Catalogue Nbr
101.79 Black & white photograph of a photograph of a poppet head. Inscription in lower right corner reads "Last Chance". Pasted on cardboard.  
102.79 Black & white photograph of an engraving with inscription - "Part Ballarat East 1860". Pasted on cardboard. 1860
103.79 Black & white photograph of a re-enactment at Eureka Stockade. Inscription on reverse reads "Hoisting The Flag, Eureka Stockade, A. Woodley". Written in red pencil. Pasted on cardboard.  
104.79 Collage of pictures and information relating to Walter M. Hitchcock who made a model of the first miners tent erected on Ballarat township in 1851. Tent was built by 'Messrs. John Masters Garratt, John Odgers, Thos. March Hall and Walter M. Hitchcock'. A photograph of W.M. Hitchcock (then aged 20) taken in Geelong on his return from Ballarat, A.D. 1852. *All articles have been mounted on cardboard. 1851
105.79 Cutting from a magazine showing a photograph of the Black Hill Battery in Ballarat. Copy gives a short history of the Battery. Cutting has been mounted on cardboard. Picture shows above ground buildings in centre - middle distance with dams surrounding battery. Black Hill can be seen behind battery.  
106.79 Black & white lithographic print showing (as titled); "The Band Of Hope & Albion Consuls Battery & Plant at No. 7 & 10 Shafts, Ballarat".  
107.79 Black & white photograph of troopers and miners. Shows troopers examining licences during a re - enactment of Eureka Stockade.  
108.79 Black & white photograph of an unidentified battery and poppet head. There is also a photographic insert of an unidentified gentleman in the bottom left hand corner. This photograph is not an original, only a copy.  
109.79 Black & white printed drawing of a horse puddler, initialed drawing showing name; 'P, Messenger'. Caption: Title of drawing at bottom reads; "The First Horse Puddler, Pennyweight Flat, Ballarat 1853". 1853
110.79 Black & white line drawing mounted on cardboard, showing poppet head, sludge dam and dwellings. This is titled; 'Quartz Mining, Ballarat "No. 52. - Dec. 1860'. 1860
111.79 Sepia toned photograph of five miners sitting near base of a poppet head. Photograph has been mounted on cardboard. A typed caption has been pasted onto face of photograph reading: "Shaft Mount Last Chance Mine Main Road 1902. (1) Dan Thompson Mgr. (2) J. Kirby Mine Mgr. (3) A. Cant. Chairman". Numbers have been drawn onto photograph (marking people) in ink and ballpoint pen. 1902
113.79 Black & white photograph of a plaque of Peter Lalor erected in 1892 by James Oddie Of Ballarat. Photograph shows wording plus wreath which is made up of two branches of leaves, the first shows oak leaves, the second is a palm branch (palm of martydom).  
114.79 Three cuttings from a magazine pasted onto one piece of cardboard. Three pictures show different methods of finding gold. Starting from bottom the pictures are titled" (Sic) "Fig. 1. - Primative Methods Of Alluvial Mining: "Panning Off". "Fig. 2. - Primative Methods Of Alluvial Mining: Cradling". "Fig 3. - Primative Methods Of Alluvial Mining: Puddling And Tubbing".  
115.79 Cutting from a magazine mounted on cardboard showing a large group of people (many holding umbrellas) gathered around the Eureka Monument. Caption reads: "Gathering On The Ground At The Eureka Memorial, December 4. Fiftieth Anniversary Of the Eureka Stockade: Celebrations At Ballarat On December 3 And 4". A British and Australian flag fly around the Eureka Monument. 1904
116.79 Three fragments of a photograph of the view of "Little Bridge Street" probably from the City Hall Tower. Larger piece shows "Suttons Pianos And Organs". Pasted on cardboard. Reverse of larger piece shows a statue cut out and pasted on.  
117.79 Sepia toned photograph titled "Looking Down Sturt Street From City Hall Tower 1897". "Hat Mart" and "Suttons Pianos And Organs" shop signs at middle distance. Pasted on to cardboard. 1897
118.79 Sepia toned photograph titled "Shoppee Square Finished 1897 From City Hall Tower". "William Dawson Ironmonger" shop sign at middle distance pasted on cardboard.  
119.79 Black & white photograph with caption reading "This Bullock Team Of 24 Bullocks Owned By James McGie Who Had A Saw Mill At Bolwarrah". "The Royal Hotel" featured as background in photograph.  
120.79 Sepia toned photograph of a view of Sturt Street. Caption reads: "Sturt Street From Lydiard Street 1868. 1. Mud bank. 2. Sturt Street with steps and mud bank. 2. One storied savings bank. 3. Chamber of Commerce (now Thorntons). 4. Primative Gas Lamp. 5. Stag Hotel (Now White's Florist)". Inscription in pencil along lower edge.  
121.79 Sepia toned photograph of the Mair and Drummond Street corner. Caption reads: "Ballarat From The Hospital Tower Looking N.E. About 1870. 1. Drummond Street. 2. City Of ...... Hotel Later Surrey Hotel Cr. Drummond And Mair Streets. 3. Home Of Adam Lof...... Solicitor, Solicitor. 4. Working Of The Great Republic Mine". Numbers 1 - 4 engraved into photograph. 1870
122.79 Sepia toned photograph showing a group of gentlemen around a horse tram. Caption reads "One Of The First Horse Teams Being Prepared For Service". "Duncan & Fraser, Builders, Ballarat" on plaque at middle distance "Ballarat Tramway Co. Limited" along bottom of tram.  
123.79 Black & white photograph titled "Shifting Tram Shelter From Bottom Of Sturt Street 1933". Picture shows steam engine pulling shelter past "Wynns tea and luncheon rooms". Caption reads: "Part shifted to Sturt Street West, Part to Golden Mount Swimming Pool, Part to Lydiard Street near cemetery". 1933
124.79 Sepia toned photograph of "Rogers & Co. Tailoring Manufactory" with workers grouped out the front. Caption reads: "Cr. Sturt and Errard Streets 1875".  
126.79 Sepia toned photograph with caption "Bus And Cabs 1880".  
127.79 Black & white photograph of horse tram number "15". Caption reads "Horse Trams 1887 to 1904".  
128.79 Sepia toned photograph of the Ballarat Mining Exchange building. Pictured with a group of gentlemen out front. "Ballarat Mining Exchange (Year)" scratched out in photographic paper.  
129.79 Black & white photograph of "Chinese Joss House 1955".  
130.79 Coloured postcard of Black Hill Ballarat. Caption reads "Wishing You A Merry Christmas". Reverse reads: "Wishing Dear Mr. & Mrs. Morris and Family A Most Happy Christmas With love from A. & S. Adair". 1908
131.79 Sepia toned photograph of a parade of coaches in front of "Dicksons Ballarat Carriage Factory" and "Caseys Premier Auction Rooms".  
132.79 Sepia toned photograph of three coaches lined up in front of the premises of "Trembath And Sons, Coach And Carriage Builders".  
133.79 Sepia toned photograph of a large number of gentlemen standing in front of a factory. Caption reads 'Munro's Foundry Alfredton 1886'. Sign on factory at middle distance reads "G. Munro Engineer, Smith and Agricultural Machine maker".  
134.79 Yellowed photograph of A. Brown Albert's Foundry. Caption reads: "Andrew Brown Iron Foundry, Albert Street 1855. Now owned by the Gas Company".  
135.79 Yellowed photograph of Hancocks Wheelwright, Blacksmith and Shoeing Forge. Caption reads: "Corner Chancery Lane & Armstrong Street 1885". 1885
136.79 Black & white photograph of a two - storey building names "Smith's Royal Don Hotel & Boarding House".  
137.79 Sepia toned photograph of a horse tram, a group of gentlemen and the Town Hall in background. Caption reads: "Three Horse Tram 1890". 1890
138.79 Black & white photograph of two horse trams carrying groups of gentlemen. Caption reads: "Visit Of Melbourne Pressmen 1900". 1900
139.79 Black & white photograph of a decorated tram at night. Caption reads: "Decorated Tram Ballarat Centenary 1838 - 1938".  
140.79 Black & white photograph of a group of gentlemen sitting in front of the General Inquiry Office of the Traffic Inspectors. Dated "1920". 1920
141.79 Black & white photograph of a number of cars lined up in a building - titled "How The Mighty Has Fallen". Caption reads: "The One Time Busy Mining Exchange. 1954 Now A Terminus For Bus Service".  
143.79 Black & white tinted postcard titled "Railway Station, Ballarat".  
145.79 Black & white photograph of a large shed (possibly tram depot) with a group of trams out front.  
146.79 Black & white photograph of a decorated tram titled "Eureka Centenary 3.12.54". 1954
147.79 Photograph of 'Tram With Trailor 1912'. 1912
148.79 Black & white photograph of "Joss House Main Road". The reverse features a fragment of a photograph from which half has been torn away.  
149.79 Sepia toned photograph of a large shed and a group of gentlemen. Caption reads: "Albert Brown Iron Foundry Albert Street".  
150.79 Black & white photograph of a group of gentlemen standing by tram number "41". Caption reads: "Tram Used In Patriotic Appeal 1946". Tram named 'Victory'.  
151.79 Yellowed photograph of a two - storeyed building. Caption reads: "Bayne And Brind Chemists Bridge St. 1885". 1885
152.79 Black & white photograph of tram marked 'Special'. Caption reads: "Style Of Trams Being Used On Several Lines 1955". 1955
154.79 Black & white photograph of three children cleaning a coach.  
155.79 Yellowed photograph of the premises 'Golden City Hotel'. Caption been torn away.  
156.79 Sepia toned photograph of C. Donaldsons shoeing forge. Caption reads: "Durham Street Ballarat East".  
157.79 Black & white photograph titled "Union Foundry Works Drummond Street". Caption reads: "Established by Walker? Braddock? Wood and Sandry 1866. John Hickman got an interest in the firm later. Sandry retired and Walker went to Queensland. After Hickman's death Robinson and Spillman took over the business and finally W. Evans, Jas. Kennedy, Adolf Swieger, J. Gregory, J.M. Evans, and John Kennedy".  
158.79 Black & white photograph titled: "View In Lonie, Dingle and Co's Foundry, Humffray Street". Photograph possibly from a magazine etc...  
159.79 Black & white photograph of a large hall (?) and gentlemen standing together. The location may possibly be the Mining Exchange that is now a bus terminus. The caption has been torn away.  
160.79 Black & white photograph of a decorated tram marked 'Special' and a number of women posing alongside. Pasted on to a book cover (green) labelled "Teachers And Preachers Of Recent Times".  
161.79 Black & white photograph of tram number "24" partly inside (?) the Bucks Head Hotel. Group of onlookers standing nearby.  
163.79 Sepia toned photograph titled: "Mark's Corner 1880's". Shows a section of Sturt Street including "Crockers, Eyres Brothers & Alex Marks Jewellers". Horse and carriages parked down road centre.  
164.79 Original black & white photograph titled: "The First Train To Ballarat Crossing Moorabool Viaduct 1862". The reverse has a caption pasted to photograph that reads: "Victorian Government Railways, Australia. The Moorabool Viaduct as originally built in 1860. The train depicted is hauled by a Hawthorn "B" class locomotive". 1862
165.79 Sepia toned photograph showing the A. Crawford building (possibly what is now known as Myers). Inscriptions read: "App 1880" in black pen. "App 1880" in red pencil.  
166.79 Black & white photograph of the premises of 'A.H. King' Furnishing Ironmonger Established 1855.  
167.79 Sepia toned photograph titled: "The 'Evening Post' Office North Side Of Mair Street Between Lydiard And Armstrong Streets 1865". 1865
168.79 Black & white photograph of "Corner Of Peel And Bridge Streets 1920". Shows the premises of "W.A. Stark". Wine and spirit merchant, cash grocer. 1920
169.79 Sepia toned photograph titled: "Corner Lydiard And Chancery Lane Cab Stand 1898. Note rough state of road". 1898
170.79 Sepia toned photograph showing the building of 'London Chartered Bank Of Australia'. Also shows the 'Lake/Victoria Street' coach.  
171.79 Black & white photograph titled: "Buninyong Brewery About 1855". Photograph encased in a white cardboard frame.Their are 4 men and 1 woman in the foreground behind them the Brewery.  
172.79 Sepia toned photograph of the premises of T. & J. Roff, General Outfitters. Caption reads: "Established 1854 Closed 1936". In red biro in lower right corner "see photo below".  
173.79 Black & white photograph of a group of men standing by a large pipe. Caption reads: "Photo Taken The Day When Water Was First Turned Into The Gong Gong".  
174.79 Sepia toned photograph titled: "Woollen Mills 1880". 1880
175.79 Sepia toned photograph of the premises of John King & Co. Caption reads "Armstrong Street Looking Up Mair Street 1860". Inscription below reads "From Mrs. Reakes 3?7 Lydiard Street".  
177.79 Sepia toned photograph titled "Woollen Mills Showing ......? Gardens". (Prob. Chinese).  
178.79 Sepia toned photograph of a view of Sturt Street looking down to Bridge Street. Possibly taken from the Town Hall Tower. Caption in top left reads "Note Time Ball". The scene is made up of two joint photographs attached down the centre. "15ss" inscribed in pencil lower right corner.  
179.79 Black & white photograph of "Members Mining Exchange". Names in pointing out people in photograph are:- 1) L. Cochran 2) H. Munce 3) Thompson 4) J.H. Holsh (?)  
180.79 Black & white photograph titled: "Exhibition Grenville St." (Aust'n Juv. Indus. Exhib?) Reverse shows a sepia toned photograph of a young child holding an ornament (?) Pasted on to a possible book cover.  
181.79 Sepia toned photograph titled: "Sturt Street In 1900". Caption reads: "Showing awnings over seats in Sturt Street". 1900
182.79 Sepia toned photograph titled: "Camp Street In The Eighties Showing The Benevolent Home Board Room? And Further On The Court House". Blue ink cross been placed above the building on the left. 1880's
183.79 Sepia toned photograph titled: "Sturt Street Facing City Hall". Caption reads: "Cab Rank Opposite City Hall 1887". Reverse: Photograph titled: "The Corner And Mechanics Institute".  
184.79 Sepia toned photograph titled: "Lydiard Street Showing Reids Coffee Palace With Brophy? Foley And Coy Grain Store Next Door 1887".  
185.79 Black & white photograph titled: "Premises of I.E. Cutter, Armstrong Street". Caption reads "Founded by Cutter and Lever 1853 and carried on by L.E. Cutter from 1879 till his death 1892. Then by his sons until the advent of motor cars was responsible for the closing of the business". Lower left corner reads "Plate 236". Lower right corner reads "Chuck Photo".  
186.79 Black & white photograph showing a carriage with six horses parked in front of 'Craigs Stables'.  
187.79 Sepia toned photograph of a coach and six horses. Caption reads: "A Cobb's Picnic Coach Six Horses".  
188.79 Sepia toned photograph with caption "Sturt Street 1880".  
189.79 Sepia toned photograph of a large building. The caption has faded and is illegible.  
190.79 Sepia tones photograph of four carriages lined up in front of the George Hotel. Caption reads: Lydiard Street North Showing The Old George Hotel With The Entry To The Stables". Caption in lower right corner reads "Entrance To Stables". Pencil arrow directed to last carriage, lower left.  
191.79 Sepia toned photograph of the Ballarat Post Office. Caption reads: "Post Office 1897, Note Gas Lamp In Centre Of Street".  
194.79 Sepia toned photograph of the premises of "J. Dulfer, Tailor".  
195.79 Sepia toned photograph titled: "Ballarat Woollen Mills (Sunnyside)".  
196.79 Sepia toned photograph titled "Bridge Street 1867".  
197.79 Sepia toned photograph of the premises of the Courier Office. Titled: "Full Staff Ballarat Courier March 12th 1894".  
198.79 Blue and gold book cover titled: "Bardwells Photographic Views Of Ballarat 1875".  
200.79 Sepia toned photograph of a large building. Caption reads "L.S. Christie And Coy. (Now Tunbridges)".