "Dr. Robert F. Hudson". Caption reads:- "Dr. Robert F. Hudson one of Ballarats early medical men. One of the founders of the Ballarat Banking Co. 1865". Reverse reads:- "From H. McGregor of Loveland & Loader Pty. Ltd".  
278.79 Sepia toned photograph of a tombstone. Caption reads:- "Oldest Tombstone Ballarat Cemetery John May July 23rd 1852". Reverse reads:- An Australian Mulga B - " - Paper Knife" and "Stolen".  
279.79 B/W photograph of "Planting the Plot 1949". Reverse has tape with "Sport" in red written on it.  
280.79 Sepia toned photograph with caption:- "Pedastal For The Soldiers Statue 1902". Reverse has a number of pencil calculations.  
282.79 B/W photograph of "Dr. J.M. Gardiner". Reverse reads:- "Gardiner(?)".  
283.79 Sepia toned photograph of a bearded gentleman. Inscription below photo reads:- "Williams (late Bardwell's) Royal Studio".  
284.79 B/W photograph of:- "NCO(?) Claude McIlvena & Cr. Mason Mayor Ballarat". Reverse is numbered:- "2703".  
285.79 B/W photograph of "Cr. Oliver". Stamp in lower right corner reads "7051". Reverse reads:- "7051" and "Cr. Oliver Gardens Begonia House".  
286.79 B/W photograph of three gentlemen. Photo numbered on reverse:- "4534".  
287.79 B/W photograph with a caption stamped on reading:- "Editor Courier Wally Allan farewell to Asst. Editor May 1962". Number on reverse:- "5232".  
288.79 B/W photograph of two schoolboys looking at a monument. Photo numbered on reverse:- "4056".  
289.79 B/W photograph of "Cr. Benweth (?)". Reverse dated 30.8.56 and numbered "5156".  
290.79 Sepia toned photograph of "Old Colonist's Association Cricket Match 188-", glued onto acidic card. A few members names are written below title. Many of the cricketers held cricket bats, and one man on the front RHS holds a cricket ball towards bails. c1880
291.79 Sepia toned photograph of teh bust of the beardded "James Oddie," glued onto green card. Caption reads:- "James Oddie Father Of Ballarat. Arrived In Ballarat August 26th 1851. Died in Ballarat March 30th 1911". Caption below photo torn away. Lower part of cardboard torn away. Probably read donor of statuary and first Ballarat Municipal Chairman. Reverse reads:- "Ballarat Historical Musum to be collected by Mr. J. Keith" and "Ballarat & District Base Hospital".  
292.79 B/W photograph of:- "The Mayoress Mrs. A.J. Darling Unveils The Obelisk". Date along top reads: "24.8.54". Tape on reverse reads "Sportsgirl" in red.  
293.79 Sepia toned photograph of the premises of James Russell. Reverse reads: " - " - Timber Stores 1890" and "Russell MLA Gift Of W. Roff". Dated 1890.  
294.79 B/W photograph of an elderly gentleman. Photo numbered on reverse: "2470". Tape around edges.  
295.79 Sepia toned photograph of "Issac Roff"which has been glued onto card. A man stands resting one arm n a pedstool upon which has been placed a top hat. his other hand is placed on his waist. He is wearing a three piece suit, with watchchain. Reverse has insignia of "Drury & Stowe" photographers. Caption been torn away.  
296.79 B/W photograph of an elderly gentleman and three younger boys. Number on front and reverse of photo "4121" Dated 1.5.56. Tape on reverse edges.  
297.79 B/W photograph titled (on reverse) "Launching H.M.A.S. Ballarat December 10th 1940. First Warship Built In Melbourne Since 1918". Caption below photo reads: "The launching of HMAS Ballarat, a ship of between 800 and 900 tons, on December 10th 1940. The Ballarat is the first warship built in Melbourne since the last war. Australia, in addition to her many other big industrial war efforts, has already made a start with a comprehensive shipbuilding programme".  
298.79 B/W photograph of "Cr. W.E. (Bill) Roff". Caption reads: "Cr. W.E. (Bill) Roff who supervised the weed lift at Lake Wendouree making it possible for the Olympic rowing to take place 1956". Written in green biro on photo: "Queens Birthday Honour - C.B.E. June 1957". Newspaper article about the above has been pasted in lower right corner.  
299.79 B/W photograph of: "C.C. Shoppee". Framed in white cardboard. Caption eaten away.  
300.79 B/W photograph of an auction at the premises of R. Taylor Boatbuilder.